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June 2001

OCZ Gladiator Giveaway
MaxReboot is giving away 5 OCZ Gladiators. I don't think you can argue with free stuff (especially when it is decent free stuff).


FF Headphones
Chick's Hardware has taken a look at the Evergreen Technologies' Rumble FX Force Feedback Headphones (that was a mouthful). So, if you're in the mood for some vibrating ear phones, check it out at Chick's. Smile

AGP AirLift
HardwarePub has a review of a new video cooler called the AGP AirLift. It's an interesting idea and requires no physical modification, but the performance is not exactly stellar.


Internet Touch Pad
Radeonic has a review of Cirque's Internet touch pad for your reading pleasure. 'Nuff said Smile

Athon MP Novell Cert
According to the Register, the Athlon MP platform has been certified by Novell. This is actually some very good news for AMD. It is a pretty large step in getting the platform in some server farms and what not.

Alone in the Dark
Games Xtreme has a new review up. They reviewed Alone in the Dark: The new Nightmare for the PC. On a seperate note, I picked up the expansion for Diablo II las night, it is some bad ass shit! If you don't have it, go buy it!

Guru3D has a driver up called SoftQuadro. It allows you to make your GeForce perform like a nVidia Quadro. They have proof it works too!

Cool-View Window
I am Not a Geek has a review of the Cool-View Window Kit posted on their site today for your perusal. These are good to look at if you're going for a professional look.


Big Brother is out to get you. This time, it is in the form of Acme Car Rentals. What do I mean? You'll have to read this article, Rental driver finds Big Brother over shoulder, at CNN to find out more. Lets just say, if you rent from Acme Car Rentals, do the speed limit!

Crazy Fan Grills
Gideon Tech got a hold of some of those "snazzy" fan grills from PC Mods and posted a review of them. I don't know how effective they are at keeping people from cutting their fingers off but they look pretty cool.

Badass Glowing Dye
Dan of the infamous Dan's Data has an review (kind of) of some dye you can add to your water cooling resavoir and with the help of a neon light, you can have some cool glowing water pumping through your case!

A review of the MSI 12X DVD-ROM has been posted over at Active-Hardware. This is a new market sector for MSI I believe, as I have not seen a DVD-ROM drive from them before. So, it might be worth a look if you're looking at buying a DVD-ROM drive for your computer anytime soon.

Silent CPU Cooler
IANAG.com has a guide up of how they made a very quiet CPU fan that was still semi-efficient. They used a quiet 92mm fan rather than a loud 60mm fan. Check out their Silent Cooler article for results and information.

Enermax EG365P-VE
The Tech Zone has a review of Enermax's 350 PSU, the Enermax EG365P-VE. I have the 400 Watt PSU from Enermax, very good product indeed.


MP3 Pro
MP3 Pro (the newest type of MP3 compression) seems to be hitting it big. But, it is still not the best say the Register. Checkout their article "MP3 owners get stroppy with open source coders" for more details and MP3, MP3 Pro, and WMA format.

ThermalRight SK6
IAmNotAGeek.com has a review of the ThermalRight SK6. It is a pretty new cooler and you may have not even seen it yet. This is an all copper bad boy so if you're into that whole copper scene, check it. Smile

Battle for Dune
Guru3D has a review of a pretty cool game called Emperor: Battle for Dune. It's a 5 page review and it's got the usual screenshots and what not. It might be worth a look if you're getting bored of your current games.


Duron 950MHz Review
Sharky Extreme has a 950 MHz Duron on the review table for you. Man, with my limited access, I didn't even know they had a 950MHz Duron yet. Qwest DSL = 2+ weeks for install, or so they say. :(

Tech Prices
Anandtech has their newest price watch posted. This is actually a couple days old but I figured it would still be useful.

M$ Looks for Crooks
Microsoft is going to go audit crazy pretty soon. So, if you stole some of their software, you'd best delete it or buy that license. Smile The whole article is over at the register, enjoy.


Pointless FYI
I have some pointless information for you. It is one those "just so you know" kind of things. You might have noticed some banners on my web site for a site called "ExtremeTech", if not, you have just been told. ;) Anyway, I wanted to let it be known that when I registered xtremetek.com two years ago, that I had the option to register extremetech.com and I chose not too. What does this mean? Nothing, other than fact that I've been around for 2 years and Ziff Davis had to go along an copy me. Smile Have a nice rest of your day!


Seagate Cheetah 36XL
Legion Hardware has a review up on a Seagate Cheetah 36XL SCSI hdd. I've thought about using SCSI instead of IDE, but I don't have nearly enough money. Maybe somebody will mail me a check for $50,000, hint hint.

Millenium G550
The Register has some news on the Matrox's release of the Millenium G550. It is looking pretty cool. They kept all the good stuff the G450 had and added all the good new technology, performance has yet to be seen.


Tech Stocks Sucking
NewsForge has some info on tech stocks. There is some info on open source stocks along with IBM, Sun, and the likes.


Electric Fuel Cells
Future Looks has been busy... they also have an article up on Electric Fuel Cells. Do you hate to have your batteries burn out on you?.. then go read up 'cause this device is for you!

Antec SX1440B
Envy News some reviewage posted for you on the Antec SX1440B Server Case. Didn't read through it... but hey I'm sure it's great, so go read up.

Handspring Visor Edge
Future Looks has a review up of Handsprings latest handheld, the Visor Edge. Looks pretty damn cool, and you know it has to be... Handspring made it. Smile Go read up for all of the details.

Soul MP3 Player
Chunky Hardware has a review up of the Soul MP3 CD Player. Looks pretty cool... but it's the performance that counts. Go check it out, and check out our review of the MPFit for comparison.


IWill KD266
Want to get as far away from VIA as possible, but you want to use an AMD system? Overclockers Online has a review on the IWIll KD266, which is based on the ALi northbridge and southbridge. It's a DDR chipset that supports 133MHz front-side bus speeds and up to 3GB of RAM.

Fundamentals of Multithreading
Systemlogic.net has a nice 13 page long article on the fundamentals of multithreading. If you feel like doing quite a bit of learning today, or are just bored out of your mind, read this article.

Shuttle AK31
Legion Hardware has reviewed the Shuttle AK31 socket-A motherboard based on Via's KT266 chipset. If you're thinking about going the DDR route, go read this review.

Case Window Kit
Tech-Planet has a review on a case window kit from CoolPC . The finished product looks pretty nice.

Copper RAMSinks
Extreme Overclocking has a review up on the Tweakmonster RAMSinks. They're pretty spendy at $25 for a set of 4, but according to Extreme Overclocking they look cool and work great. As an added bonus, they are giving away eight RAMSinks, a HSF, and a Copper Shim to the grand prize winner. Click here for the article and click here for the contest. Good luck!


Computer Building Guide
If you read the article I posted a link to earlier, you now know how to install a video card. Now, you can order a book on how to build a complete system. The Tech Zone has a review of the book. Definitely a must-have for someone just getting started building systems, plus it's only $15.

AMK 3333-300 Case
Here's a case for the lazy and/or inexperienced. Nothing fancy, except for the blowholes and the handle. The review is also very short, but you'll get the basic idea of what the case can do.

Hercules 3D Prophet III
Sticking to the video card theme, IANAG gives the Hercules 3D Prophet III the once-over. If you're going to get a new video card, why not get the best there is, right?

How To: Installing a Video Card
Are you new to the wonderful world of computers and want to build or upgrade your aging computer? PlanetHardware will help you get started on how to build computers by telling you how to install a video card. Go read it so you don't go out and buy a Compaq or another equally crappy computer.

Free Palm Anyone?
Palm is giving away free wireless-enabled Palm VIIx's. However, there is one catch, you have to be attending the SAPPHIRE 2001 developer conference in California, which costs $1,200. You should still read this story though, the reason Palm is giving away these VIIx's is the interesting part.


Slow News
I apologize for the slow news lately. I just got done moving into my new apartment and I do not have internet yet. I will soon and everything will be good. I will get my Prophet III review posted soon after.

Gainward GeForce3
HardOCP has a review of the Gainward GeForce 3. There are lot of benchmarks, but nothing really comparing it to anything, not to valuable, but you might want to look at the pictures of the red video card.

MS Ownz Your HTML
All your HTML are belong to Microsoft? Not yet, but if you get WindowsXP it will. The Register has the scoop on M$'s newest plan to mess things up. So head on over and check out their article on "Smart Tags."


Electronic Paper
Slashdot has post up about some full color electronic paper! Yep, you need to read this for sure. It is pretty hard to believe. Only problem they're having now is that it is only 80 dpi.


Win2K and Unix
Win2K and Unix went head to head... guess who came out on top, according to the experts? Hmm.. could it be Unix? Ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner! Go read up for all of the details.

Lack of News
Sorry about the lack of news lately.. it's moving time, and we haven't had much time to post. Just FYI to let you know that we're terribly sorry, and moving sucks my ass! Smile

Electric Shock Controller
The Reg has all the info you need on the up and coming game controller that gives you electric shocks. Neat 'eh? To find out about this great new gadget, go read up!


DDR Domination, 2003
Infineon says DDR will not dominate until 2003. How did they arrive at this conclusion? Head on over to The Register and check out the article for all the information.


USB Storage Showdown
Dan's Data has a USB Storage device showdown posted for your reading pleasure. There are some very cool devices there, and I recommend you check it out, especially if you're a "gagets and gizmos kind of person".

AVC Soul Sale
EasyBuy2000, the guys I got the MPFit from, dropped their price on the AVC Sould MP3 player a good amount. The AVC Soul is an awesome player, it makes the MPFit look like a 8-track player. Smile You can pick up the deal just by going to EasyBuy2000.


PS2000 Digital Speakers
Envy News has been busy getting some reviewage ready for you on the PlayWorks PS2000 Digital Speakers. If you're in the market for a new set of speakers, or even if you're not, definitely go read up. Enjoy! Smile


Crazy Cooling
Here is an example of what you can do to cool your WHOLE system (excluding drives). You'll have to blame Nikademus for this one. Smile


Crucial 2100 DDR
In the market for more RAM? Then you should go check out Inside Hardware's reviewage of 128MB Crucial PC2100 SDRAM. Go check it out.

Game Boy Advance
Future Looks has a review of the long awaited Game Boy Advance by Nintendo. I'm gonna get me one of these bad boys! Smile You, however, should go check out the reviewage.

Case Window Mod
A review of the CoolPC window and neon light modification kit has been posted at Acid Hardware. This might be worth a look if you're planning on modding your case in the near future.

Corsair DDR RAM
OcPrices.com has reviewed Corsair's new DDR RAM, XMS2400. Aparently, the chips performed pretty good, you'll have to read the review for more detail.


Shocking Force Feeback
Slashdot has a very interesting story on a new force feed back device that is supposed to shock you in various situations (i.e. getting hurt in Quake 3 Arena, getting shot in Counter Strike, ect.). Sounds kind of freak to me but, as usual, we'll see.

More XP Suckage
Everything I've heard about Windows XP has been bad, so far. The newest story rom the register is no exception. The article is appropriately named Office XP: all your hyperlinks are belong to MS and it discusses Microsoft's method of correcting your hyperlinks they way it thinks it should.


New Army Vehicle
The Army has a new vehicle to get around in. I didn't read through all of the specs, but the pic is niiiice! Smile Here's a tid bit from the article:
With its bulletproof glass, grenade launcher, laser gun and the ability to foil pursuers with oil slicks and smoke screens, the Army's new SmarTruck is a vehicle worthy of James Bond.
Awesome, now go read up for all of the details.

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