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April 2003

Maxtop CSX-7788KEB-Win Review
OCPrices.com has posted a review of the Maxtop CSX-7788KEB-Win case. This is a premodded case with all the goodies a normal person could want.

ASUS Small Form Factor PC
SFF Tech has reviewed the The ASUS Pundit system, which is a small form factor PC. I wasn't quite sure what the hell a pundit was, so I looked it up. I'm not sure about about why the called it a Pundit, but the product is cool.


Soltek SL-75FRN-L
A review of the Soltek SL-75FRN-L motherboard has been posted over at TwistedMods.
The AGP performance could be a little better but I’m not complaining. The BIOS was pretty well up to par for being an earlier version. The only drawbacks were the lack of multiplier settings and the limited voltage settings. Version 1.2 added multiplier settings but failed to address the lack of voltage adjustments. If future revisions of the board are made I would strongly recommend that Soltek raises the max Vcore settings. The layout of the board is OK except for some minor disturbances which unless you swap hardware constantly you will probably never notice.


Albatron PX845PEV-800 Special Edition
Nexus Hardware has reviewed an Intel based board, the Albatron PX845PEV-800 Special Edition. The northbridge heatsink and fan is pretty wild looking and CEO has his signature imprinted on every board. Interesting stuff!


TTGI 350ss Dual Fan Power Supply
A TTGI 350ss Dual Fan Power Supply review has been posted over at ExtremeOverclocking.com. You know any power supply with a pink butterfly on the box has to be good... right?


Intel D875PBZ Review
HardOCP has a new motherboard review. This time around they have gone the 'non-enthusiast' route and reviewed the Intel D875PBZ. This is a good board to check out if you are not planning to overclock or need something reliable for a business environment.

Quiet 400W Power Supply
OCPrices has reviewed a 'whisper quiet' 400W PSU: the Zalman ZM400A-APF Power supply. Overall, the reviewer seemed to like the product but he did have one issue that might chase away some buyers.
Amperage on the 3.3 and 5V rails was good, but only 15A for the +12V rail was disappointing. Antec, Enermax, and Vantec’s competing models are all able to generate 18-25A.
You win some; you lose some.


Newisys Opteron 1U Server
A bit of AMD Opteron PR stuff, this time in conjunction with Newisys:
Newisys and AMD have managed to fit twin Opteron processors, up to 16 GB of RAM (yes, sixteen gigabytes), an Ultra320 SCSI disk system with 2 drive bays, a CD-ROM drive, a floppy drive, twin Gigabit Ethernet ports, and an integrated systems management card (think web-based Compaq Insight Manager on steroids, running its own dedicated PowerPC embedded Linux machine) all in a 1U rackmount machine. And the thing practically makes no noise and gives off no heat whatsoever. (Try that with an Itanium 2 or a Xeon configuration, folks. You'll be lucky to fit that in 2U or 4U, and you'll probably be able to cook your breakfast on the casing.)
I'll take two please! The article is from a Linux perspective, but you should be able to get information out of the piece without any Linux knowledge.


Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 Pro
I can't remember if this is the first review of the card or not, but Guru3D has posted at least an early review of the Hercules 3D Prophet 9800 Pro. LED fans on on GPU Cooler, kind of cool if you ask me. Now, if I could just find somewhere to buy one right now. Smile


Specialty Case Reviews
First up, ModTown.co.uk has a review of the Lian Li PC-402a, which is a Mini-ATX case. Secondly, 8BallsHardware has posted what feels like one-billionth review of the BeanTech BT-84 Acrylic Case. Now remember kids, just because you get an acrylic case that doesn't mean people can see the porn on your hard drive.

Operton launch
HardOCP has posted an article covering AMD's Operton launch in NYC.
Jerry Sander's, AMD's Chairman of the Board, introduced the Opteron and its over 100 million transistors sporting Silicon on Insulator technology and integrated memory controller in a 193mm2 surface area. Mr. Sanders went on to introduce AMD's "AMD64" 64-bit computing technology that will natively run 32-bit applications without taking a performance hit like current 64-bit processors.
Now I just need to get AMD to send me a unit.


Antec Sonata Case
A review of the Antec Sonata Case has been posted over at Overclockers.com. It is a decent looking case and they have some issues with it, but he seems to like it over all.

Coolermaster Aero 7
PCAbusers.com has posted a review of the Coolermaster Aero 7. It is a performance product because of its cool fan (the heatsink is nothing special though). It is worth a read through for sure.


Eluminx Illuminated Keyboard
Having trouble finding your keyboard in the dark? Well Eluminx has solved all of your problems.. at least about the keyboard in the dark thing... Tweak News has posted a review on this product for your reading pleasure. I found that the keyboard was pretty cool, however, Tweak News went a little wild with the pictures. Anyway, don't get left in the dark.. go check it out.

$14, err $9 Heatsink Review
Looking for a dirt cheap $9 heatsink? Want to know if it performs well for the price? Check out SubZeroTech's review of the Eumax B605-01.
"In all honesty I am shocked to see the cooler performed so well in the load tests."
Yup, that will keep things interesting.


Microsoft Longhorn Preview
ASELabs.com has posted a Microsoft 'Longhorn' Preview. Its basically some screen shots and some mentions of features in the new Microsoft OS, but its still cool to check out. I'd be really interested if Microsoft tried making the son of a bitch cheaper; that would be a cool feature. Smile


Buffer Overflows No More
ZDNet UK has an article about some OpenBSD developers eliminating buffer overflows all together. If you have no idea what a buffer overflow is, it's ok, just know it's 'bad' and usually permits 'hackers' to get your computer to do things you do not want it to do. The software is being tweaked, so this has no direct impact on the hardware (though later one could foresee this could possibly affect chip makers, but probably not).

Cases, Get Your Cases Here
There are a couple of new case reviews today. The first review is from IAmNotAGeek.com and is a review of a server chasis, the Enermax CS-10181. The second review is over at NexusHardware. They have taken a look at the Beantech BT-84, which is a clear case (in this case with a 'green tint').

Xoxide 6 Port Baybus
Some guy with 8 balls, err, no, 8BallsHardware.com has posted a review of the Xoxide 6 Port Baybus. Most people seem to be going with rheobuses lately, but if the ol' skool your bag, I'd check this puppy out.


Swiftech MCW50 GPU waterblock
A Swiftech MCW50 GPU waterblock review has been put up over at Red&Blackness Mods. I think its a bit big, but what're you gonna do? It beat his aircooling, but not by much.

Anti-Spam Bill in US Senate
Tired of Spam? Well I guess our US legislators are as well, there is yet another Anti-Spam bill in the Senate. Slashdot has posted a thread for discussion on the new bill. Here is a direct link to the article from CNN. Personally, I think it's a wonderful idea -- go read up on other's opinions and post your own!

Zonet Wireless USB Network Adapter
OCPrices has posted a review of the Zonet Wireless USB Network Adapter.
For a real test of the adapters I took the laptop down the road about 10 doors. Remarkably, the connection was retained, but the signal strength went down to “Poor”. I was still able to surf the web with apparent ease, but the Sandra result was down into the high 300kBs. With a quoted range of 100-300M range out doors, and 30-100m indoors, I think Zonet are not being overly exaggerative with their quotes. So far so good!


Sunbeam VH Acrylic Case
Virtual-Hideout has reviewed a very cool looking case in the Sunbeam VH Acrylic Case. If you cannot read, just go for the pictures (well, I guess you didn't get that message either). Smile Seriously, this case ranks high up there for me in terms of pure 'coolness'.

Matrix Orbital LK202-24-USB (MX2) LCD
Josh at OverClock Intelligence Agency has posted a review of the Matrix Orbital LK202-24-USB (MX2) LCD. Not much to say, except that if you have not read a review on this unit you should.

Intel i845PE Chipset Roundup
Sudhian.com has posted a Intel i845PE Chipset Roundup. The reviewer checks out boards from AOpen, ASUS, Chaintech, Gigabyte, and MSI. He does not throw a deluge of benchmarks at the motherboards tested, but there are sufficient amounts to demonstrate performance trends.


Enermax CS-10181
I have not posted any articles by The Tech Zone in a while. I am not entirely sure why this is; but I was reminded that I had not been to the site recently by their annoying popups (in all fairness, it seems they've scaled back on popups a bit). Anyway, a review of the Enermax CS-10181 ATX Case has been posted and is worth a look if you want a case in which the designers thought 'out side the box' (even if it was just a little bit).

Beyond3D.com has posted a (p)review of NVIDIA's NV31. I think any rational person who has read the article will agree that the performance is "interesting," to say the least. This article is definitely a "must read."

Vantec Nexus NXP 201 SL
Techware Labs has posted a review of the Vantec Nexus NXP 201 SL, which is a four fan rheobus. They come in black and silver; so, people who swing the way of the beige are left out. Smile


X-Dreamer Mid-Tower Case
OCIA has reviewed an X-Dreamer ATX Mid-Tower Case w/Window (Silver w/ 300W PSU). Its a pretty nice looking case and if you're in the market its definitely worth a look.

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