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August 2001

Worms World Party
Gamitopia has a review of Worms World Party. Yes, this is based of the classic game, Worms, which we have all come to play and love. If you haven't, that's your problem. Smile Anyway, it didn't score too bad so you might want to read up.

P-5700 Copper Cooler
GideonTech has a review of a copper heat sink Cyber Cooler. Normally, they're not known for their awesome performance, but checking out this new copper cooler will probably worth your time. So, go read up on the P-5700 Copper Cooler from Cyber Cooler.


D30B Server Case
VirtualHideout has posted a new review posted today. They took a look at the D30B Server Case. Its stealthy looking, it's big, and it's black. Worth a look? Probably.

Hard Drive Selector
ExplosiveHardware (it's like the diahrea but a little less messy) has a review of a cool product from Romtec. It's called the Romtec Trios Hard Drive Selector and it looks to be a damned cool device with Dual/Triple/Quad Operating systems to load. If you have more than one harddrive and at least two Operating systems, give this a look.

Internet Junkies Stay Away From Afghanistan
There is a news story at Nando Times on how Afghanistan is outlawing the Internet there :(. So if you have to have the Internet on your vacation I wouldn't suggest going there. Wonder what place will be next to outlaw the Internet what are your thoughts?


Leadtek GeForce2 Pro
Tech-Planet.net has a review of an older card. The review a last generation Leadtek GeForce2 Pro 64MB DDR video card. If you're not into spending the cash required for a current generation GeForce (GeForce 3) then you should take a look at one of these. They offer a pretty good value for your hard earned cash.


GlobalWIN CAK38
Dredd News has a review on a dirty CAK... err, no.. they reviewed a GlobalWIN CAK38, which is far different from a dirty CAK. Smile It must also be noted that a CAK38 cools far better than a dirty CAK! So, go read up!


2GHz P4 Reviews
There is a whole crap load of Pentium 4 reviews today. CPU Review has their article, "Part 1: Memory, CPU & Synthetic Benchmarks." Overclockers Online also has a review of the Pentium 4. AcidHardware has their review as well. I must say, of all the reviews, this one is the worst. He is blantently sucking up and doesn't even acknowledge the fact that he's comparing a 1.4GHz Chip to a 2GHz Chip.

P4 2GHz Review
HardOCP has a review of the Pentium 4 2GHz CPU. The 1.4GHz AMD Chip seems to hand the Pentium 4's their own asses in most of the non-memory based tests. But because of RAMBUS, the majority of the memory tests go the P4s. Anyway, it's worth a look, and rest assured, they overclocked them. Smile

New Mailing List
I just wanted to encourage you all to sign up for our new mailing list. It will keep you up to date on all the latest Xtreme Tek news and we won't sell your email address either. Smile The sign up form is on the right side of any page on the site!

Counter Strike Kills
A Thai man has died from heart failure during an all-night computer game. The 22-year-old was found dead at his computer terminal in an internet cafe in Chiang Mai. Police say his friends told them he was addicted to the game and played it from Wednesday evening until he was found slumped over the computer's keyboard at noon on Thursday.
Check out the Full Story.


Empire of the Ants
Gamitopia has yet another review. This time around they review Empire of the Ants. It didn't score too well with them. But if you want to see some screen shots, make sure you click on the "next page" link on the final score page. All the shots are on the very last page.

EPoX 4T2A Review
Overclocker's Online has a review of EPoX's first motherboard offering into the Pentium 4 market. They give the EPoX 4T2A the once over and they seem reasonably impressed. If you're broke after paying for the P4, check this motherboard out.


Kyro2 Modding
Did you take advantage of the good performance and cheap price of a Kyro 2 card? Overclockers Online has just the thing for you then. They have posted an article on Kyro2 Modding for your reading pleasure.

333MHz FSB
RatedPC has a news post about a new chipset coming out that supports a 333MHz FSB. Find out more in the news section of RatedPC. There is even a picture of it. Unfortunately, the source page is in a different language. Smile

Street Glow PC
Street Glow neon lights are now being used even in computers! Gideon Tech has a review of the Street Glow PC-Neon Connector Kit Review. The kit is pretty complete, so if you intend to add any lighting to your case, check this review out for sure.


ASUS v8200 Deluxe
HardOCP has a review of the ASUS v8200 Deluxe. This is a GeForce3 based card and being that it is new technology, this isn't for the guy with a tight budget. However, if you can stand to live in a cardboard box for a month, you could get your hands on one. Smile


1GHz Duron
NewsForge has the first review I've seen yet of the 1GHz Duron. This new Duron is based off a new core (Morgan). The previous Durons were based off of the Spitfire core. NewsForge throws together a pretty good benchmark set for Linux users. However, Windows users should be able to get valuable information from the review as well.

Windtunnel III
Overclockers Online have a review of case for you today; they take a look at the Windtunnel III. This case is pretty cool looking and offers good cooling to boot.


Dragon Orb 3
A review of the Dragon Orb 3 at OCTools.com. We have a review of the the Dragon Orb 3 as well. Feel free to check out our review for comparison.

HardOCP HSF Roundup
The newest installation of the HardOCP Heatsink Round-Up has been posted today. This is always a good thing to read if you're interested in keeping up on the best heatsink/fan technology.

SVC Golden Gate
A cooler I have not seen or heard of yet has been reviewed at GideonTech. It is the SVC Golden Gate. The heatsink is copper with a cool looking shroud. It seems to perform in the ranks of a Dragon Orb 3. Check out the review for more information.

RatedPC has a review of the ASUS A7M266. The A7M266 is an DDR Athlon motherboard based on the AMD-760 chipset, which to many is the best DDR chipset available for the Athlon platform.


The Claw
A review of The Claw has been posted today at BoomGames.com. This is worth reading if you're hardcore or moderate gamer. This is probably the oddest looking game controller to date. Smile

ABIT has a little press release discussing their new options on their motherboards. They now give you the option for 2.2V, that should be more than enough power to burn your chips up. Smile


Swiftech MCX370-0A
GedeonTech.com has reviewed a new heatsink from Swiftech, the MCX370-0A. This is a great cooler. You'll have to read the review to see what I mean. One of the special things about this sink is that is has ribbed pins.

TV Wonder USB
A reader at Hardware Extreme has posted a review of the ATI TV Wonder USB Edition. I didn't know such a product existed, but it is pretty damn cool. If you're looking for a good TV card, check this out.


Baby Yepp Review
A Baby Yepp has been reviewed. Right now you might be wondering, "What the hell is a Baby Yepp?" Believe me when I say, you're not the only one. Well, it is made by Samsung and it plays MP3's, you'll have to read the review to find out more.

Dynatron Heatsinks
VoidYourWarranty.net has a review of a couple of heatsinks from Dynatron. One of these is sold by OCZ, so these heatsinks are too far off the market. The review goes into pretty good detail, about such things as the company using a technique called skiving.


Athlon MP Shim
Yes, it is true, they already have Athlon MP shims out and ready for purchase. IAmNotAGeek.com has the first review I have seen so far. Check it out if you planning on making the Athlon MP jump.

PC Clean-up Guide
Are you too stupid to clean your own computer? Do you need help? or maybe you just need ideas? Well, you're in luck! EX Hardware has a guide on Cleaning your PC. This is probably a good thing to look at if you have had your computer more tan 6 months and you have never opened it. Smile


Forums Reminder
I just thought I would re-mention our forums. Smile They were recently reset because of a database corruption and the current members are hoping we can get some more members in there. So, please, feel free to browse around and post. Click here to get in on the action.


Copper RAMsinks
Some all copper RAMsinks have been reviewed at Dredd News. You should check this out as I'm sure this will be interesting. Why? Copper holds more heat than aluminum and without some sort of direct airflow onto the copper, there is no telling without tests to see if the copper will perform good. I would check this out for sure.

The Hermannator
No joke here, Overclockers Austrailia has a review on a device called the Hermannator (not to be confused with the Shermanator on American Pie 2). What this is essentially is a gigantic heatsink for your hard drive equipped with two 40mm fans. It's pretty bad ass even though it is overkill, unless of course you have a 10,000+ RPM hard drive.

VIA P4X266
HardOCP has the first review I've seen so far of the VIA's new Pentium 4 chipset, the VIA P4X266. This new chipset supports DDR. Now even Pentium 4 owners can enjoy the joys of DDR with a VIA chipset. Smile

Newsforge has a review of a popular board from Soyo. They have taken a look at the Soyo SY-K7VDRAGON. It has an onboard NIC, digital audio, and IDE-RAID. While I'm not a huge fan of onboard audio or network connections, the IDE-RAID is a pretty cool feature. Overclockers will also want to check this board out, as Soyo is known for some pretty mean overclocking boards.

MSI 850 Pro 2
Active-Hardware.com has a review of the MSI 850 Pro 2 which is based off the i850 chipset. This the Pro 2 is an improvement over the old 850 Pro, in that it has been empowered with some overclocking abilities.


Phrack 57 is out
Well the all infamous Phrack issue 57 is out. If you haven't already read it or just surfed the site. Great place for security related information along with some other stuff Smile . But don't blame me if you get in trouble. Adios

MSI 850 Pro
Hardware Extreme has a review of the MSI 850 Pro. This is an Intel/RAMBUS motherboard. If you have the money for an Intel setup, check this review out. MSI usually makes a pretty good board anyway.


IBM PC Turns 20
Happy Birthday to IBM PC... happy 20th to be exact! Only one year away from the good stuff! Any how, if you'd like to hear more about IBM PC's 20th B-day, then go read up!

92nd ZZZ online
The 92nd issue of ZZZ online was posted today. They cover some pretty cool technology (as they usually do). This time the issues seem to focus around transportation. The issue even covers a skateboard without moving parts. Check it out!

Digidoc 5 Review
Overclockers Online has a review of the Digidoc 5. This is an impressive temperature monitoring unit. Unfortunately, it costs a pretty penny. If you have the money, however, it is well worth the cash.


13-Teraflop Facility
I was checking out some news at Slashdot.com and I saw this: NCSA To Build $53 Million, 13-Teraflop Facility. That is pretty amazing. More specifically, the $53 Million is going to be used "build and deploy a distributed terascale facility..."

Video-Surveillance Law
How would you feel if the federal government was allowed to place cameras all over, that match faces of people on the street with a database of known criminals? Well that's exactly what they are trying to do... crazy 'eh? Here is a tid bit from the article:
Since police in Tampa, Florida, first used Visionics' FaceIt system to scan the crowd at last January's Super Bowl football game, facial-recognition systems have come under fire from civil-liberties groups and lawmakers who say they invade privacy and create the potential for a Big Brother-like state of constant surveillance.
Go read up for more details, it's a pretty interesting read.

SiPix Mobile
Ever feel the need to print from your laptop or visor? Well, then PC Advisor has got the review for you! It's called the SiPix Mobile, and it one bad ass piece of work... at least I thought so. Go head on over to The Register to find out more.


August 24, Slacker Day
Don't go to work on August 24, it's National Slacker Day! I'm all for it Smile To find out more head on over to The Register.

Copy-Proof CD's
Like to rip cd's? I know I do! Smile Well a few major labels are in the process of creating cd's that cannot be copied, or ripped. Bummer 'eh? Go read up to find out more about this shitty technology in the making.


Wireless Not Secure
Ever wonder how easy it would be to crack a wireless encryption? Well according to what the guys over at The Register have found, it takes less time than it would take you to take a bath... hmm safe 'eh? Go read up to find out more.


X-Micro Hulk V
Legion Hardware has give both the X-Micro Hulk V 200 and 400 the once over. These are nVidia MX chipset based cards, so they fit into the value segment. This is a review for all you poor mofos (like me). Smile

Antec SX630/635
A review of the Antec SX630/SX635 has been conducted at The Tech Zone. I must say, this is one ugly case (in my opinion) but if you're in the market for a functional case, I would check this out. Also, The Tech Zone usually puts up a pretty good review, so it would be worth checking it out.

Fast Food Tycoon
Gamitopia is at it again with some more articles. This time they take a look at some games from the Tycoon series. They reviewed Fast Food Tycoon and conducted an interview about Gadget Tycoon with the makers.

Kyro II OC
Hardware Pub has put together a Kyro II Overclocking article for your reading pleasure. So, if you opted for a Kyro II board, check this out. This is a good read for those of you possibily looking at buying one. It should show you how easy or hard it is to overclock a Kyro II based board.


Dell Dumps Linux
I just can't find the words to express this tragic news, so I stole a tid bit to share:
Dell Computer has quietly stopped offering the Linux operating system as an option on its desktop and notebook PCs, saying that low demand forced the company to pull the software from its online stores.
Need a tissue?... It's sad isn't it? To find out more about it, head on over to cnn.com.

Aluminum Case Review
Hardware Extreme has some reviewage for ya on the Lian-Li PC60 Aluminum Case. Sounds pretty damn cool, but go and check out for yourself.


Ducati World Racing
Gamitopia has a review of Ducati World Racing Challenge Review. I'm not a huge fan of car racing games, but you might be. Just check it out, if it looks like crap, you don't have to worry about buying it. Smile

IE 6 Due Out
Internet Explorer 6 is due out next week. Apparently they are going with their latest release candidate. Check out The Register's story about the launch.


Lian Li PC-60USB
A Lian Li PC-60USB ATX case has been reviewed at EX Hardware. This case is very snazzy. If you have the cash, this is definitely worth buying. I know I want one.

Enermax EG651P-VE
IAmNotAGeek.com has reviewed an Enermax EG651P-VE. This is 550 Watt Power Supply. This would be good for someone building a server or using a couple peltiers (or people just looking for overkill Smile ).


Zalman Round Up
GideonTech has a Zalman Round Up in which they take a look at three different Zalman heatsinks. I haven't read this review yet, but GideonTech usually does a pretty decent review. You should be in good hands.

Robot Arena
Gamitopia has a new game review posted. They've taken a look at Robot Arena Review. The game appears to be modeled somewhat after the popular show Battle Bots. So, if you're a fan of machine destruction, this game is for you. Smile

WinXP OCing?
Overclockers Austrailia has an article posted entitled "Windows XP - An Overclocker's Perspective." The writer is just describing his experiences with Windows XP and compatiblity. So, far, everything is looking good for him, but you might want to read this for the details.

Logitech Reviews
Reviews of both the Logitech TrackMan Wheel trackball and WingMan Action Gamepad have been posted at Dan's Data. I'm not a big a big fan of trackballs, but you might be. If you do not like trackballs either, then there is always the Gamepad to take a look at.

Alpha PAL8045
HardOCP has a review of a bad ass new heatsink from Alpha. They take a look at the Alpha PAL8045. This is a very good cooler and definitely worth a look if you're overclocking or plan too.

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