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May 2002

Time is Money
Ever hear the good'ol expression, time is money? Well a professor at a British University just proved that time really is money. The formula is: V=(W((100-t)/100))/C, where V is the value of an hour, W is a person's hourly wage, t is the tax rate and C is the local cost of living. Crazy! Go check it out, they've got some pretty neat statistics in the article and you never know.. next time you go in for that raise this little equation may be helpful. Smile

Samsung 1066 RDRAM
If your interested, Samsung is now going to be producing 1066MHz RDRAM RIMM modules. Samsung believes there will be plenty of demand for the product and will be incorperating it in motherboards using Intel's new 850e chipset. To find out more go read up at The Register.

WinTasks 4 Professional
I have just posted my latest review. I took a look a WinTasks 4 Professional and spilled my thoughts on it. I hope you enjoy.


Sound Activated CC
3DXtreme.org has reviewed a Xoxide Sound Activated Cold Cathode. The reviewer found the sound activation annoying but gave it a pretty high rating anyway (but with good reason).


GeForce 4 Ti-4600
In the case that you missed one of the other billion Ti 4600 reviews out on the web, the HardwarePub has a review of the Leadtek WinFast A250 Ultra TD GeForce 4 Ti-4600 posted for your perusal. If the Ti 4600 fits your bill, then you should be prepared for a for a rather large bill when you order one. Smile


Free Stuff
3DVelocity is giving away a Gainward GeForce 4 Ultra/750 XP Golden Sample Ti4600 and Creative Labs' 3D Blaster4 Ti4400. If you want some of that GeForce 4 lovin', check out their contest page.


MP3 Player for Home
Every once in a while comes a really cool product with a really long name. FutureLooks.com has taken a look Turtle Beach Audiotron Digital Music Player for Home Networks, which is just a damned cool product.

Acoustic Absorption Mats
If you have a screamer of a computer case, you should take a look at EXHardware's review of some Akasa pax.mate acoustic absorption mats. They even have before and after sound samples.


Dual Display Shootout
GamingIn3D has an Dual Display Shootout in which they compare the Sis 315 Vs. ATI Radeon VE. They just updated it and since I didn't post this before, I thought I'd post it now.

n50 Speed Pad
#DVelocity takes a look at a product geared towards gamers, the Nostromo n50 Speed Pad. Quite an odd looking thing, in my opinion, but I'm sure is plenty useful. If you haven't seen what the speed pad looks like, its worth the read just to take a look at the product pictures.


HDD Swappin'
Do you swap hard drives often? If you do or would like to, check out this solution from Vantec, the EZ-Swap. Because Vantec knows no one wants to be a carrying around an ugly-ass swappable HDD, they made the casing look pretty damned cool too.

Valid HDD Benchmark?
XbitLabs has posted an article in which they explore whether or not PCMark2002 makes a good benchmark for hard drives. Checking the validity of your benchmarks is always a good idea. That way you don't end up upgrading your parts when the ones you had were just as good or better.


Super Cheap Mobo
Are you really cheap? If you are cheap and you are looking for a AMD solution, look no further because The Tech Zone has taken a look at the Elite K7S6A.


AOpen AK77-333
OverclockersOnline.com has posted a review of AOpens KT333 based solution, the AOpen AK77-333. The reviewer calls it "solid solution for a rockstable system." I suppose that's good. Smile


Matrox Parhelia
Tweakers.com.au has been slipped what they think is leaked news about Matrox's tri-head videocard, theMatrox Parhelia. This might very well be a forgery, but even if it is, it's still cool to check out.

Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there. If you're not a mom, go wish yours happy mother's day (if you can)! Hope everyone has a good rest of their day. Smile


Loud HSF Begone!
Tired of your loud screamer of a heatsink and fan unit? PCAbusers have taken a look at some quiter GlobalWin units. Definitely worth a look if you have been wanting to escape the noise.

Zalman CNPS Cu5005+
Hot CPU? BlargOC has your back. They've taken a look at the Zalman CNPS Cu5005+ and put up a review for your perusal. This is a pretty cool looking HSF unit too.


New Dumbasses
There is a new entry in the dumbass database that I think you all should read. Here is the link: http://www.xtremetek.com/dumbassdb/index.php?quote_id=118. Try not to laugh to hard, it could have been you... well, probably not.


Infineon Technologies AG is developing thermogenerator technology to power the microelectronic devices to go into clothing. But that's not the coolest part, this thermogenerator technology can use your body heat to generate electrical power! Smile Go read up to find out more.

McAfee's SpamKiller
Tired of Spam? I know I am! McAfee.com has come out with SpamKiller. Here is a tid bit from the Register's article:
SpamKiller is a desktop application that essentially augments the filters in POP3 or MAPI email clients to more clearly identify spam. Using a preset collection of hundreds of filters, the software identifies spamlike tendencies in subjects, body text and addresses.
Though this product is targeted at small enterprises I thought it was pretty cool. To find out more go read up at The Register.

I'll Allow It
I can just imagine Mills Lane saying "I'll allow it" when I read this article at The Register about the court allowing new evidence in from the prosecution about a modular WinXP. Pretty interesting stuff.


Labtec PulseTM-420
Are you auditorily challenged? No, not deaf silly! Do your speakers suck? If so, you might want to check out TweakNews' review of the Labtec PulseTM-420 Speakers. Labtec usually makes pretty cheap speakers; so if you're poor, give these a look. Besides, how can you go wrong with speakers that have "420" in the name. Smile

ABIT AT7 Review
Tired of all the Intel news? Ready for a swing back in the other direction? Hexus has got what you need, a review of the ABIT AT7. What's truely interesting is the fact that the board is already having problems. I'm going to avoid this board like the plague.


Syncmaster 151B
A Samsung Syncmaster 151B 15 inch TFT Monitor has been given the once over at Tweaknews.net. This is one has speakers attached to it, so it's probably something you space savers are looking for (unless you value your audio quality).

Logictech Dual Optical
In the wake of all this Netburst 533 madness, we can't forget the little things, like your mouse. Does it suck? Then maybe you should take a look at this: Virtual-Hideout's Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical Review. Just remember, you're computer might be really fast, but you can't interact with it as well if your mouse sucks more than a $3 Vegas hooker.

Intel Netburst
Did you actually think you were going to get through today and not hear about Intel's Netburst release? Please. Well, if you haven't figured out what it is yet, you best get started. I have found a couple of good starting places. Tweak3D has posted a Intel Netburst 533 MHz, 2.53 GHz, & i850E Launch article, as has HardOCP and Hexus. Read up my friends, I know I will be. Smile


Divx 5 Encoding
Aus3D.net does Divx 5 Encoding. They cover everything from "backing up" your DVDs to splitting movies. Enjoy, and try not to get into to much trouble making those "back ups".


Soltek KT333 Mobo
I know you have been craving some purple motherboard loving for a while now. HardOCP knew this as well, so they have reviewed the Soltek SL-75DRV5, which is a purple motherboard and it's based off the KT333 to boot. As we say here at the University of Washington, "Real Dawgs wear purple"; now you can compute in purple too.


Ratpadz Giveaway
There are two things every man likes: women and Ratpadz, right? So, to fulfil your manly desires (or womanly!), OCPrices.com is having a Ratpadz Giveaway! Good luck in winning one of these, especially if you still own a foam pad.


AMD 760MPX Overview
Holy editorial Batman! I haven't posted an editorial in a while, so I think I'll get all crazy and do just that. Hexus.net has an editorial posted entitled "AMD 760MPX Chipset Overview." Note that I have't read this yet, so if it sucks blame the author, not me. Smile

Welcome To May!
Welcome to May! May is commonly known as "Case and Cooling" month! (not really, I just made that up). To celebrate my made up month title, I have put together a bunch of reviews of cases and cooling products!

Under the cooling category we have the following: BurnoutPC's review of the Bitspower Np60cd and the review of the Cooler Master HHC-001 Copper Cooler at EnvyNews.com. As far as case reviews goes, we have found the following: A Coolermaster ATCS 200 Version 2 review at Hexus and a review of the Xoxide Z-40 at OCIA.net. Now, check out these reviews and savor my made up holiday.

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