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November 2002

AMD eXperience Performance Project
The AMD eXperience Performance Project (XPP) had a show in Seattle last night. For the most part, I was fairly disappointed (partly because I did not win anything). While they did have a few head to head P4 and Athlon comparisons, the whole even seemed rather, for lack of a better word, pointless. To me, the majority of the event seemed like a waste of money. Most of the people there already liked AMD; so what is the point of telling them to recommend AMD if they already do? It also seemed like a semi-Intel-smear campaign. Just my thoughts. If you are listening AMD: next time try something different and give me a VIP pass.

If you have no idea what AMD XPP is, you can check out their website: http://www.amdrealitycheck.com/.


Set5 Water-Cooling Kit
Some people might find that assembling a water cooling kit might be a bit difficult. That's why Virtual-Hideout has reviewed a product from SharkaCorp that takes care of that part for you. 'Fujikuro' has reviewed the SharkaCorp Innovatek Set5 Water-Cooling Kit. From the looks of it, it is a pretty nice unit.


Tired of spam?
Are you sick and tired of SPAM? Want to know where it is all comming from? Check out this article at The Register: " Where the heck is all this spam coming from?"
"The social stigma has gone," said MailFrontier's Divanji. "People don't think twice about doing it."
To this I say... BULLSHIT. If you spam, I hate you. Is hate a strong word? No, it's actually a weaker term than I would like to use.

Thermalright SLK800
If you had some heatsink lovin' in mind when you woke up this morning, Frosty Tech has your hookup. They have reviewed the Thermalright SLK800 Copper Heatsink. One of the cool things about Frosty Tech is the large amount of heatsinks they compare HSF units too when they review them. It's worth a look.

Belkin Omniview Soho KVM Switch
A review of a Belkin Omniview Soho KVM Switch has been posted over at PC-Arena.net. I reviewed a 2-port version a long time ago and I still use it. These are not bad units at all.

DIY Cheap Video Projector
GideonTech has a guide up that I find quite funny but still cool. They have posted a DIY Cheap Projector Guide that basically shows you how to make a projector screen for about $200. It is hokey but it could work out good for some of you.


MS Bans Modchippers
The Register has some interesting news today about how Microsoft bans Xbox Live users from its service if they use a mod chip. Before you get mad, think about it. If you're still read the article maybe it will help shed some light.


GeForce FX (NV30) Previews
Apparently, nVidia has released some press packets (I assume) to preview their new "GeForce FX." A couple of sites have put together articles based on some information from nVidia.
3DVelocity.com, Hexus.net, Beyond3D.com, and Guru3D all have articles. I skimmed through most of them and they're pretty much all the same thing.


P4 3.06GHz, again...
Just when you thought we exhausted our resources for P4 3.06 GHz reviews, we load you up again (well, not nearly as many as last time):
  • Active-Hardware has one.

  • Another One at The Tech Zone

  • One I forgot to post yesterday at Anandtech.com

  • That should keep you busy. Smile


    HyperThreading Is Out!
    Intel has let everyone post their Hyper Threading reviews so here they are in no particular order:
  • Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz Processor Review @ Hexus.net

  • Hyper-Threading On The Desktop @ Hardware Analysis

  • Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz CPU with Hyper-Threading Technology @ Xbitlabs.com

  • Double-Barreled Firepower: Intel's new 3.06 GHz Hyper-Threading Processor @ Sudhain

  • Intel 3.06GHz CPU with Hyper-Threading @ HardOCP.com

  • Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.06GHz with Hyper-Threading @ TweakTown.com

  • They are all essentially the same thing just reviewed in different ways. If this cannot keep you busy, I don't know what can. Smile


    Lian-Li PC-9300
    Remeber those old desktop cases that you rarely see anymore? Well, Lian-Li has brought them back, aluminum style, with the Lian-Li PC-9300. I probably will not buy one but it is interesting.


    MSI 845PE Max2-FIR Review
    HardOCP has posted a review of the MSI 845PE Max2-FIR. The reviewer has very few complaints, but one of the more notable complaints is the RAID controller. The one he's talking about is the new controller a lot of mobo manufacturers are using to add RAID cheaply to new motherboards. I have used the same RAID controller on a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP and I have to concur, Promise has created a really POS with this one.


    Sun's StarOffice VS. MSOffice in UK
    Sun is battling Microsoft over in the UK and they are offering the schools there a pretty sweet deal. Their goal: to get schools to switch from MSOffice to StarOffice 6.0. Their strategy: to save UK schools a bundle! Go check it out to find out more.

    Aluminum Power Supplies
    BurnOutPC has some more content for you today, this time in the form of an aluminum power supply unit. While they are stylish, they do have some oddities that should be considered before buying one (e.g. the exterior fan).

    LegionHardware has reviewed the ABIT BE7-RAID. The BE7-RAID is based on the i845PE chipset (and thereby supports DDR333) and has a plethora of features.

    PC in a Scanner
    How do you tell when you have too much free time on your hands? My guess is when you put a PC inside of a scanner. No joke, one of the guys at BurnOC PC put a whole PC inside a scanner.


    More New Stuff From Belkin
    Every now and then a product gets introduced that isn't ground breaking technology but yet it still makes you say "Hell Yes!" Belkin did that today when they informed me of this press release: "Power Your Phone with Tangle-Free Convenience." The press release is about a cell phone charger that has a retractable cord (so you don't have wires everywhere!).

    Winamp LED Visualization Guide
    TwistedMods.com has a posted a Winamp LED Visualization Guide. Basically, he shows you how to assemble a LED 'sound meter' unit that will allow you to use a Winamp plugin make it correspond to the sound, neat stuff.


    Belkin Press Release
    Hot off the press (alright, no printing press was actually involved in my getting this information) from Belkin is a press release verbosely titled: "Experience Wireless Freedom with the New Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle from Belkin." I don't even think they have this on their web site yet (as of right now).

    350 GHz SiGe Transistor
    SiliconStrategies has an article about IBM claiming to have the fasest transistor ever, with an Ft of 350 GHz, I'm not going to argue that title. Smile Check it out and you might learn something about the new SiGe process while you are at it.


    Hackers Beware
    Hacking is a crime that is associated with a low chance of physical harm, until now. The Register has a story about a guy who thought his friend was hacking him so he took a tomahawk to him. Ouch.


    2800+ vs P4 2.8GHz
    XbitLabs has posted a one page benchmark comparison which that have affectionately entitled "AMD Athlon XP 2800+ and Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz in 3ds max 5." I was thinking about spoiling the fun and tell you wins but do I really need to say?

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