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July 2002

SunBeam 'Multi-Colored' CCFL
If you're a cold cathode fan, then GideonTech has a got your fix. They have taken a look at the SunBeam 'Multi-Colored' Cold Cathode. If anything, go check it out for the pictures.

EPoX 4G4A+
Techware Labs has reviewed an Intel 845G based motherboard, the EPoX 4G4A+. This motherboard supports the NetBurst P4 and has USB 2.0, DDR333 support, and RAID.


MSI 845E Max2
Active-Hardware has reviewed the MSI 845E Max2. The 845E (obviously) uses the i845E chipset. Also, you can rest assured that since it's not an ABIT motherboard when you buy one it will most likey work correctly.


Western Digital External HDD
I haven't posted any news about hard drives in a while so here is a link to Xbitlabs' review of a Western Digital External Hard Disk Drive. It's a 120GB disk with a FireWire (IEEE1394) interface.

ABIT Mobo Reviews
A couple motherboard reviews for you guys today. Both are from ABIT. First checkout the ABIT BD7-II RAID over at Overclockers Austrailia then head over to 3DVelocity to check out the ABIT AT7 MAX.


IANAG has reviewed a 256MB stick of GeIL PC3500 DDR Memory. This probably won't do you any good unless you're a hardcore overclocker because their aren't any boards that support DDR 400 stock (right now). Anyway, it's still cool to check out.


AOpen AX4G Pro
Tweakers Austrailia have reviewed the AOpen AX4G Pro. This is Pentium 4 motherboard is based off the Intel 845G and is, what they are calling, "a mid-range board"


3-Phase Power Solution
I'm sure if you've ever read a motherboard review or thought about purchasing a motherboard, you've heard the buzzword "3-Phase Power Solution" somewhere. Well Overclocker.com.au has an article up that will tell you just that. Go get smart!


AMS gTower Aluminum Mid-Tower
VIA Hardware.com has a review of a AMS gTower Aluminum Mid-Tower. Here's some quotage:
"Today we are going to be looking at one of AMSís newest products, the gTOWER CF-1006 Aluminum Mid-Tower chassis. Previously, AMS products have been aimed at the commercial market, focusing on their rackmount and system chassis. The new gTOWER (and the gBOX), are aimed squarely at the consumer market, but it is definitely sturdy enough to be used in a commercial environment. In the process of creating these new products, AMS has created something that is visually please without losing the functionality and quality that you would expect out of a server chassis."
So, check it out already!

Chaintech GT21 GeForce 4
A Chaintech GT21 GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB has been given a good going over at OCTools.com. The reviewer had a pretty nice overclocking experience with the card too and almost got it to the next level (Ti4600).


Lost In Space LCD
BurnoutPC has taken a look at VlSystem's Lost In Space LCD. This is a pretty stylish LCD system and the reviewer liked it for the most part but he has a few issues with it. Check out the review for more info.


2 days left!!!
There are only 2 days left in out SiteWorksPro 3.0 giveaway. There is still a good chance you will win, so, get yourself entered here.

Icemat Mouse Surface
This morning I woke up and thought, "Man, I really want to read a review on an Icemat Mouse Surface." Well guess what? BlargOC has the hook up. So, if you woke up and had the same fake thought I just made up, check it out.


Serial ATA is Cool!
In case you haven't heard already, a new technology called Serial ATA is being released soon by IWILL. If you read the press release over at Tweakers.com.au's forums and still can't figure it out. Just imagine all your 40pin ribbons on your CDROM, HDD, etc. being replaced with something similar to phone wire!

Lian-Li PC-6087A
If you're looking for a nice looking aluminum case, check out Phlux's review of the Lian-Li PC-6087A. Lian-Li's cases are like prostitutes. You wouldn't kick them out of bed but it's getting enough money to get them there in the first place that's the problem.


SiteWorksPro Giveaway
There are only a few days left in out SiteWorksPro 3.0 Giveaway. Not a lot of people are entered to win yet so you still have a good chance to pick up one of the three copies. Hurry up and get entered.


gBOX Mini PC
The little miniature Shuttle barebones computer has been pretty popular lately. Well, one of my favorite sites, Little White Dog, has reviewed the AMS Electronics gBOX (P4)
CF-S868 Aluminum Mini PC Barebone System
, which is a lot like the Shuttle barebones system. This system is pretty stylish but it has a few faults (what doesn't?) but overall is just damned cool.


Chaintech Motherboard
OCTools has posted a review of the Chaintech 7VJL 'APOGEE' KT333 Motherboard. The reviewer was pretty impressed with this motherboard. It had something to do with... oh, you know, an Athlon at 201 MHz FSB. Smile

Itanium® 2 Ships
Intel will start shipping their Itanium 2 processors today. For more information, check out this press release straight from the source: "Intel Begins Shipping Itanium® 2 Processors". It seems Intel likes it and I'm sure that, because of their name, it will do well.


Samsung 181T LCD
RatedPC has a posted a review of the Samsung 181T LCD. If you have the money for an LCD monitor, this one is definitely worth a look.


Hap Hap Happy 4th
I hope everyone has a happy fourth of July. Just be safe and try to keep all your fingers and everything will be ok. Smile

Sibak Tech Copper HSF
Tech-Fusion has posted a review of a Sibak Tech Full Copper Heatsink. Here is some quotage:
"The near mirror finish allows the heatsink to have a perfect contact with the core and saves you some time to lap it too. Smile We thought that Sibak Tech could have been a little bit more thoughtful to have a sticker or a plastic covering over the base of the heatsink so as to prevent it from oxidising."


Forums Update
Have you been to the forums lately? If not, you're missing out on a cool discussion about a brand new 19 computer cluster at my 'place of employment'. The best part about the cluster is that each computer is a dual Athlon MP 1800+ setup! While you're at it, post twice an you're automatically entered to win in our SiteWorksPro 3.0 Giveaway in which you can get some sweet software for free!

Sony CPD-G410R (19inch)
TheTechZone has a review of the Sony CPD-G410R. The G410R is Sony's cheapest 19" but it's still a very nice monitor. I have a 17" CTX Trinitron and I'll never go back to just regular domed CRT monitors. Beware, this site has got some severly annoying popups.

Lazy over at Phlux.co.uk has posted a Cathodebus guide. Now, that word my be challenging to some of you; so, I will break it down. Smile Cathodebus - Cathode bus, basically an on off switch for cathode case mods. Anyway, it's done very professionally and worth a look.


XtremeTek Giveaway!
Xtreme Tek is having a 'Start Your Own Tech Site Giveaway.' We're giving away 3 copies of SiteWorksPro 3.0 to help some guys start their own tech site. Check out the contest page to get entered.


Samsung 181T TFT
A lot of us out there want a large flat panel but are dissuaded by the heavy price tags. However, DeviantPC has a review of the 18.1 in. Samsung 181T TFT Monitor which runs around $900. That is pretty damn cheap for a 18+ inch flat panel. Why so cheap? You'll have to read the review to find out.

XP1600+ AROIA OCing
Phlux.co.uk has posted an article on Athlon overclocking, more specifically Athlon XP1600+ AROIA overclocking. The writer was relatively successful too which makes this particular core worth looking into.

Badass Rheobus
The guys over at Virtual Hideout have an exclusive review of one bad ass rheobus, the NatriumTech UltraDM Digital Rheobus. I think I am going to get one of these myself. Yes, you know it is cool when I'm willing to pay for it. Smile

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