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November 2003

Thermaltake Volcano 11+ Xaser Edition
3d Xtreme has posted a review of the Thermaltake Volcano 11+ Xaser Edition. It's a pretty nice cooler. If you'd like you can check out our version of the review for comparison.

NextBase MDV1 Small Form Factor DVD Player
Tweaktown has posted a review of the NextBase MDV1 Small Form Factor DVD Player for your enjoyment. Here's a tid bit from the review:
The DVD player itself is very small compared to the standard DVD player found in most livingrooms around the world. But don't let its size fool you, this little unit is build very well and has a quite a bit of heft for it's size. Don't get me wrong, it's weight is still a mere fraction of it's bigger, bulkier brother.
If your shopping around for gifts, this might be something you want to take a look at.


SteelPad 4s Steel
Hard Extreme has posted a review of the SteelPad 4s Steel. Go check it out, they say it's good for gaming but if you ask me, it's a rip-off.

A Nice Rack
Overclocker Cafe has reviewed the Kingwin KF-83 Serial ATA Hard Drive Rack for your reading pleasure. Probably not the "rack" you were hoping for, but go check it out anyhow.

Thermalright SP-94 HSF
I love heatsinks, without them I would have very few reviews to post! .. and cooling would be sort of a problem. The Cool Tech Zone has a review up of the Thermalright SP-94 HSF. Here is snip from the review:
Combining air-cooling with heatpipe technology they have introduced two new, copper based heatsinks. SP-97 is for AMD processors while SP-94 provides cooling for Intel Pentium 4 processors. This time, Thermalright made it so each platform uses a separate heatsink unlike many other models we have seen that can support both Intel and AMD processors.
Go take a peek, it looks pretty cool.

Aspire X-SuperAlien Aluminum Case
3d Xtreme has posted a review of the Aspire X-SuperAlien Aluminum Case. Go take a look, there are lots of pretty pictures of the case. Smile

Affordable Video and Fan Control
Viperlair has a couple of products for you to check out. First they have reviewed the ATI Radeon 9600 XT, an affordable video card for the regular guy. They compare it to nVidia's midrange 5600 Ultra. Next they have a review up of theVantec Nexus Fan and Light Controller NXP-305, it controls your fans and the lighting in your case. Go check 'em out.


reviews, reviews, reviews...
The guys over at the CoolTechZone have been busy lately, they have several reviews up. In no particular order: Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu HSF, SilverStone SST-LCO1 Case, and one on the PolarFLO CPU Water-Block. Happy reading. Smile

You can check out a couple of motherboard reviews, Tweaktown has one posted on the ABIT AI7 Springdale Motherboard and Bjorn 3D has a review up of the MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R Athlon64 Motherboard. Go read up.

Crucial Gizmo! 256MB
There are a couple of reviews out on the Crucial Gizmo! 256MB. You can head on over to Designtechnica and check out their version, or you can go check out Bjorn 3D's take on it.


Comdex Coverage
LegitReviews has posted some coverage of this years Comdex in Las Vegas. Their article pretty much sums what all the other site admins have been saying for the past few days: Comdex sucks and no one is there.
Comdex itself was nothing exciting. We didn't get to see many new products and not much was being given away or shown off. The days of free drinks and 250,000+ people are long gone. Everyone on the street thought that Comdex might not be back again. Feedback from the companies was mostly about CES which is upcoming in Janurary 2003. The cab drivers were upset at how few people were there, but it was nice being able to have a cab in under five minutes.
On the bright side, maybe Comdex is small enough now so that they can move it to Seattle and then I can go!


ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro
Viperlair has a review up on the ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro. Here's a tid bit:
Like the AIW 9800 Pro, this mainstream offering supports DX9 and has some great A/V capabilities. It also has a couple of unique features that separates itself from the rest of the AIW line.
Head on over and read up.

DFI LanParty NFII Ultra Nforce2 Motherboard
Tweaknews has a review up of the DFI LanParty NFII Ultra Nforce2 Motherboard. Go read up and see how it checked out.

Aspire X-Gear ATX Case
3dXtreme has reviewed the Aspire X-Gear ATX Case Review. It looks alright, go check it out.

Thermaltake Purepower Butterfly 480w PSU
Overclocker Cafe has a review up of the Thermaltake Purepower Butterfly 480w PSU. Go check it out, they gave it their editor's choice award.


Eumax Metal Gear Box
Bjorn 3D has a review up of the Eumax Metal Gear Box 3.5-inch USB 2.0 & SATA Aluminum HDD Enclosure. They gave it their seal of approval, and it's not too expensive when it comes to storing important data. Go read up.

AOpen XC-Cube EZ65
Overclocker Cafe has posted a review on the AOpen XC-Cube EZ65. Here is a bit from the review:
My personal first thought about it was what a fantastic LAN party box this thing would make. That is of course only one use. The XC Cube is designed more to be a space saving personal computer that in many circles will find a role as a home media center controlling music and movies. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.
Go check it out.

Another Asetek WaterChill V2 Review
Burn Out PC has also posted a review of their Asetek WaterChill V2. Go check it out and you can compare it to Viperlair's review.


Aerocool UV LED Case Fan
Bjorn 3D recently reviewed the Aerocool UV LED Case Fan for your reading enjoyment, and if you can't read the pictures are pretty cool too. Smile

Asetek WaterChill
Viperlair has reviewed the Asetek WaterChill. This product came along as a cheaper alternative to the Vapochill product. Go check it out and see if saving a few bucks is worth it or if you'll need to splurge to meet your needs.


Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space Surround Soundcard
Want a surround sound soundcard? Then head on over to Tweaknews and check out their review of the Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space Surround Soundcard. Here's a bit from the article:
Never before have I heard sounds as crisp as those produced by this card. Unlike the Muse 5.1 which had trouble dealing with assigning sounds to various speakers on occasion, the Aureon 7.1 expertly takes advantage of each point in a surround sound setup.
Head on over and get all the details.

Clear View for XPC
Legit reviews has reviewed the Clear View for XPC . It's a clear side panel for your Shuttle XPC SFF and I think it looks pretty cool and you have the option to increase airflow by removing a knockout piece. Go read up for more details.

Enermax CS-30881TA Case
3D Xtreme has posted a review of the Enermax CS-30881TA Case . Go check it out, I know a guy with an Enermax case similar to this one and he seems pretty happy with it.

Antec True Blue 480
Bjorn 3D has just posted a review of Antec's True Blue 480 power supply. Go check it out, you never know when you'll need to go pick up a new one!

Crucial Hi-Speed USB 7-in-1 Card Reader
Viperlair has reviewed the Crucial Hi-Speed USB 7-in-1 Card Reader. Here's a snip from the review:
With digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs being so popular, it makes sense to look into a device that can clear desktop clutter when transfering data from those devices.
Go read up for all of the details.


Thermaltake Xaser III Lanfire
Need a new LAN party case? Bjorn 3D has reviewed the Thermaltake Xaser III Lanfire (VM2000A). If your in the market for a new light and portable case then head on over and check it out!

Altec Lansing VS4121 2.1
Hardware Hell has reviewed the Altec Lansing VS4121 2.1 speaker system. From my experience Altec Lansing has always provided quality sound, go check it out and see if this system has what it takes.


Thermalright SLK-900A
SL Central has posted a review of the Thermalright SLK-900A Heatsink. It has a pretty interesting shape... but hey that's how those heatsink manufacturers keep busy. Smile Go check it out.

Customizable case
Have you ever wanted to contruct a case to the exact size and shape you wanted? Well, Tweaknews has reviewed the Aerocool Lubic P3519 Customizable Case. It's a great idea, but go check out the review for their pro's and con's list. Despite all the con's they list, I think it's a great buy for a real do-it-yourself type.


Logitech IO Pen
Hard Extreme has reviewed the Logitech IO Pen. This pen looks awesome, I want one! This product has recieved the Editor's Choice award for November 2003 from Hard Extreme, and they point out that this would make an excellent Christmas gift.

Video Cards
There are a couple of new video card reviews out, first we have Viperlair with their review of the Chaintech FX5600 Ultra A-FX71, and then we have Lan Addict with a review of the Power Color Radeon 9200 SE 64 MB. If cheap is what your going for then head on over and check out Lan Addicts review, but if money is not an issue then Viperlair's review may be more suited to your taste.

Cooling, Cooling, and more Cooling!
ipKonfig has taken the time to review the H20-8501 Series Cooling Kit. For more of your cooling needs Burn Out PC has reviewed the Vantec Specutrum UV Reactive Fans. Go chill out and enjoy the reviews. Smile

Cases and Motherboards
Tweak Town has been busy, they have a review up of the Lian Li PC-6077 ATX Case and they also have a review of the Gigabyte GA-7VT600-1394 Motherboard. They've been working hard, head on over and see how these products checked out.


Parasound HALO Stereo P 3 and A 23
Future Looks has reviewed the Parasound HALO Stereo P 3 Preamplifier and A 23 Power Amplifier. They seemed to think the product was a-okay, go check it out and see what you think.

Slim Devices SLIMP3 Player
Need to read? Then head on over to Design Technica and check out their review of the Slim Devices SLIMP3 Player. Here is a tid bit from the article:
The SLIMP3 is a networked music player that hooks up to a server computer and allows you to play digital music stored on a remote computer through your stereo. The unit features a 2x40 vacuum florescent display (VFD), a remote control and hooks up to your network with a regular 10-baseT connection.
Go read up for all of the details.


HP Business Inkjet 1100d printer
Design Technica has posted a review on the HP Business Inkjet 1100d printer. Looks pretty sleek, and from past experiences I'm sure this HP works great, go on over and check out the review.

OC Prices Hardware has posted a review on the Abit IC7 Max 3. Tweak News has also posted a motherboard review on the VIA EPIA CL10000 MINI-ITX. But wait, that's not all! Viperlair has their review up of the Albatron PX865PE Lite Pro. Go read up and enjoy.

Spire SkiveStream II Socket A Cooler
Need to hear about another cooler? Then go check out 3dXtreme, they have posted a review on the Spire SkiveStream II Socket A Cooler . Go read up and see how it cools.


Viper Lair is giving away an MSI 865 NEO2-FIS2R. To enter the contest simply go register in their forums and post in the contest thread. Sounds easy, go for it. Smile

ABIT KV7 (KT600) Mainboard
Overclocker Cafe has posted a review on the ABIT KV7 (KT600) Mainboard. Here is a snip from the article:
The KT600 offers improvement over its predecessors in the way of official support of chips using a 400MHz front side bus, VIA’s VT1616 codec for improved audio performance, increased V-Link to 1066MHz (up from 533HMz) and native SATA ports thanks to the VIA VT8238 South Bridge. So as you can see there are several improvements with the latest generation VIA board.
Go read up and see how it did.

Thermaltake EXTREME Volcano 12
There are a couple of reviews out on this heatsink, the Thermaltake EXTREME Volcano 12. Tweaktown and Hardware Hell, go check 'em both out for comparison.

Sunbeam Cold Cathode Light
Ice Teks has posted some reviewage of the Sunbeam Cold Cathode Light. They gave it a 10/10, head on over and see if it really deserved that score.


DVD Burner Roundup
SL Central has reviewed 3 DVD Burners for thier roundup review. The burners: Memorex Dual-X Dual Format DVD Recorder, TDK IndiDVD 440N, and LG GSA-4040B Super Multi DVD Writer. Go check it out.

iRock 830 MP3 Player
Hard Extreme had the enjoyment of reviewing the iRock 830 MP3 Player for us all to enjoy. If you would like some additional MP3 player reading you can check out our review of the iRock 730i MP3 Player. Go read up and compare.

Is the sound of your computer driving you mad? Well, a company named End PC Noise appears to have all of the solutions. I read about this place in this article here and had to check it out. Read the article and then go check out End PC Noise's website, they sell all kinds of 'silent' products.


Networking X-Micro Style
Tweak Town has reviewed some of X-Micro's wireless products. In all they reviewed the 4-port 10/100 switch with built-in DSL router, 802.11b wireless LAN, and USB and PCMCIA 802.11b wireless LAN adapters. Head on over and see how these products performed.

This is for all of you case modder's out there, Comp-Shop is putting on a contest to win a X-Turbine Black Case. All you have to do is head on over to thier forums and post a pictures of your modded case and write a brief description. Sounds easy enough?! Head on over and post away. Smile

Samsung Tantus LTM405W 40" LCD
Tweaknews had the opportunity to review the Samsung Tantus LTM405W , this bad boy is 40" of LCD love, definitely worth checking out.


A New Low Point in Society...
Physical appearance has always been of utmost importance in society, however, is physical appearance as equally important in the digital world? According to a new article at CNN.com it is. There is officially a Miss Digital World contest. This is utterly pathetic, however, I did find this quote rather hilarious:
"They should not have taken part -- not even as extras or cameos -- in pornographic films, shows or plays nor have made statements...in any way out of tune with the moral spirit of the competition."
. I would direct you to the official Miss Digital World website but it is still under construction, in the mean time go check out the article on CNN.com.

Zalman 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones
The Cool Tech Zone has reviewed Zalman's 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones. The review is as good as they get for a set of headphones, so you sould go check it out.. especially if your thinking ahead to Christmas! This would be a great gift idea for just about anyone! Smile


New Tech Site
Yet another tech site has been born! Hardware Hell is up and running! The site isn't half bad, and they have a few reviews up for your reading enjoyment. FYI, if your going to go check them out you should know that not all of thier pages are working, such as the forums page.

Lian Li PC-0716
Oc Prices has reviewed the Lian Li PC-0716 for our reading pleasure. It looks pretty nice, go check it out for all of the details.


Let 'em Surf, Boss
Yahoo! News has a brief story on a book a couple of people co-wrote about how personal web surfing can benefit workers at work.
According to research, doing personal Web surfing while on the job can lead to better time management, stress reduction, improvement of skill sets and helping to achieve a balance between work and personal life.
It is an interesting perspective, to say the the least. In fact, I'm at work RIGHT NOW!

Microsoft Offers Bounty ($250k)
Microsoft has created a $5 million dollar reward program to help catch hackers.
Microsoft said Wednesday the first two rewards it will offer will be for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the spread of the MSBlast.A worm and the SoBig virus unleashed earlier this year.

The company offered $250,000 rewards for each.
Now, let me be honest. If I know you wrote a worm and Microsoft is going to give me a quarter of a million dollars to turn you in, I hate to say it, but you're going to jail, son.

Model Internet Grant
The Department of Homeland Security and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have given the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Southern California 5.5 million dollars to build a model internet and then hack it to see how they can improve security. The story is really short, but still fairly interesting despite the lack of details.


Biostar iDEQ 200T Springdale SFF System
Small form factor cases are all the rage these days and Bjorn 3D has reviewed the Biostar iDEQ 200T Springdale SFF System. Here is a snip from the review:
Although not a direct competitor to the SN41G2 since it is an Intel 865 based system while the SN41G2 is an AMD nForce2 solution, the 200T brings me hope of a quieter, more peaceful SFF system that still offers great style and performance.
Go read up and see how it fared against Shuttle.

Mushkin High Performance Black PC4000 Memory
Viper Lair has reviewed Mushkin High Performance Black PC4000 Memory for all to enjoy. Go read up and see how it compares to the competition.

Plextor PX-504UF External DVD+R/RW CD-R/RW
Tweak News has posted a picture review for all of you illiterate techies out there on the Plextor PX-504UF External high speed DVD+R/RW CD-R/RW. The drive's appearance is pretty sleek. Go check it out!


Allied AL-B500E 500 Watt Power Supply
Voided news has posted a review of the Allied AL-B500E 500 Watt Power Supply for your reading pleasure. It's a nice little review with lots of pictures, and it received their Editor's Choice award.

Cases Galore
If you want to check out a couple of new cases you'll want to head on over to Pimp Rig and check out their review of the Ahanix Blu III Case. After that you can go check out Tweak Town's review of the Shuttle SB65G2 XPC. They both look pretty snazzy!

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