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July 2001

Round Cables
GideonTech has a taken a look at some Round Cables. Nothing special here, but it would be worth a look if you have not seen round cables yet. You never know, you could have been locked in a cell for the last 2 years chilling with your boyfriend bubba. Smile

Gamitopia Reviews
Gamitopia has a review of two games posted today. First, they have a review of The Messanger. Secondly, they have a review of a strategic silumation in the game "Settlers: Fourth Edition." I don't know if these games suck or not, I've never played them, so if you want to know reading the review is a must.


Top Ten Games
The Tech Zone has complied what they call the Top Ten Games of All Time. Check it out, see if you share the same opinions. If not you can always flame them, I'm sure they will get a lot of that as it is.

Jail Time For IT Worker
David McOwen is his name and installing screensavers to win a contest is his game. Now he faces up to 15 years in jail and a $415,000 fine! To hear more about it head on over to The Register.


Hitachi CM771
Envy News has a review of a 19" monitor for you today. They have taken a look at a Hitachi CM771 19 inch Display. With a .22 horizontal dot pitch, you might just want to take a look at this puppy.


@Home bad, Verizon good?
Well, Verizon is looking a little less evil today and @Home is growing horns. It appears that some ISPs are starting to side with record labels. They are taking proventive measures to reduce file sharing. The hiring of "bounty hunters" is being done to facilitate this course of action. On the bright side, Verizon thinks this infringes on human rights. Sadly, this makes them a little less evil. Smile

Transmeta Suit
Transmeta is being hit with a class action law suit . This really sucks for them because it is their shareholders that are suing them. The suit was filed because Transmeta could not deliver the fast chips they promised. This is really sad because all it does is compound the problem and make it worse. Now Transmeta has to worry about a law suit instead of trying to make their low power consumption 1 GHz chip. Oh well, life is a bitch and then you die.

Platform Conference
VIA Hardware has coverage of the this years Platform Conference. Their coverage covers everything from AMD's HyperTransport Hammer platform to VIA's first DDR333 chipsets. Definitely a good read if you want to know what is headed our way these next few years to come.


Vantec CCK-6035D
A Vantec CCK-6035D has been reviewed at Gideon Tech. Vantec's coolers are getting better and better lately. Now they are competing with the big boys, such as Alpha and GlobalWin.

MAZE2 Waterblock
OCTools has a review up of the MAZE2 Copper Waterblock from DangerDen. I know I'm in the market for a new water block, and after reading this, it's definitely worth considering.


MMMM... Impreza's!
Man, it's been a long time! I've been a real lazy ass lately... but it's all good, I've got DSL now. Smile Anyhow, upon my return I bring you a look into the world of lucky Subaru Impreza owners having a blast with their babies. Future Looks brings you all of the highlights, go on go check it out... you know you want to!


Iwill KK266-R
The Tech Zone has a review the Iwill KK266-R. The -R means it has RAID. Could this be a good alternative to the ABIT boards? You'll have to read the review to find out.

Apollo Pro 266
Overclockers.com.au has an informative article up about VIA's VIA's Apollo Pro 266. It should provide worthwhile information for overclockers and non-overclockers alike. It's information, suck it down. Smile


Metallica d00d In Rehab
The lead singer for Metallica is in rehab for alcohol addiction, and as the band's website says, "and others." He'll probably try to blame it on Napster. Smile


Free Stuffs @ AOC
AthlonOC is giving away a DDR setup. All you have to do is sign up and be really lucky. Check out their contest page for more information on how you can get really cool free stuff. Smile

SiS 735 vs KT266
Legion Hardware pits the SiS 735 against the VIA KT266. This is a very important article to read if you plan on buying an new AMD system in the near future.


Wicked 3D Glasses
A pair Wicked 3D Glasses has been reviewed over at HWExtreme.com. You are going to have to read the review to find out if they actually work, but I have heard some good things about them myself.

Adaptec 29160 SCSI
Hardware Analysis has a review of the Adaptec 29160 SCSI Card. Adaptec is really a good brand when it comes to SCSI or any kind of harddrive controllers. If you're looking to go SCSI (which I am) definitely check this out.

Dragon Orb
You got your Golden Orb, your Chrome Orb, your Blue Orb, and now you have your... Dragon Orb? Yep, that's right, Gideon Tech has a review of the Thermal Take Dragon Orb. Not only does this thing look cool, but it cools very well.


OCZ Gladiator
An OCZ Gladiator with a Delta Fan has been given the once over at Envy News. If you are looking into buying a copper heatsink and fan any time soon, I would check this out.

Bacteria Preview
Gamitopia has a preview on a game called Bacteria. It is a pretty cool concept, actually. The whole concept is to go into a body and save the person from the bacteria inside. I don't know, this might be your "cup of tea".


Cheap Webcams
Dan of the infamous Dan's Data has a review of the Vcam CU-68R and CU-99A models which are pretty cheap webcams. So, if you're looking for a webcam, and you want something good for cheap, check this out for sure.

3D Blaster GeForce3
Guru3D has a review of the 3D Blaster GeForce3. Check it out to see if it performs as well as the other GeForce 3 based cards.


Romeo Case
Overclockers Online have a review of a new case I haven't seen yet. It's called the Romeo Case and it looks pretty cool. It has its downfalls like any case, but you might like the style.

80mm Fan Expander
A review of the HighSpeedPC 80mm Fan Expander has been posted at Overclockers Australia. These are the devices people have been using to quiet down the cases without killing their cooling performance.


A7VL-VM Review
Dan of Dan's Data toasted a bunch of his computer parts (motherboards, videocard, the usual). However, this wansn't intentional, these were working parts! So, he had to get a new motherboard and so he reviewed it in his A7VL-VM review. The A7VL-VM is an ASUS motherboard and it's review Dan's Data style.

4000XT vs 4500
Envy News has pitted two Hercules cards against each other in their Hercules 3D Prophet Shootout. I'll try not to spoil the ending but the Hercules card wins (ok, that was corny and you knew it was comming). Smile

Flowmaster Max
pHaestus over at VoidYourWarranty.neth has a review of the Flowmaster Max Watercooling kit from dtekcustoms.com. It looks like a pretty professional unit. If you're looking into some adventerous cooling this could be a start.


PC Hardware.ro has a review of an off-brand motherboard, for you value hunters. They took a look at the DFI CS62-TC. Enjoy. Smile

LaserCut Fan Grills
IamNotAGeek.com has a review of those snazzy Laser Cut Fan Grills that have been floating around the internet. They're pretty cool if you're looking to add a little flair to your case mod.


Palamino vs Tbird
HardOCP has a Palamino vs Tbird comparison. Kyle not only compares the two chipsets, but he compares them on two motherboards and with both types of RAM (SDR and DDR). This is pretty good stuff and is definitely worth a read.

Homemade Fan
The crazy mofo at GideonTech has done it again. He basically makes his own fan and regulator. His says this homemade fan moves 35,387 Cubic Feet of air per Minute (CFM) at full power. I find that a little hard to swallow, but it might be true. But, you definitely have to check this out!


VIA Apollo KT266
Legion Hardware got a hold of a VIA Apollo KT266 reference board and reviewed it. I believe this is the first review of its kind. While this will give you a rough level of performance for boards with this chipset, the professional motherboard makers almost alway have better performance than the reference board.

MX Comparison
HardwareOC has an article up that compares the various MX Chipsets. "Dr. Bob" discusses the 32meg MX 200, 32meg MX400, and 64meg MX 400. If you're information hungry, you'll want to check this out.

Zalman CNPS
Radeonic has a review of a crazy new heatsink and fan unit. If you have not seen a review of the Zalman CNPS CPU Cooler. This thing is a monster.


eyeSCREAM Light
JammyB at the PhearFactory has just put up his review of the eyeSCREAM Light. I know what you're thinking, "Light? is that like the Lite version of software." It's the budget version for those of you with minimal cash flow to your wallet.

OCZ Gladiator
Yet another reivew of the OCZ Gladiator has been completed, this time at The Hardware Pub. This is another one of the products from the OCZ line. If you're shopping for a new cooler, this would be worth your time to read.

Cordless Optical Mouse
A review of the Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical has been posted at Gaming In 3D. Just think, you can sit anywhere and you don't even really need to use a mouse pad or clean the ball!


Stupid Invaders
Gamitopia has a review of a game called Stupid Invaders. It sounds, well, stupid. You will have to read the review to find out exactly how stupid it really is. Smile


MSN Sucks
I have further proof that MSN Messanger sucks. What proof do I have you might be asking? I have this: The Register Article "MSN Instant Messenger still dead. But why?" Ok, it probably does not suck for a lot of you, but I get my opinion too.

Shuttle AK32
Active-Hardware has a review of a recent motherboard offering from Shuttle. They reviewed the Shuttle AK32, which is a VIA KT266 chipset based board. This board is meant to be a competitor with ABIT, ASUS, and the likes. It would be worth your time to read about it and see if it held up to its goals.


Canoe Cements
The University of Alabama in Huntsville made some major breakthroughs while making a cement canoe. What's special about a cement canoe (other than the fact that it's cement)? It uses natural resonance to propel itself. Now that is amazing! This article is a must read for anyone who is remotely interested in science.

MS == St00pid
The Register has some news of some major stupidity on the behalf of Microsoft. In their article "WinXP RC1 leaks on web as fast MS download," the Register lays out the details of a very large mistake by Microsoft. This article is definitely worth a read, especially if you're a M$ hater. Smile


Iwill KD266
Active-Hardware has a review of KT133A based motherboard from Iwill, the Iwill KD266. Iwill has had a pretty good history of making decent boards, so if you're shopping around, make a stop at this review.

Asus P4T
Big Bad Bill of CPU Review has a review of a recent offering for the motherboard market. He reviews the Asus P4T. I haven't read it yet, but Bill's stuff is usually pretty good.


Abit Siluro T400
A review of the Abit Siluro T400 has been put up over at The Tech Zone. This is Abit's offering using the GeForce2MX400 chipset. So, if you want a good card at a low price, take a look at this card.

RT2000 Mega Pack
HardwareAnalysis.com has an article posted about Matrox RT2000 Mega Pack 3.0. If you're any kind of video editor at all, you should probably check this article out to see if this offering from Matrox was as good as their first.


RadioSack Paste Review
One of the guys at Tweaker's Asylum has put together a comparitive review of the new and old Radio Shaft, err, Radio Shack Heat Sink Compound. I don't know why you would want to use Radio Shaft Heat Sink Compound anyway, but this might be good for a laugh.

Shuttle AE25
Legion Hardware has a review of a wallet-friendly (cheap) overclocker's motherboard. Their Shuttle AE25 review is an exclusive (I think). So, if you're on a budget, this might be what you're looking for and it will only cost you around $100.

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