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May 2001

BAMK-0003 19in ATX
The Tech Zone has a review of an ATX case I've never seen before, the BAMK-0003 19in ATX. It is a pretty cool looking case and has a removable tray and what not.

Windows XP
Today Microsoft releases it new operating system Windows XP. In other news, security experts say that Windows XP threatens to make the Internet unstable. Hmmm... they talk about DoS attacks and stuff like that. Go read up, it'll be fun and you know it. Smile

Enermax EG365P
Tec Central has a review up of the Enermax EG365P Power Supply. If your in the market for a new one you may want to check this out.

Gordaen is leaving
Today is a sad day, or perhaps it is just another day. Either way I have decided to leave the XtremeTek staff due to some unimportant conflicts. If you guys want to E-mail me, you can use my old address here or you could just pop in to the forums in my fairwell thread at XT Forum Link.


News Stuffs
Future Looks has an article up on MyCityRadio.com. In other tech stuff Envy News has a review up of Logitech's cordless keyboard and mouse. Go check 'em both out, happy reading! Smile


Samsung SM-308
I Am Not A Geek.com has a review on the Samsung SM-308 CR-R/RW and DVD. It's a pretty cool unit. You get a CD-ROM, Burner, Re-writer and DVD all in one unit for $126. If you ask me, that's one hell of a deal.

Linux Hackers
The Register has an intriguing article up on some Linux hackers. Apparently, The servers of SourceForge have been compromised. What's really interesting is that they, SourceForge, didn't mention the attack until it had already been posted else where.... hmmm.

Defogger L1-Bridging
Trying to unlock your AMD Duron's L1 bridges? Envy News has a review up of their The Rear-Window DeFogger Kit venture. Sound's neat, go read up for all the details.


1337 Speak Translator
Xtreme Tek is proud owner of a new software group, "We Don't Know Software." We've just put out our first software release too, the 1337 Speak Translator. It is freeware, so don't have any fear about downloading it. Smile Right now it is Windows only, but I'm working on our Linux/Unix port right now.

Another Handheld
A company called Franklin has come out with their own version of the handheld PC. Future Looks has a review up of the eBookMan. To find out more, go read up.

GF-DDR Revealed
Envy News was up to no good. They destroyed a GeForce DDR 64MB card after trying to remove the heatsink from the core and in the process they ripped the core clean off of the card - in one piece! Then, however, they proceeded to tear the core apart! Smile

Adrian's Rojak Pot has a review up of the 12X Lite-On LTD-122 DVD-ROM drive. So if you're interested in getting yourself a new DVD-ROM, this review may help you out. Go read up for the specs and all that.


DoS Attacks
The University of California San Diego and the Jacob's School of Engineering studied DoS attacks across the Internet for three one-week periods, centering on the number, duration, and focus of the attacks. They found that over 4,000 DoS attacks occur each week! Go read up for more details.


Salon.com has an article up on the latest E3 conference. It's an interesting read, but if all you want to find are pictures of chics... this isn't the place for you. If this topic really interests you, go talk about it in our Forums.

Overclockerz HSFs
Legion Hardware has a review of both the Overclockerz Glacier 2 and the Monster 2. Feel free to come back and leave your thoughts about the cooler in the comments section for this post. Smile

Sucky Ass HSF
Here at Xtreme Tek, we always try keep you up to date on cool product reviews. We also try to keep you up to date on products that suck a lot of ass. BoomGames has reviewed one of the products that suck a lot of ass, in their review of the AOC FruitCake Cooler. Enjoy, I'm sure you'll like knowing what not to buy. Smile


MadnessPC does E3
Madness PC has an article up entitled "MadnessPC does E3." Get this though, there is actually a little bit of content, after the first three pages it is all pictures of chicks, so do what you will, the content isn't that great. It seems to be mostly pictures.

Iogear 2 port KVM
PCExtremes has just posted their review of the Iogear 2 port KVM. It is supposed to be a space saver, but there are smaller KVM switches for less than this one, so keep that in mind while you're reading this review.


Taisol CGK 742092
A Taisol CGK 742092 has been reviewed over at OCTools. I don't know crap about Taisol, except that I saw one on a friend's Gateway yesterday, so that's reason enough for me not to buy one.

Credit Card Protection
I know there are lots of people out there deathly afraid to use their credit card over the internet, well maybe this article will make those of you feel better. The SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) is coming up with a new way to keep your credit card safe from crackers. Go read up, it's interesting.

Just a heads up for those of you who may not know, we have Forums. Also, if you don't know the purpose of a forum, I got the definition to further assist you in your Xtreme Tek forum journey.
- a public meeting or lecture involving audience discussion b : a program (as on radio or television) involving discussion of a problem usually by several authorities

Laptop Case
Future Looks has a review up of the Pelican 1490CC Laptop Case . Go on over and check it out, sounds kinda neat. Smile


The Death of a Compaq
Don't forget to watch my video that I made, either click on the thumbnail above, or click here. I recommend downloading the high quality version because, well, it's higher quality! Hope you have as much fun watching it as I had making it! Most of all, discuss it in the forums!


Rheobus Kit Review
A modding kit with 4 rheostats and blue LEDs, is it possible? Yes! Check out Virtual Hideout's review of the Rheobus Kit. This is one cool mod, a must see for sure.

Epson 890 Inkjet
Future Looks has a review up of Epson's 890 Inkjet Printer. I've got an Epson... but the drivers are a little screwy with Win2K... go see how their's held up.

Bungee Pro Mouse Pad
Rob over at the Savage Zone has a review of the Bungee Pro Mouse Pad. He likes it a lot, but if you don't know what this product is, you should check this review out.

The Return of XT
Finally, I got my site back, hopefully it is permanent. I don't really know what happened except that my web host was supposed to make a seemless transition to their new headquarters (merger) and I'm guessing it wasn't so seemless. Oh well, Xtreme Tek was down for three days, but we're back and we have some good content for you this week. Smile


Bye Bye Web
Some researchers say that the webs days are numbered and will be replaced with new innovations. I don't feel like explaining it, so if you need to know, go read up! Smile


Asus See Through Drivers
If you're anything like me, you get pissed off when you play CS and people are cheating by using the see-through drivers from Asus. Asus put up a poll on their site asking people like YOU if you want the see-through drivers or not. Go vote NO now!

Anti-Drugs Campaign = Porn
The Tayside police force handed out thousands of flyers to children in primary and secondary schools referring them to a web site to learn about the dangers of drugs. This went on for over a year, but the company that owned the site didn't renew... so a Russian porn peddler bought and turned the site into a sex site. I'm telling ya, it really pays to renew your domain when the time comes!

Ethentica MS3000
Are you super paranoid about your notebook's data safety? Well than, Future Looks has the review for you! They just reviewed the Ethentica MS3000 Mobile Ethenticator. What are you waiting for, go read up about how to keep your data safe!


NAPA DAV315 MP3 CD Player
Envy News has some reviewage of Napa's DAV315 MP3 CD Player. Haven't read it yet, so you'll have to fend for yourself on that one... put it looked cool. Go read up.


New Keyboard + Mouse
Dan's Data has a new keyboard and mouse in the house (that was horrid, sorry)! He has reviewed the A4 Tech GreatEYE Optical 4D Mouse and Ortek MCK-800 keyboard. The mouse looks pretty interesting, I don't know about the keyboard though. Smile

13 Yr Old Pedophile
A 13 year old boy was found guilty of possessing over 300 pornographic photos. The judge gave him an 18 month supervision order, but told the boy that an interest in porn is healthy... did I mention that most of the photos were of small children? Hmmm... The boy also has to register as a sex offender. He is the youngest ever to be charged with dealing in pornographic pictures.

Notebook Guardian
Have a notebook and nothing to keep it out of harms way? Then this may be just what you need! Futurelooks has a review up of PC Guardian's Notebook Guardian. What are you waiting for? Go read up.


Arctic Silver Adhesive
Envy News has a review of some Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive. This is the Arctic Silver that has perma-stick. Yes, I just made up perma-stick, and I have that word copyrighted, so don't even think of stealing it!

Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there and especially to my mom and all the moms of the Xtreme Tek staff. Best wishes n' stuff! Smile


In Cold Blood, Reviewed
3D GameForce has recenly reviewed In Cold Blood. The graphics look pretty damned snazzy! You should check it out just for the visuals. Smile


P4 SMP Preview
Hardware Analyisis has a Dual Intel Pentium 4 Xeon Preview. This will be a good read for those of you who actually like the P4. With the new SMP configuration, you can pay 4 times as much as an Thunderbird based system and get equal performance. Smile

Vision Tek Labs Tour
Kyle got the oportunity to take a tour of the Vision Tek labs (lucky bastard!). There are many pictures of the fabrication process, so you might actually learn something.

Cordless Optical Mouse
Envy News has a review up of the Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical. Pretty good review... though he seems to be more on the negative side, but it's very well written (you can't say that about reviews too much these days Smile ). So go read all about it.


Plextor 16/10/40A
Overclockers Online has posted their review of the Plextor 16/10/40A. I happen to have this same unit and I am very pleased with it.

Just a reminder for those of you who haven't noticed... we have FORUMS! Wow! Smile Now, I know you're excited but it gets better... when you enter the forums, to make your experience here at Xtreme Tek all the better, you should really register... otherwise it could get pretty boring... trust me, I know; but you wont' know until you register. So go register now in our FORUMS, it will make your time here much more worth while.

Guilty = Rambus
Guess what... Rambus is guilty, and they have to pay $3.5 million in punitive damages to Infineon. To find out more, go read up.


GlobalWin WBK68
Computer Chaos has a review of the GlobalWin WBK68. The site is not very pretty, but if you can get past it being fugly I'm sure the content is there. Smile

Apple Comp Outlet
I hate to be the bearer of bad news... Apple computer will be opening its first retail store next week in Virginia. This is just a heads up for those few sad folks who actually like these pieces of shit and for those of you who may want to click on the link to get the addy to maybe do some destruction. Smile Just so I'm not responsible, I didn't tell you to do it... I just post news.

Windows XP Release
There is lots of excitement involving the release of Windows XP, which will be Thursday October 25th 2001. Here is a quote from the article:
Mark your calendars now: The release of Windows XP on October 25th is going to be a historic day for our customers and for the industry. Windows XP will be the highest-quality Microsoft operating system ever, and Microsoft and our associates are committed to delivering a set of amazing new computing experiences that will set a new paradigm for PC users around the world.
Neat huh?! Well go read up for more details.


Legal Music Downloading
Denmark is preparing to create and pass a bill to legalize the downloading of music from the Internet. Wow, now that's cool. Go read up to get all of the sticky details.

WACOM Art Tablet
Futurelooks has a review up of the WACOM Intuos 6 x 8 Professional Art Tablet. Looks pretty cool, didn't read it yet... so go check it out, I hope it's it. Smile

Webcard Technology
Check this out, its called a Webcard. Rather than try to put it in laymen's terms, I'll post a quote for you.
Cyberflex™ Access is the first commercial smart card to combine Java programmability and strong cryptography. The card features default security commands including external and internal authentication using DES, triple DES or RSA. ... With 16 Kbytes EEPROM, the card offers storage for multiple Cardlets as well as cryptographic keys and digital certificates. Cyberflex Access is supported by the most comprehensive software development kit in the industry.
That quote came from the "corporate" web page, which can be found here. Thanks to Daija for the linkage.


Big Bill of CPU Review has a review of the AMI MegaRAID IDE 100. Bill says it is a pretty fast setup, I would check it out if you're looking for a RAID solution and your motherboard doesn't already have one.

The Future: Linux
Former Microsoft execs have started their own company Chromium. What's really interesting about this company is that the ex-Microsoft d00ds back linux! That's got to say something. Go check out their site, and then go read all about 'em in that nice little article.

More DOS Attacks
Some tricky hackers managed to slow down the White House web site with DOS attacks. No damage was done, nothing was changed... it was just slow for six hours. WOW, I'm impressed. Smile Go read up for the exciting details.


P4 & T-Bird Comparo
We've all seen the articles comparing a stock P4 and a stock T-bird, but have you seen a comparison of a P4 at 2.1GHz and a T-Bird at 1.53? Kyle over at [H]ard|OCP just did a comparison of a 1.33 GHz T-bird overclocked to 1.53GHz and a 1.7GHz P4 overclocked to 2.1GHz. Go check it out!


Ever wonder how Full-Screen Antialiasing works? Of course you have, and that's why you're going to click on this link to Full on 3D to learn all about FSAA. Enjoy!

Palomino & Dually Boards
If you're anything like me, you've been drooling over the thought of having dual AMD's. Well, the wait might be over, according to The Inquirer, AMD will be rolling out the dual Athlon platform on June 4th. Also, The Register says AMD will release the server and mobile version of the Palomino on May 15th.

Last Day!
Just a heads up for all you people who like FREE stuff, today is the LAST DAY to enter the case badge giveaway! What are you waiting for go enter now! Smile


Good Free Stuff
Free stuff it good, but when free stuff is a first build GeForce 3 from Creative, then free stuff is awesome. Guru3D has an awesome contest for you. They're giving away the 1st ever build 3D Blaster GeForce3. Enjoy!

New Thermo Engine
HardOCP has a comparison of the solid core ThermoEngine in which he compares it against the original hollow core ThermoEngine. Definitely worth a look if you were planning on buying one of these because now you need to know which one to pick to get your money's worth.

Game Testing
Is game testing really as great of a job as it seems? Not according to some game testing experts, they say:
But it's not all play: Game testing is a full-time job that requires showing up on time at the office every morning.
Hrmm, interesting, so the job isn't fun because you have to go to work every morning... wow, that's tough. Smile Go read up to hear about the other grueling tasks that have to be done.

Copper Heatsinks
The Extreme Overclockers (you know, the guys that aren't quite XTREME like us Smile ) at Extreme Overclocking have reviewed three copper heatsinks; the GlobalWin CAK38, Thermaltake Mini Copper Orb, and the OCZ Gladiator. You can go read the review here. Just a reminder, today is the last day to enter in their copper shim give away. Speaking of contests, get to our forums and enter in the case badge contest!


Contest Nearing End
The case badge contest is nearing its end. If you haven't already enterted the contest check out the contest page for more info and a picture of the casebadge.

IR Raytek Thermometer
Acid Hardware has a review on a the IR Thermometer from Raytek. While these are pretty cool toys, I'm sure the common guy wouldn't have that much of a use for it.

140mph crash
This is just insane... James Morgan, 25, a suicidal computer expert killed himself and another man in a intentional 140mph crash. Morgan was high on ecstasy and cocaine at the time and had sent numerous text messages to his friends clearly stating he was going to kill himself. Go read up to get the rest of the tragic story.

DVD's Delivered
Are you lazy? Do you hate leaving the comfort of your home to rent DVD's? Then Netflix.com is for you. They have started an online DVD rental service. w00t! Another reason not to leave your home and deal with society in person! Smile Go read up for the details.

Arctic Silver II
Want to know how the second version of Arctic Silver does against normal thermal grease? Of course you do, because you're going to click on this link to check out Tech-Planet's review of it.


Crazy Peltier Dan
Dan of Dan's Data has been playing around with peltiers. To be more specific, he has been messing around with peltiers, water cooling, a dual-input digital thermometer, and a CPU simulator. Interested? Then go check out Dan's article "Peltiers in practice."

Bay Cooler 2
IAmNotAGeek.com has a straight forward review of the Bay Cooler 2. Some day, when I get my 15k RPM SCSI RAID Setup, I think I'll get a couple of these.. someday.

The Army & Porn
If you like to look at porn and you're in the army, that's a bad combo! The army is installing Internet software to prevent the viewing of porn. Neat huh?! ... well not if you're in the army I guess. Smile Go read up for the details.


Mix Masta' Mike
Future Looks has an article up on Hangin' With Mix Master Mike. If you like the Beastie Boys you may want to go read up, if not at least go check out the pictures of the break dancers.

Sony Digital Camara/CD-R RW
Prepare yourself for June 8, Sony will be releasing their CD-R/RW digital camera. This camera looks pretty fu*@ing awesome! Smile Go read up to find out the specs.

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