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April 2002

Coolermaster ATC-110-SX1
Looking for some coolage stuffs? Hexus has taken a look at the Coolermaster ATC-110-SX1. Definitely worth a look if you're in the market.

D-Link Wireless sweetness
The guys over at PGN have brought to my attention a press release from D-Link, " D-LINK INTRODUCES A WIDE RANGE OF POWERFUL ANTENNAS FOR 802.11b WIRELESS NETWORKS". Sorry for the Caps there. Smile Anyway, I think I'm going to pick up one of these. I'm on a quest to wire the neighborhood! Besides, if I do it, then maybe someone else will and in a few years maybe I can get internet access anywhere I want!


Good Quieting product?
Finally, here is what I call a good sound dampening product. The NoiseControl NoVibes HDD Cage tackles one of the loudest components head on, the Hard Drive (as you might have infered from "HDD Cage"). Anyway, if you're really into dampening PC sound, check out these puppies.


VIA Pwns?
VIA says that 40-50% of new motherboards will support DDR333 by the end of the year. Steep claim? Check out the full article "VIA claims DDR333 Athlon mobo wins" over at The Register. They're also claiming that the KT333 is very stable. I guess they fixed their internal problems and the KT266 and KT133 won't happen again. Smile

NoiseControl Mats
BurnOutPC has a review of the NoiseControl MagicFleece. These are mats you can place inside your computer to help dampen the sound in your noisy ass computer. Smile Apparently they work too but they do raise your system temperature a tad bit.


Coolermaster ATC210
Were you looking for a review of the Coolermaster ATC210 Aluminium Case? If you were, you're in luck because Virtual-Hideout has put together a pretty good one of this beauty of a case.

Socket A HSF Roundup
TekSector has a Socket A Cooler Roundup round up. This round up has 5 coolers in it from Thermal Integration, Vantec, Kingwin, Speeze, and Arkua.


Neteasy NetCam
I know I'm not looking for a web cam, but you might, so IceHardware put up a review of the D-Link Neteasy NetCam. It's probably a decent product, but it looks iMac-ish (and that's a con, not a pro).


Nexland WaveBase
Hardware Pub has a review of a wireless and wired router, the Nexland WaveBase. This thing looks pretty snazzy and, from what I've read, it an incredibly cool product. Check it.

New Web Services Tools
IBM released their Web Services Toolkit (WSTK) 3.0 . Sounds useful and it is available to download at ibm.com to hear more, go read up.

IE6 Security
Think IE6 is secure? ... Well, think again. Here's a tid bit from the article:
The privacy features added in IE6 to help protect a user's privacy by giving them direct control over cookie management allows any site to read any other site's cookies, in effect removing all privacy.
To hear all about it, head on over to The Reg now!


RD2 PC Geiger
VoidedWarrany has a review of a pretty cool device called the IOSS RD2 PC Geiger. I won't get into much, there are seven pages of (poorly spelled) review to read. If you like gadgets, you will like the PC Geiger.

Damned Coolsite
I just found the coolest site ever. It is www.afrotechmods.com. If you haven't seen this site, drop what you're doing and go marvel at their very one-of-a-kind site design. You might not like it, but I think the site is damned cool! Besides, they have a "parody" of HardOCP called [A]frotech. Dialup peeps should probably avoid this, but you're missing out. You know what the worst thing is? They've been out for a while and I haven't been checking it out!


Sony NET MiniDisc
Remember those Sony Mini-Disc players from a few years back? Well, Blagged-Hardware.net (don't ask me) has a review of a Sony NET MD MZ-N707. This bad-boy come with USB and an Optical Cable too.

X-Wing ATX Case
The ColorCases.Com X-Wing Midtower ATX Case has been review over at TheTechZone. This is a case you'll have to see to believe. It comes stock with blowholes, but the really interesting one is located on the very top. Just check it out.


Blaster Ti 4600
Hexus.net has reviewed a Creative 3D Blaster Geforce4 Ti 4600 and posted what they found. They overclocked it too, so you OC'ers should feel left out. Smile Also, they do have comparisons, so it isn't a waste of time (compared to a GF3 Ti500).

Clear Case
A ClearPC has been given a good looking over at Tweakers Austrailia. Well, I shouldn't say a "looking over" because it is more like a looking through. Smile


BurnOutPC has taken a look at some heat-spreaders that I, personally, haven't seen yet. If you're into cooling your RAM, check out BurnOutPC's review of some various Heat-Spreaders.

CM ATC-710-GX1
Hexus.net is claiming to have the "world scoopage" on the Coolermaster ATC-710-GX1. I haven't seen a review of it anywhere else; so, I'm not contesting. Smile Anyway, it is a pretty damn cool looking case with a couple of draw backs (no reset button!).


CPU Cooling Reviews
There is a new heatsink review floating around the net today. John Apps over at IAmNotAGeek.com has posted a review of the OCZ Goliath SE Review. Apparently, this is the newest heat sink over at the OCZ store. But that's just second hand information, so don't blame me. I just do what the voices tell me to do.

LCD Display Review
Tweakers.com.au has a review of an "off-brand" LCD Display, the Auriga 15inch TFT LCD Display. I know I have never heard of Auriga, but that makes it all the more exciting right? ... or not.


PC Tachometer
VoidYourWarranty.net has a review of the Xoxide PC Tachometer. This is one sweet product! I tried to get a review of one of these myself, but Xoxide gave me the cold shoulder. Anyway, this is still an awesome modding gadget that I bet no one on your block will have. Smile

Briefcase PC
PC-Arena has an article about a Briefcase PC Mod. The whole PC is in a metal briefcase! This mod has been done before, but it is always worth taking a look at again.


Jedi Knight II
Tuplay has some video game action for you today. They have posted a review of Jedi Knight II.
"Iím not what you would call a hardcore Star Wars fan. When presented with the prospect of camping out at the movie theater to get tickets for Episode I: The Phantom Menace, I chose the comfort of a warm bed over the kiss of the cold pavement. My knowledge of the Star Wars universe, while not extensive, probably places me in the softcore fan category. In any case, I only bring up the subject because I think that your enjoyment of JK2 will not hinge on how big a follower you are of Star Wars."
There, now you Starwars freaks can't get all mad at me because I didn't warn you ahead of time: the man who did the review is not a Starwars freak.

Directron.com Case
If you were walking around in circles yesterday, ranting about how you want a Black Hydraulic Midtower Case from Directron.com but there were no reviews on them so you could see if they were good, you're in luck! OCIA has done just that. Just quit your ranting and read the review.

P4 Northwood OC
Virtual-Hideout has put up Part 2 of their "P4 Northwood OC'ing Adventure." You better check it out. You wouldn't want to miss out on a great adventure would you? Smile


Video OCing + Cooling
A Video Card Overclocking and Cooling Guide has been posted over at Tweakers Austrailia. I haven't taken a look at this one yet, so you'll have to fend for yourself.

MS-Office On Linux?
Running MS-Office on Linux? Is it possible? Yes, says the Register. You people who have been avoiding Linux because you couldn't get Microsoft Office on it no longer have that excuse. You best start downloading your favorite linux distrobution now. Smile

MSI KT3 Ultra
LegionHardware has a review of the newish MSI KT3 Ultra. This is an Athlon motherboard and more specifically it utilizes the KT333 chipset. They claim mixed results so it's worth a look if you're in the market.

We're baaaaack!
Well, after over a month of waiting on Network Solutions, we're up and running. I'm sorry to all of you who regularly read Xtreme Tek. We will be getting right back on schedule with daily postings and hopefully some reviews comming up here shortly.

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