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April 2001

Win2k Boot Screen
Did you ever want to know how to change your boot screen in Windows 2000? If not, stop reading. If so, LittleWhiteDog.com has just the thing for you in their "How To Change the Windows 2000 Boot Logo" guide.

Global Win CAK38
There is a new GlobalWin socket heatsink and fan out, the Global Win CAK38. This is an all copper bad boy with a loud-as-hell Delta 38 60mm Fan. Not to spoil the fun, but this thing does a good job of cooling and their clip has been improved, but that's all I'm saying. Smile

GPS For Your Hand Held
Future Looks has a review up of the Pharos Navigator GPS for the Pocket PC. The system is pretty damn cool... though they did test it out on an iPac, but hey whatever floats your boat. Smile Go read up of all of the exciting details.


Matrix Orbital LCD
Ever want to have a small LCD screen on the front of your box to show the temperature, cpu usage, memory usage, or how much crack you've had today? Well Extreme Overclocking has a video on how to install a LCD screen. Pretty cool, definately worth checking out.


Linux For PlayStation2
A beta Linux kit for the PlayStation2 has been released by Sony. w00t! Go read up for more info.

Gates Still On Top
Some time last week it was declared that Walton, of Wal-Mart, had surpassed Gates in terms of wealth. But like so many people to these days, even with our great technology, they made a slight miscalculation. So in fact, Bill Gates, still is the richest man in the entire world... woo hoo. Smile Go read up for the details.


Samsung ML-4600
IANAG.com has some printer reviewage for you today. They have taken a look at the Samsung ML-4600. This is supposed to be in the value sector of the printer market. So, if you're looking for a new printer, check this out before you buy anything.

Domain Wars
The domain war is on again. This time an M. Duane bought up the domain name www.portfoliocomms.com and is now selling it on ebay. Pretty clever 'eh? Well it won't be so clever if all of the legal mumbo jumbo goes in favor of the company that can't pay it's bills on time! Smile Go read up for more info.


Did I mention..
Did I mention that we are giving away 5 free case badges!!! Check out the contest page for more details. If you don't want to enter the case badge contest, just go check out our forums anyway.

Asus A7M266
OCPrices has a review of the Asus A7M266. This is a 266 FSB, DDR Memory, Socket A board. What's most notable about this board is that Asus chose to go with the AMD 760 Chipset and not a second party chipset from VIA or ALi. This is NOT a bad thing, however. It seems the AMD 760 chipset gives the fastest DDR performance of any other chipset so far, so I'm glad to see this happen.

Copper Shim Review
"ThermalPhobia's Copper Shims" have been reviewed at Extreme overclocking. If any of you are planning on using a peltier or a water block anytime soom, definitely check this out. Consider it a $10 piece of copper that protects your $200 investment.

Amazon & Fake Reviews
Amazon.com has refused to remove fake reviews of Linux and Windows, supposedly written by Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds. There reason: the reviews are not offensive, I guess they're just going to ignore the obvious fact that they are false reviews of the most well known operating systems today. Smile Go read up, they have the false reviews posted along with additional info.

Vulpine Interview
Acid Hardware has an interview posted with Vulpine, the makers of GLMark. For those of you who don't know, GLMark is a popular OpenGL benchmarking program often used to benchmark videocards. This might be an interesting read, and it might not, I haven't read through it yet so I don't know.


10 Days Left
Just in case you missed it yesterday, we have a contest going on to win an Xtreme Tek Case badge. We're giving away 5 of these puppies, so you have pretty good odds, espcially considering the lack of entries so far. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the contest page.

LED Flashlights?
Dan's Data has another messed up review. He reviews some flashlights made with LEDs for a light source. I have one of those Photon LED lights, it's pretty cool, but it is not anything compared to these.

PK-OCK7 OC Device
VIA Hardware has a review on a little device that allows motherboard without a way to adjust the multiplier on Durons and Tbird to do just that. This is definitely worth a look, so go check out the PK-OCK7 OC Device.

While ABIT's KT7A may not be the newest motherboard on the block, it's still an important overclockers board to mention. The Tech Zone has a review of the KT7A for your reading pleasure. If you haven't read a KT7A review, I'd read this if I were you. Smile


Case Badge Contest
In celebration of our new forums, I started up a contest. I'm giving away 5 Xtreme Tek Case badges! Check out the contest page for more information. Good luck!

Our forums are back up and better than ever!! Check them out!! There are all kinds of catagories in there. Pretty much a place to talk about everything!

3d Prophet III
Guru 3D has got a hold of a Hercules Prophet III and reviewed it. This thing is fast at high resolutions! I tried to get one to review, but as usual the mean and very biased PR team at Hercules gave me the cold shoulder, even though I offered to pay. Oh well, go read up!

A7M266 multiplier mod
AthlonOC has a guide telling you how to mod your Asus A7M266 to allow for multiplier adjustments. It doesn't look to hard to do either, it's just going to take a little patience so you don't screw it up.

Sexy Emails = Murder
This has nothing to do with hardware, software, or anything really relevant to the site content... but I don't care, this article is pretty cool and pretty freaky. An aide to the Duchess of York battered and then stabbed her fiancee to death after finding a stash of sexy emails. Go read up for the gory details.

Cheap Mobos
Intel's P4 prices have been dropping and on April 29 another price reduction will be well on its way and will be followed by mobo price drops. Sounds nice to me... everything is better when it's cheaper! Smile ...ok not everything... hehe. Go read up for the details.


Shuttle FV24 FlexATX
VIA Hardware has some reviewage on a board by Shuttle called the FV24 FlexATX. This board uses the VIA PL133 and supports Celeron/Cyrix/Duron processors, pretty crazy eh?


Enermax EG-365P-VE
The Enermax EG-365P-VE PSU has been given a look over at Virtual Hideout. This is a 350 Watt unit. I have the 450W PSU from Enermax and I just wanted to say these are some quality units. If you have the money, I would recommend this brand.


Cordless WheelMouse
The Microsoft Cordless WheelMouse has been given the once over at The-Ctrl-Alt-Del.com. This probably a good review to read for those of who like to sit far away from the computer.

PC Mods Window
"Void Your Waranty" has a review of the PC Mods Window. If you case has a warranty, this will definitely void it. My case warranty is long gone.


Iwill KK266 Review
Active-Hardware has reviewed the Iwill KK266, which is not to be confused with the Iwill KKK666. Smile This is a Socket-A solution that is RAID equipped.

IBM Tagging Linux Ads
IBM, in an effort to show their great love of linux, stenciled peace-signs, hearts and penguins (symbolizing peace, love and Linux) on San Francisco city streets. Of course, they did this before they had the proper permission... so now they have to wash it off, or pay a fine. Smile Go read up for the details.


Blizzard 360 case
Overclocked cafe is servering up some cool treats. They have reviewed the FrozenCPU Blizzard 360 case. I didn't read through this one, but I bet this case has some blow holes .. (duh)

Federalies Violate Privacy
Ok... I lied this is pretty freaky stuff. If you thought you were safe from prying eyes while on the net, think again. Here's a tid bit from the article that explains it all:
More than 60 federal Web sites violate U.S. privacy rules by using unauthorized software to track the browsing and buying habits of Internet users, according to a congressional report.
Go read up for the details.

New MSN Explorer
Microsoft is set to release an update for it's MSN Explorer. Wow... I couldn't find anything really exciting today, sorry. Smile If you're totally enthused about this then go read up for more info.


Toilet Swallows Woman
This was just hilarious... you have to read it to believe it! Smile A snazzy new high-tech toilet wouldn't let a woman up after she finished her business. Go read up for the details, it's a great laugh.

Nerds & Sex
According to IT recruitment site JustTechJobs.com, male nerds have sex more often then the average American man. The survey included over 7,500 nerds and found that they have sex about 108 times per year compared to the regular 79 times. Oooh! Smile To find out more about your potential sex life, go read up.

Windows XP
Were you thinking about buying Microsoft's Windows XP? Well, before you make that decision.. you should go read what The Register has to say about it, they have tested out the beta version. So what are you waiting for? Go read up.


New Pen-Tablet PC
Fujitsu has a new version of their Pen-Tablet PC on the market. You can pick up one of these babies for a mere $3,899 (for the Stylistic 3500)... ouch! Smile For the specs, go read up.

Porn Surfers At Work
In a recent survey, 63% of employers said that they were aware of their staff taking part in recreational web surfing on company time. More than half of the disciplinary actions taken involved pornography, followed by chat room use, e-shopping, and stock trading. For more info, go read up.

Microsoft On Security
Microsoft's first security product has one small problem, it doesn't protect you from DoS attacks. To find out why, go read up.


MP3 Copyright Action
This whole MP3 copyright thing is getting way out of hand. Fourteen students, at Taiwan's National Chengkung University, were accused of illegally copying and trading MP3's. The accusers: a multinational recording-industry called the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). The students will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.. geez. Smile Go read up for more info.

Lack of News
Sorry about the lack of news. I took the weekend off and of course my news staff didn't post anything (heh, what's new). So... that's why, nothing really happened anyway. Smile


aMAZEing Waterblock
Insane Hardware has a review of DangerDen aMAZEing Waterblock. This looks like a pretty quality unit, I'm not sure what the price tag is on this bad boy but at least it's well made.

Wal-Mart attempted in December to steal this URL, Wallmartcanadasucks.com, from Kenneth Harvey but failed. Now Kenneth is demanding that Wal-Mart hand over wallmartcanadasucks.net, wallmartcanadasucks.org and wallmartcanadasucks.ca. He can do this because Wallmartcanadasucks is his company name! LOL! Smile To read the letter wrote to Wal-Mart demanding his URL's, go read up.

Free Stuff!!!
You could win a PC20-3333 and an Enermax 450 Power Supply over at PC Extremes right now. This one is pretty easy too; all you have to is post a thread in their forum and you're good to go.


Top 100 E-Businesses
Boo.com started off the list of the 100 Dumbest Moments in e-Business History. This article gives details of a few of the other .com's that made it on the list, go check it out and have a good laugh! Smile

Yahoo! Sells Porn
Yahoo's hasn't been doing that well lately... but no fear, they have a plan. Yahoo is hoping to increase sales with the re-opening of their Adult and Erotica store, which sells a variety of videos and DVDs. Yahoo does not advertise this store themselves, however, that is left to their partners. To find out more, go read up.


Game Reviews
3D GameForce has a couple game reviews up. First up they review Police Tactical Training, which I haven't played or looked at, but the name sounds interesting. They also have reviewed Tomb Raider Chronicles, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Tomb Raider series, but if you're not, check this out.

Dual HSF Review
The MC370-0A and OCZ Glacier 2 have both been reviewed at "I Am Not A Geek." It's just a dual review, not a showdown or shootout (sorry, no blood).

Athlon DDR Board
Athlon OC has a review of an Athlon DDR board. It's the Soyo SY-K7ADA and it's a good alternative for those of you who can't wait for ABIT's DDR board (I'm waiting patiently, or not!).

Dually MSI Board
Dually Socket 370 board anyone? How about one that has onboard Ultra160 SCSI, 4 DIMMs which results in a total of 2GB RAM, and Soft Menu BIOS? Hell yes! Well, Overclocker's online has a review of this beast, this MSI 694D Master-S. Well, what are you waiting for? Read up!

Soyo K7VTA Pro
Active Hardware has a review of the Soyo K7VTA Pro. This is a pretty new board. It adds another strong offering to Socket A (Athlon/Duron) motherboard market.

Web-Enabled Air Cond
Do you like gadgets you can play with... or even control from afar? Well then Carrier has the product for you! They have a new Web-connected 'smart' air conditioners. That's right, you can control them from any where you'd like. Sounds pretty cool to me... but I live in Western Washington, so I don't think I need an air conditioner. Go read up for more details.


MP3.com Miscalculation
Jurors let MP3.com off the hook last week when they wrote down the wrong damages figure in a court case over copyright infringement. The figure they wrote down was $300,000 but they meant for the figure to be over $3 million... oops! Smile Talk about embarrassing... for more details go read up.

Been hacked
Well it seems "MyroX" has hacked our forums. Interesting... I don't believe doing any thing to this "MyroX" and I don't believe our free forums did anyone any harm. This leads me to believe this MyroX guys is an ass hole. It's ok though, it just saves me the job of backing up when I switch to Slackware.

On behalf of the users of that forum, and the Xtreme Tek team, we give you a nice big FUCK YOU to MyroX, the most worthess and balless hacker known to man.


AMD + Linux
AMD has made up their mind to commit themselves to Linux (aww how sweet Smile ). AMD is determined to make Linux work with it's 64-bit architecture. For more details, go read up.

Black and White
Dan from Dan's Data (go figure) has a review of the new and popular Black & White.This review is one extremely long page with no screen shots. However, he has plently of links to movies, so you won't be left in the dark.


Heatsink Round up
AcidHardware has a Socketed Heatsink Roundup. They cover 9 different heatsinks, so it's pretty thourough. I haven't taken a look at it yet, so you're on your own.


Mod Contest Results
Void Your Waranty has the results of their video mod contest. There is a some pretty wierd modifications on this page. I would recommend checking them out.

Microsoft has released a beta version of their new operating system, Windows XP and Xerox is not too happy with it. Xerox warned all of their employees not to install Windows XP on any company system since it caused three major network outages that were traceable to Windows XP. Hrmmm.. I don't think that's going to go over too well Smile anyhow, to find out more go read up.


EL Keyboard Mod
After receiving much e-mail about his keyboard mod, Thor has put up a guide at virtual hideout. So, if you have way too much money and time on your hands, you can find out how he did it and copy him. Smile

It was my hope that installing the "comments" section at the bottom of the news posts would become a highly used feature. People's opinions and information are a very good way to build upon news. So, having said that, use them!

AXIA Stepping Tbird
The Tech Zone has a article up describing the experiences with an AXIA Stepping 1.2GHz AMD Thunderbird. I won't spoil what they get it up to, but it's a substantial number.

GeForce3 Benchmarks
HardOCP has some GeForce3 Vs. GeForce2 Benchmarks for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure those of you waiting for the GeForce3 won't be to dissapointed by what you see. Smile

Downloads dropped rapidly at Napster when the court-imposed song filtering mechanism was put into action. But never fear, Napster is still here and the downloads are picking up quick! Oh, and if you're worried you won't find the song you want because of the filters... I wouldn't stress about it, I'm sure it's there (maybe try spelling it backwards... Smile ). To find out more, go read up.


NewQ Platinum DSP
Virtual Hideout has a review of something really freaking cool, the NeoWave NewQ Platinum DSP. This thing will look damned cool in your case.

Removable Drive Rack
3D GameForce has a review of Removable Drive Drawer Mobile Rack. If you have the urge to be able to swap your hard drive in and out a lot, then you might want to check this out.

Cable or DSL?
MadnessPC has an article up on of similarties and difference between DSL and cable. I haven't read through this, so it might be crap. But, it could be pure genious too. Smile

The Reg Cancer Busting Team
Want to do something good natured with your comp? Then go join The Register's Cancer Busting Team. It's simple, just click on the link above and follow the directions... go on what are you waiting for? Go sign up now! Smile

Sex Site Revenge
Want to get even with a woman that's been bothering you, hurt you, or just won't do what you'd like? Well it could cost you up to $39,000. A man getting revenge on his estranged wife made up an advertisement on a Singapore sex-for-hire site. He was arrested and now faces up to 10 years in Malaysian jail. To find out more, go read up.


Move Every Microsoft
Microsoft's current Passport Terms of Use agreement fail to gaurantee confidentiality, and gives them the right to steal your ideas and not give you any credit. That's a comforting thought now isn't it? Go check out All your data (and biz plans) are belong to Microsoft at The Register.


Acronym List Update
I've updated the Hardware Acronym list, again. I only added on this time, I usually wait until I have 4 or 5, but I figured CRIMM was an important one.


Detonator 8.33
Ctrl+Alt+Del has got some leakage (not like that) hook ups on Nvidia's Detonator 8.33 for Win9X. Enjoy! (or not, they're beta, so good luck.)

Lian-Li PC60 Giveaway
The Tech Zone is giving away a Lian-Li PC60. These are some nice friggin' cases. I think they should just give it to me. Smile

Microsoft & Anti-Piracy
Microsoft is getting tough! Smile They led an eight month crack down on software piracy that funded drug-running and terrorism. During this great crack down, they managed to take down 38,065 sites. Hmm... I wonder if they plan on cracking down on those who use piracy for the good of mankind... ? To get the details go read up.

High Tech Jobs
In the market for a high tech job? Well you better be damn good, because US companies only expect to have 900,000 new jobs (44% less than last year). This is caused by our slowing economy, to find out more go read up.


April Fools
April Fools jokes have been hitting hard today. Check out The Register! They sold out to Microsoft. And BlueScreenOfDeth (yes, that's how it's spelled) is giving away GeForce3s.

Free RAM, GO!
Free RAM! No joke, not any of this contest crap either, first 150 to get there get free RAM! Free RAM, go go go go!

Eagle AL-ATX4378+C-SL
Dan over at Dan's Data, has reviewed Skyhawk's Eagle AL-ATX4378+C-SL. This is a very interesting case, I'd read this if I were you. Smile

VH Contest
Virtual Hideout is celebrating it's one year anniversary. To kick it all off their having a WinAmp Skin Contest WinAmp Skin Contest. The prizes are pretty nice, I'd check it out if you're halfway decent at art.

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