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"When they call the roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer 'Present' or 'Not guilty.'"
- Theodore Roosevelt

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June 2002

EPoX 4G4A+
OverclockersOnline not only reviewed the EPoX 4G4A+, but they also achieved a 1.01 GHz overclock on a Pentium 4. I'm sure that made them happy. Oh, they just used a regular heatsink and fan too!


48X/16X/48X CD-RW
Do you need a 48x/16x/48x CD-RW? Probably not. But we're not really talking about needs here because I'm sure almost everyone who burns CDs wants a 48x burner. Smile Anway, to appease your needs, Active-Hardware has reviewed the Asus CRW-4816A. Enjoy.


Lotus Domino
The Register has a bit of news about Lotus Domino busting spam server side. This should hopefully bust spam before it gets to the recipient, which is nice. The only downside I can see is mail that is not spam not making it to the recipient. Or even worse, someone could get blocked when a spam bot makes it appear that a piece of spam is from someone else (a regular person). This has happened to me a lot lately so I hope this system is up to this challenge.

Generic Case Modding
I have not posted a case modding article in a little bit. So, I thought I would throw up this link to Phlux's article entitled "Project Generic." I used to have one of these cases actually. I surely did not put as much effort into it as these guys did.

Belkin F6C800-UNV
If you don't have a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) you probably should. It is a great way to ensure your computer does not get affected by power surges, spikes, and outages. To get you started, 3DVelocity has a review of the Belkin F6C800-UNV UPS.

16MB Thumbdrive
The HardwarePub has a review of one of those popular USB memory sticks. The one they took a look at was the Trek 16MB Thumbdrive SMART. It looks pretty standard, but then again, I only looked at the pictures because I NEVER LEARNED TO READ.

DDR333 PC-2700
ExplosiveLabs has a review of some OCZ DDR333 PC-2700 'Ultimate' REV 3 RAM. This RAM is for those of you who demand the high performance stuff for overclocking. Otherwise, just pick yourself up some stable Corsair DDR RAM.


Zalman 6000Cu
A Zalman 6000Cu HSF has been reviewed over at OverclockerCafe.com. They even strapped an 80mm Delta on their too.

SP-300 Silent PSU
Those tweakers in Austrailia are at it again. This time they have a review of the Just Cooler SP-300 Silent PSU. This should be of interest to you guys who are into quiet PCs.

Asus P4T533-C
Active-Hardware has reviewed the Asus P4T533-C. The P4T533-C is socket 478 i850E based mainboard. The reviewer has a little PC800 vs PC1066 Rambus comparison in there too.


Mac Commericals
If you haven't seen those Mac commercials yet, consider yourself lucky. You have been spared from watching a bunch of retards who don't know a hole in the ground from their ass talk about how they don't know crap about anything and that's why the Mac is better. In fact, I believe everyone in the commercials is completely oblivious to the fact there are other operating systems that can run on "PCs" besides Windows. Anyway, those are my thoughts. What you really need to read is this Mac commercial parody over at LickMySweaty.com. Make some time so you can read through the whole site and be sure to watch the video spoof. This is what I call entertainment.


Speaker Review
Do your speakers suck ass? Then you might want to check out MonkeyReview.com's review of the S4 MidiLand 8200 v2.0. Seroiusly, that's the name of the site, MonkeyReview. I guess they're out of domain names. But that was evident when ExtremeTech jacked the name I decided not to go with.

ASUS P4B533-E i845E
Looking for a P4 i845E motherboard and you're not sure what one to buy? Tweakers.com.au can get you started with their review of the ASUS P4B533-E i845E.


Cisco Certifications
Cisco certifications becoming obsolete? Sound crazy? I think not. Might want to think twice before getting one of these.


ATi's Catalyst Driver
HardOCP has posted up some ATi's Catalyst Driver Set coverage. Don't expect a huge performance gain, because it's just not there. However, you should still check it out to see what the new drivers offer.


Ti 4400 and 4600 Review
Want two GeForce Ti's for the price of one? Too bad; but Guru3D has two reviews on one page. So if you can't decide between a Ti 4400 and 4600, check out their review of the VisionTek's Xtasy GeForce Ti 4400 and 4600.

Small Form Factor
ViaHardware.com has an article covering the Small Form Factor items at Computex. This is pretty cool because he focuses only on the small form factor side of things and because there are a lot of cool little cases to check out.


Samsung 32x10x40
EnvyNews is dishing out some CD-RW loving for you guys today. The have reviewed the Samsung 32x10x40 SW-232B CD-Rewriter. This is not the fastest burner out, but it's still pretty damned fast.

Palm m515
A Palm m515 has been reviewed over at BlargOC. So, check it out if PDAs are your thing.


ClawHammer Benchmarks
Big news today! TecChannel.de (English Translation) has posted some ClawHammer benchmarks. Remember these are not, by any means, final product benches but they should be enough to make you soil your underwear and make you want one.

PC1066 vs. DDR
Those crazies from down under are at it again. This time around the have a comparison article up. They pit PC1066 RDRAM vs. DDR SDRAM. This should be an informative read for those of you who do not already know what the results will be.


P4S-645DX Dragon Ultra
Tweakers.com.au has taken a look at the very sweet SOYO P4S-645DX Dragon Ultra. This board supports the new 533MHz QDR bus, DDR333 and USB 2.0. Check it out, Soyo makes a good board.

WinFast TV 2000 XP
Looking for a TV Tuner? Do you prefer one with a long name? Lucky for you, EliteHW has got you covered. They have reviewed the Leadtek WinFast TV 2000 XP. These cards are only about $65, so it's worth a look if you are on a budget.


VIA Hardware has taken a look at the IWILL P4R-533N. It is a Pentium 4, RDRAM solution so you better be willing to shell out big bucks for the whole setup.


Samsung SW-232
Feigning for some 32x CD burner reading? IAmNotAGeek.com has your fix; they have reviewed the Samsung SW-232 CDRW and reported their results. Read up before the shakes start. Smile


Zalman CNPS Kit
BlargOC has a review of the good ol' Zalman CNPS cooling kit. If you haven't seen this cooler yet it is worth reading the review to check out the fan style heatsink.

Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
EX Hardware has taken a look at Gigabyte's offering to the KT333 market, the Gigabyte GA-7VRXP. If you are worried about this board being too plain, set your mind at east knowing it is blue and has a gold colored heatsink on the chipset.

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