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February 2001

P4 Mobo Showdown
HardOCP has posted what they like to call the "Asus Vs. MSI - Pentium4 Mainboard Showdown." This is definitely a good read for you Pentium 4 fools who should just wait for the next 64 bit processor to come out (but that's just my opinion).

IDF Coverage
VIA Hardware has posted the first part of their... Intel Developer Forum coverage? Yes, apparently, it's not all Intel based anymore and people are displaying Athlon chipsets as well. There's some damn cool pictures on here too. P4 Xeon motherboards are looking good too.

Breach of Computer Security
I guess the term 'hacker' isn't getting much attention these days... instead they use, Breach of Computer Security... heh. Smile Now for the news, a Swedish web surfer got into a Indiana University computer and deleted almost 3,000 student names and identification numbers. Then he left some music files for all to enjoy later on. Go read up for more info.


3dMark2k1 trailer
Are you dying to know what MadOnion's 3dMark2001 is going to look like? Well, MadOnion released the trailer for it and you can get it here.

3D Prophet III
I just recieved and posted a news release from Hercules concerning their new GeForce 3. The product is called the 3D Prophet III and it looks like they're not going to price it $600. That's good news but read the release for more information.

Inside the GeForce3
GameSpot has an article up all about the new GeForce 3 and how I can't afford it. Ok, it's not about how I can't afford it, but it's a good article none the less. Check out, Inside the GeForce3, it'll be good for you.

Monster Giveaway
HardwareOC is giving away a lot of stuff! You have to check this out! Besides, it's a giveaway, you don't have much to lose. Get some of the free stuff by clicking here.

The Claw Reviewed
Dan's Data has reviewed The Claw. This is that wierd looking excuse for a mouse, check it, fool.

Are you tired of waiting for that download to finish up? Well, a Seattle based company called Terabeam is trying to change that. Their new optical technology beams data straight through the air, this will cut down on the costs and time of digging up roads and laying fiber optic wire. Pretty damn cool, go read up for the details.


Project:IGI, Reviewed
Overclocked Cafe has reviewed a "newish" game. The game is called Project:IGI (I'm Going In). The graphics look halfway decent and the graphics engine it's created on is pretty versatile.

Fake Microsoft Site
On Thursday, a link to a parody Web page based on one of Microsoft's "How to" instructional sites spread rapidly around the Internet via email. The web site was titled, HOW TO: Read the fucking manual! I can't believe that! This article is a riot, go read up for a great laugh!

PX-W1210TA Review
OcPrices.com (running out of names?) has reviewed the Plextor Plexwriter PX-W1210TA. This is the same burner Slugo has and I know he likes his!

$0.01 Sales @ Staples.com
Last week at Staples.com, their attache cases were on sale for $0.01. The incredible sale was due to a human error. Heh, that was some error... guess I should go to Staples.com a little more often! Smile Go read up for more details.


Beta 4.29 VIA Drivers
VIA Hardware has posted up some BETA VIA 4-1 4.29 drivers for you VIA Chipset guys. They're Beta so beware. I've had some problems with the latest offical drivers, so watch out.

MMC Tweak Guide
Tweaker's Asylum has a guide up for you Win2k tweakers out there. It's called the "Win 2k MMC Tweak Guide Part II." If you have Win 2k can you don't know what MMC is, you should check this out for sure.


New Forum Topics
Just thought I'd give a heads up on the fact that we now have Help section in our Xtreme Forums. I broke it up into two broad catagories: Hardware Help and Software Help. So, if you got a problem, take a stab at it there; most likey someone will be able to give you some help.


Free RAM (to win)
The Tech Zone has a contest going on for One stick of 256 Megs OCZ Performance Enhanced PC-150 SDRAM. Long enough name, but free RAM is free RAM. 'Nuff said.

According to a French court ruling, by the end of this week Yahoo! must block all French users from viewing Nazi auction items. According to this article, Yahoo! does not intend to do so. Go read up for more info.

Implosion FT-1000
IANAG.com has a review of beast of a case for you today. They reviewed the Implosion FT-1000 from OCZ and this would be a good case, if you don't mind jet engines next to you. This thing has an enormous amount of fans, check it out.

Arctic Silver II
Hardware Pub has a review of the new Arctic Silver II thermal paste. This stuff is even better and easier to apply than previously.


GeForce3 Announced
nVidia has officially announced their GeForce 3. You can check out the press release at their site. This will give you all the hype, but as usual, we'll have to wait for the real deal to know if it's good or not.

[H]ard KT133A Shootout
Kyle at HardOCP has put together a KT133A Chipset Shoot Out. Since this is a Hard KT133A Shoot Out, it's a little "specialer" than any other KT133A Shoot Out.

Sailors & Palm Pilots
The Navy is now giving palm pilots to all of it's new officers and graduates from the academy. Huh.. do they really need them? Or is it just another way to waste our precious tax dollars? You decide, go read up for more info.


GlobalWin WBK38
OC Addition reviews the GlobalWin WBK38 and lives to tell about it. It's a nice unit and I think I'm going to pick one up pretty soon myself.

VIA Hardware has a look at VIA's new chipset that supports the Pentium 4. It's called the VIA PX266. Not a full out review, but a good insight into the chipsets abilities.

Wireless Study
A study on wireless users was conducted for 2001, the results: more ads, more teen users, and more subscription charges. Ouch.. I hate ads, and I hate charges... geez. Smile Go read up to find out more.


Senfu Thermometer
It's not often you come accross a review of a thermal probe. It's even less often that you come accross a 4 page review of one! Adrian's Rojak Pot has a 4 page review on the Senfu Thermal Probe. Neat.

D-Link Mp3 Player
Overclock Intelligence Agency has a reviewed a D-Link DMP 100 Mp3 Player. The only problem is that they're an Overclocking Agency (or at least the say they are) but they didn't overclock it. I don't know anymore.

Thermaltake Volcano II
Legion Hardware has a review of the Thermaltake Volcano II. Unlike the rest of Thermaltake's coolers, this one is not round or in the standard "orb" shape. It still cools pretty good, so you should probably check it out, especially if you have a crappy heat sink now.


Napster copy protection
Most of the Napster users have become angry and Napster's imminent doom. Today Napster gave out some news that might just keep them alive.
Napster has announced a deal with digital rights management outfit and Bertelsmann subsidiary Digital World Services to use copy protection in P2P swapping, to inhibit burning MP3s to CDs, and so appease the savage army of recording industry lawyers arrayed on all fronts.
Read all about it at The Register.

Chip Holds All of British Library
A professor at Keele University in Staffordshire, England, claims he has invented a memory chip that can fit the entire contents of the British Library. Interested? Go read up to get the low down on this supposed great new chip.

Onstar's Stock Trader
Onstar unveiled their plans to add real-time trading and financial market data to its in-vehicle communications service. Sounds pretty cool... but would you really want to run the risk of driving next to someone trying to trade stocks while driving? Smile Go read up for more details.

E-mail Appliances
This article is all about handy little e-mail appliances you can use in your home or on the road. It's a pretty dry read, but if your in the market for e-mail devices this article is for you.


Game Den @ ACT Labs
Game Den has an article concerning their recent visit to ACT Labs. In what they are calling The Game Den Visits ACT LABS. You might find it interesting, but if ACT Labs is not your bag, then you might want to skip it.

Titan2 GeForce2 MXtreme
Hardware Pub takes a look at the OCZ Titan2 GeForce2 MXtreme. I haven't taken a good look at the review, but it's probably a bad ass value card.


Movies Online
Universal Studios announced that they will have new releases and extensive film archives through video-on-demand service Intertainer. I think this is great, I would love to never go to the video store again! Go read up for more detailed info.

Website Name Scam
The US government shut down a scam that duped at least 27,000 Web site owners into needlessly registering variations of their online addresses. Man, you can't trust anyone any more. To find out more, go check it out.

Attack on Spam!
Finally some one is taking action! A bill was proposed Wednesday to give consumers and ISP's control over unwanted emial, aka SPAM! Smile It's pretty neato, go read up.


Overclocked Cafe has some reviewage of the ABIT SA6R. This is pretty nice i815 board, as most ABIT boards rock.

Hacker News
I swear... every time I look for news there is something posted about hackers! But, I guess that's alright. This article is about the prominent use of university computers for hacking. If you'd like to know more about it... go read it. Smile


Palm Vx
There is a review of a Palm Vx over at Legion Hardware. I don't like Palms that much because of their price, that's why I bought a Handspring Visor. Smile Plus it had the cool Springboard slot!

AMK PC20-333333
The Tech Zone has reviewed what they think is a pretty bad ass case. It's called the AMK PC20-333333. It's a modified aluminum case and it looks pretty sweet.

Kournikova Virus Update
Now that you've read all about the virus, you can now go read about the arrest of the virus creator. Go read up, you know you don't have anything better to do.

Happy Valentine's Day!
I just thought I would wish all of you wonderful readers a Happy Valentine's Day! It's not the coolest holiday... but hey another reason to either feel left out... or get presents! Smile I can't help it, I have to do it... I love you hunny, you're the greatest; Happy Valentine's Day!

Kournikova Virus
The Kournikova virus struck the US and Europe. Somehow, most of Asia seemed to be virus free... hmmm Smile Anyway, this article is about the supposed writer of the virus coming out to tell all. It's a neat article if you have nothing better to do.

Is your PDA safe?
This is a quick little article from PC World.com on how to keep your PDA safe. Pretty good read, unless of course your the courageous type that goes unprotected. Smile Go read up already... geez.


OCZ Titan II Ultra
I Am Not A Geek (IANAG) has got a hold of an OCZ Titan II Ultra. All the GeForce2 Ultra setups are nice, if you have the money! This one is fom OCZ, so you know something has to be up. Smile

Interview w/ Linus Torvalds
Linux World Magazine recently had an interview with Linus Torvalds. It's pretty neato, go check it out.


Dual Blue Orbs
RipNet has a guide on how to setup some Blue Orb Sandwich action on your video card. So, if you've got a couple blue orbs and some spare time, head on over. Ok, you can take a look if you want to seem some interesting pictures too.

Blizzard 360 Case
Virtual Hideout has a review of the Blizzard 360 Case from FrozenCPU. They seem to like it, and it comes with a nice power supply (Enermax 350W).

Tech Weakness in US
The US is very vulnerable to attack because the NSA is losing the technology war to other countries. It was said that the bombings of the two US embassies in Africa in 1998 were not detected because Osama bin Laden's group had better equipment. That's pretty scary Smile ... this is a good short read if you're interested.


Crucial PC1600
Tweakers Asylum has a review some a stick of Crucial's PC1600 CAS 2 DDR SDRAM. Worth a look, but if you're going to go DDR then I would go with PC2100 spec.

Airplane Tycoon Review
The Game Den has a review of Airplane Tycoon. I've played a couple games from the "Tycoon" series and their not half bad, especially if you need to kill some time.

80GB For Free
I Am Not A Geek.com has a contest going on. They're giving away an 80GB Hard Drive! This should be a good way to hold all your MP3s.. and your neighbor's MP3s... and his whole family's MP3.. heh Smile

Alpha PEP66T
Legion Hardware has a review of the Alpha PEP66T. This is a classic offering from Alpha and will do a damn good job cooling your socket chip


Round Cables
Case Modders Australia has a review of some Round ATA IDE HDD cables. These are the professional looking ones that I want to get a hold of but don't have the money for them right now. It's a pretty nice product but they're kind of expensive.

Socket-A HSF round up
Extreme Overclocking has reviewed ELEVEN different Socket-A heatsinks. Go read it, you might find a nice little surprise at the end!


PC Remote Control
On the wierd end of computing today, Dan's Data has a review on a the Just Cooler Computer Remote Control. Not to many functions, but you can turn on and off your computer and restart it. I guess this is handy if you actually turn your computer off... but who's crazy enough to do that.

Iwill KK266 Reviewed
HardwareCentral has some reviewage on the Iwill KK266. This is a motherboard you should check out if you want to satisfy the DDR cravings I'm sure you get.

Protesters Turn to Hacking
Anti-globalist protesters have turned to hacking to get their point across. This is a good and interesting read, so what are you waiting for? Go read up.


Orgasmic Dysfunction
Okay... like I've said before technology is taking us places we never thought we'd go. Now, for women with orgasmic dysfunction, they have an electronic orgasm device that is implanted. As if some men weren't self-conscious enough about their performance, now they can hear their partner say 'oh wait hunny, let me push my button.' For more info on the orgasm at the click of a button go check it out.

Yahoo! and it's subsidiary GeoCities have deleted 44 German language neo-Nazi sites. This, and more, was caused by the group, Children of the Holocaust Action, who have been petitioning providers that host neo-Nazi sites. This is a pretty interesting article, go read up.


Thermosonic Thermoengine
Kyle, at HardOCP has got his hands on a new cooler from a company called Thermosonic. Kyle has reviewed the Thermoengine and found some very interesting results. It's definitely worth a look!

Dot Coms are Screwed
Dan of Dan's Data has posted an article explaining why the ".com" business have gone down the shitter. He also has a way to get them out. The plan is quite ingenious, you can't do anything! So, go read Dan's article entitled, "Minnows 1, whales 0."


Review of Tom's HW
For those of you in the know, a site called mofos.org that has been reviewing fellow hardware sites. This tends to be humourous and this time he has a review of Tom's Hardware Guide.

Dredd News Contest
Dredd News is having a contest. You make their affiliate site an affiliate button, and you could have yourself a free Super Orb, or more! Check out on their contest page.

Terrorism Through The Web
People use the internet for many things... but this just takes it too far. Muslim extremists are supposedly using the internet to plan terrorist attacks agianst the US. This is terrible... and not just because I live in the US either. Smile To find out more, go read up.


Cheap CDRW Review
CPU-Review has a review on a generic CDRW Drive that didn't perform to bad. Maybe if you're looking for a cheap CDRW solution, you should read this review on the Cicero 4x2x24 CDRW Drive.

Cyber Cooler P-6000
Overclocked Cafe has reviewed a pretty cool little cooler. The Cyber Cooler P-6000 is relatively small, but cools rather well. Check out the review for more details on this small, dual fan cooler.

VIA Chipset + Video Help
Guru 3D decided they would try and stop some of the emails they were getting about incompatibilites from people using VIA Chipsets and nVidia GeForce cards. They posted an odly name guide called "VIA mainboard vs. Videocard troubleshooting guide." If you are having any trouble at all, I would check out this 5 page guide.

Microsoft Software 2001
Microsoft will be releasing new versions of Windows and Office in late 2001. They will be called Windows XP and Office XP, the XP stands for experience. To find out more, go read up.

Hackers At It Again
Those in charge of an annual meeting for global leaders in the Swiss Alps said it appeared that hackers had obtained proprietary data like credit card numbers from about 1,400 prominent people. Those crazy hackers, just don't know when to stop do they? Smile But don't worry, they do not believe they retrieved any sensitive data on Bill Clinton... go read up it's pretty funny in a not so funny way.


Chilli Professional Case
Virtual Hideout has a review on a pretty cool case. It's called the Chilli Professional 1/4" Case and it looks damned cool for a stock case.

Driving Emotion Type-S
I stumbled across this article this morning (... maybe I should say afternoon! Smile ) and thought hey now there's something cool for our readers. Unfortunately, I was wrong. As I read the article I found that this game Driving Emotion Type-S sucks. But hey, that's just what the article said... someone else may think it kicks ass. To find out more go read up, they have some pretty cool screen shots from the game that show off the graphics.

Little White Dog News
Well once again I'm being a lazy bastard, maybe I should just change my name to Lazy Bastard. Smile Alright now on to the news. LWD has a review up of the Monster II Socket Cooler, this is a cooler from OCZ. Looks kinda cool, but I will stick to the good ol' alphas and global wins. LWD also has a article up on Creating a Windows Bootdisk if you need this well I'm worried. Now if they told you how to make all the .ini files and everything that would be pimp but.... Still a good read, who knows you might learn something.


Lian Li PC-70
Dan's Data has a review on the Lian Li PC-70. All I have to say is that I want one!!! Bad!! It's quite pricey though.

Notebooks W/ Biometric Protection
Both Acer and Compaq have released new notebooks with built-in Fingerprint Scanners. This is totally bad ass! Too bad Compaq had to be one of the first... Smile Go read up for why the need for such awesome technology, besides the fact that it's just plain cool.

LCD Monitor's
Just a head's up, LCD Monitor price are DROPPING! Smile Wish I had the money... heh. Go read up to hear more about it.

Gravis Eliminator Precision
Legion Hardware is reviewing another Gravis product, this time it's the Gravis Eliminator Precision Pro Joystick. So if you're looking for a new joystick for your flight sim game, go check out the review.


Hardware OC has reviewed the KT7A RAID. This would be a good thing to check out if you plan on upgrading to a next generation (133 MHz DDR) Athlon.

Internet Speed
Hardware Central has a brief one page article in which he discusses what the future internet speed could be. I think eventually, they're going to exceed the Hard Drive speed. Smile


Gravis Eliminator Aftershock
Legion Hardware has a review on the Gravis Eliminator Aftershock. It's a gamepad which has some nice features.

3 Birds, One Stone
Active Hardware has hit three birds with one stone. They review the Gigabyte GA-7DX mainboard, AMD Athlon T-Bird 1.2Ghz 133Mhz FSB CPU and DDR266 SDRAM all in one review.

Digital Doc 5
Case Modders Austrailia has a review on the newest Digital Doc, The Digital Doc 5. Smile I read through this one, and it's even more bad ass than the DD4. It has some mass cool features and a hefty price tag.

The Geeks at Iamnotageek.com have reviewed the ASUS A7M266. This is a pretty new board and it supports the newest AMD Athlons too.

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