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November 2000

[H]ard GeForce Ultra
[H]ardOCP has a review up of the VisionTek GeForce2 Ultra. This mofo is fast, not to mention he got the memory overclocked to like 500 MHz or something crazy like that.

Internet Safety
No fear Microsoft is here! The software giant launches an Internet privacy and safety portal for children to help them learn about protecting themselves while surfing the Internet. So now no parents have to be worried about their children viewing and experiencing what goes on in the real world.

Madonna Webcast
Madonna's webcast supposedly proved that 'the internet is not tv.' Wow imagine that Smile The broadcast was supposed to show off the near DVD quality of the technology. Here's a clip from the article:
"Yeah, been trying for the past 50 minutes to get a stream, but to no avail. Would love to see the 'DVD quality' of this show...but I can't see (or hear) anything at all," one would-be viewer wrote to CNET News.com barely an hour into the broadcast.

If you'd like to here more about how the broadcast sucked, go check it out.


Internet Censorship
Not hearing enough about internet censorship lately? Ha, yeah right! Here's a tid bit from an article I stumbled across:
Letters like the following show why legislators keep trying to regulate access to online pornography: "I will delicately put to you what my daughter saw on the Internet," one mother wrote to officials at a California library where she had left her child unsupervised. "It was pornography in the worst form: a video of a sexual nature involving a man and a gorilla."

Sound intriguing, go read up... you know you want to. Smile

Intel's Future
Intel Zone has written up an article on where Intel's Future lies. Sounds interesting, go take a peek.


Palm Beach Ballot
Here's the modified ballot for Palm Beach, Florida. Go check it out.

Iwill KA266-R Review
X-bit labs has the first review I've seen of a board utilizing the ALi MAGiK 1 chipset. They review the Iwill KA266-R Mainboard and talk about it's various features as well (DDR, ATA-100, etc.).

Red Alert 2 Review
3D Game Gear has a little gaming reviewage for us this fine Tuesday. They review Red Alert 2, which seems to be the thing to do lately. Just so you guys know, we're going to start reviewing more games in a bit.

[H]ard RAM Info
HardOCP has a write up on RAM and it's recent history and probably it's near future.
"With the current DDR technology, it appears that for the moment, the bottleneck of the memory bandwidth has been resolved. The question, though, is, how long will this situation last? To rephrase this question: how fast can CPUs become until we reach the next bottleneck? With CPU speed roughly doubling each year, this is a valid question. Further considerations are that DDR in its present form will be relatively short-lived and will be replaced within the next 18 months by DDR 1.5 and DDR 2."
This is most definitely worth a look. What Kyle doesn't know is that I attended the conference where they decide on the new standards and then I patented all the ideas given there with out them knowing it. Now I'm going to start suing all the RAM companies. CRAP! RAMBUS beat me to it.


Tt Super Orb Review
IpKonfig has a review of the new Orb. They seem to like it so go check it out, and how knows maybe you will learn something!

Win2k Tips and Tricks
The guys over at Adrian's Rojak Pot have posted, what they call, a Windows 2000 Hints & Tips Guide. While this might not be the most complete guide in history, it might just have something you Windows 2000 users don't know about.

RivaTuner v2.0 beta2
Guru3D has an updated version of RivaTuner. This time around they have RivaTuner v2.0 beta2. If you had a previous version of this little program, you'll need to download it; they fixed a lot of bugs.

CompuNurse Review
Netkills has put together a four page review on the CompuNurse Thermal Probe. It is pretty much just a single thermal probe with a digital readout but they managed to pull a "4 page review" out of it.


Pentium4 1.4GHz
X-bit labs has posted their Intel Pentium 4 1.4GHz review (part 2). This is their second part of the review. This part has a more "in-depth" view on the chip, now that they've had more time to test and use the chip.

ArctiCooler + KT7
Virtual Hideout has a new guide up on fitting the ArctiCooler on an ABIT KT7. If you couldn't figure it out on your own, Virtual Hideout is here for you. Smile

59th Issue of ZZZ
The 59th issue of ZZZ online has been posted. Interesting stuff has been covered once again. This weekly online magazine usually has some pretty interesting stuff and I'm sure this week is no difference.


LAN Database Update
The LAN Database has updated their stuff. Everything is now searchable. It looks like the web master over there has been doing some work. Smile

VapoChill part Deux
OverClocking DK has the second part of their review up of the VapoChill for the Socket processor. Pretty interesting stuff if you like to make your shit colder than a witches titti. Go check it out they show you how high they got it, along with a few of the important parts.

Belkin 7 port USB Hub
Little White dog has a review of the Belkin 7port USB Hub. Good Idea if you have alot of perphs that use USB, I have 6 usb ports on my computer so I doubt I will really need one of thoose very soon. But hey good idea, go check it out interesting read for sure.


Happy Turkey Day
Happy Turkey Day! I'd like to thank all the readers who come to my site daily, and those who just come in general. I would thank you for helping me make money or something, but I haven't made any. Smile I would thank you all for reading my content and telling me what you think about it. It's great to know what I write has a influence on what people buy. Well, enjoy your turkeys (or whatever you have) and have a good day. A special thanks goes out to Strawberryswirl, Slugo, Gordaen, Nicko, and GamePhreak for posting news for the peeps. These guys have volunteered up to this point and I think they deserve thanks for putting my readers in the know.

LAN Database
For those of you who don't know, HardOCP is hosting a web site called LAN Database. You can use it to search for users who are overclockers or LAN Party guys near you. You can also add yourself to the database so people can find you. For those of you who added your name in the past: you have to re-enter your name again. It appears they didn't keep he same database but rather chose to start a new one.


New In-House Review
I just posted my review on the Belkin OmniCube 2-Port KVM Switch. This is a good review to read for you budget guys out there trying to save some money and build two computers. Feel free to post you comments on the review in the comments section below.

ASUS L8400 Laptop
Dan's Data has the low-down on the ASUS L8400 series laptop. These bad boys are about 40% less than most laptops the same speed, so I think Dan reviewed them to see if they held up.

Duron Spacer Guide
GideonTech has just posted what they claim to be the first guide on how to make your own Duron spacer (shim if you will). You can buy these profesionally made at cooling stores; but if you're a do-it-yourself kind of guy, then you're going to want to read this.


ABIT Mobos@Comdex
PC Extreme has coverage of Comdex 2000 but it's not like the other sites coverage. They focus mainly on ABIT's motherboards, which is kind of nice because I didn't even notice a ABIT mention in anyone else's coverage (I was skimming on most though).

Red Alert 2
The Game Den has a review on Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 from Westwood Studios. I know a lot of C&C fans were waiting for this release for a while, let's hope it was worth the wait.

New Wireless Technology
3Com, Intel, Proxim and Netgear are all building small devices that will allow people to wirelessly link their computers and appliances to communicate and share a Net connection. This isn't something new, but thought it was pretty interesting. Go check it out.


Water Cooling 100
OverClocking DK has a article about some watercooling action they have taken place over at their crib. Pretty good job they got a 700 PIII to 1050, 350 mhz that is pretty impressive. Go check it out.

More P4 Reviews
I'm just going to list these puppies. You can read the reviews to find out more about the Pentium 4.
Anandtech's P4 1.4 and 1.5 Ghz Review
AustralianIT's Review has been reposted
Dan's Data has a verbose review

Seven New Domains
Did you ever have the urge to have more than just a .com, .net, or .org? Here's your chance. The agency that controls the Internet address system carves out more real estate in cyberspace by adopting seven new domain name suffixes --including ".biz"--to reach beyond ".com."

Surf's Up
Did you know... people surfing the Web at home are spending 23 percent more time online this year compared with last year, according to a report from Nielsen/NetRatings. Sound interesting? Go check out the full Story. Smile

[H]ard Pentium4 Review
Well, it's Monday in some places which means it's Pentium 4 time! HardOCP is first out of the gate with their 1.5GHz P4 review. This is a real review, however, there is no overclocking. I'm sure some of you are dissapointed in Kyle but I doubt it is his fault. Any way, this is a real review with real numbers.


ZZZ Online No. 58
ZZZ Online has just posted their 58th issue. This time they talk about everyday kind of things. You know, like eletronic fish, personal spaceships, and cheap amphibious cars, the usual.


Online Game Review
If you're like me, you don't want to waste $40 on a junky game. There's a new site on the web now called Online Game Review. There will be news, previews, reviews, demos and all that good stuff at the site. Hopefully it'll help you out when you buy that new game. Go check it out!

MORE Comdex Coverage
The Tech Zone has Comdex coverage. It has been said a couple of time that this was possibly the worst Comdex in recent history. I kind of agree, I'm not extremely interested in palm devices and the like so the only thing I've really found interesting was the Crusoe coverage that a couple of sites had. However, this is Comdex Tech Zone Style! That just means there will be more Comdex babes in their coverage. Smile


Diamond Rio 600
Want to listen to your big MP3 collection when you're away from your computer and you don't have a cd burner? Well, Techno Yard has a review on the new Diamond Rio 600.

Evil Kyro
When I say Evil Kyro, what do you think of? If you said videocard, you've probably heard of the Kyro chipset before. Well, EXHardware has reviewed the PowerColor Evil Kyro. If you're unfarmiliar with they Kyro chipset, you probably should read this. If you are, it would probably be a good idea to see how well it performs in it's retail form.

ABIT Announces VH6-II
ABIT just announced their VH6-II. It is a value board for sure.
"The VH6-II is ABIT's newest VIA Apollo Pro 133A-based ATX mainboard for Intel Pentium III and Celeron FC-PGA CPUs. It supports 133MHz FSB speeds and AGP 4X, and adds two features to its predecessor (VH6): support for Ultra DMA/100 IDE devices and ABIT's SoftMenuTIII! The VH6-II also features an AC'97 Audio Codec and an AMR slot for low cost/high performance audio and modem solutions."


Aopen HX08 Case
The coldshop has a review of the Aopen HX08 Full Tower case. Looks like a pretty nice case, if you are looking for one. I didn't see any mention of it being screwless though, I always look for that in my cases. Go check it out!

Large Arctic Silver Review
Netkills has a large review on Arctic Silver Thermal Compound. I use this stuff a lot and in every place possible (CPU, Videocard, Northbridge chipset, etc.) and would highly recommend it. If you plan on reading this review, I hope you have broad band because everything is a freaking screen shot!

GeForce 2 GO Write-up
Sweet Hardware (I see we're running out of domain names) has a preview of the new GeForce Go mobility chipset. Now, before you get your panties in a bundle, remember this is a mobility chipset. If you plan on buying a laptop soon this could be exciting, if not, it shouldn't really matter that much to you.


New P4 Benchmark Link
The link to the P4 Benchmarks yesterday has been censored by Intel so their benchmarks have been taken down. However, Insane Hardware happened to have saved them and posted them.

CNN Comdex Coverage
CNN has some indepth Comdex Coverage. I was particularly interested in the Crusoe article telling (primarily) of a Sony sub-laptop using a 600 MHz Crusoe chip. I'm not sure how good of a performer a Crusoe chip is, but even ifit is not not up to par w/ other 600 MHz offerings from AMD or Intel, it is still extremely good on power consupmtion. It's been said the chip can extend battery life by about 6 to 8 hours (11 hours max batter life).

Comdex Coverage
Did you want Comdex Coverage? Well, it is not hard to find that is for sure. CPU-bURN has coverage and so does Glide Underground.


Artic Silver Review
The Cold Shop has a review on Artic Silver, I personally swear by the stuff. Go check it out they give you the run down on all the goods. You can check out our review here.

Hard Drive Give away
LittleWhiteDog has a give away, it is a 30 gig IBM hard drive. They didn't send me any of the specs but hey a free hard drive is a free hard drive in my book. I'm sure going to go enter, shoot could be a third hard drive for a nice little raid 0 + 1 array. Smile

Pentium 4 Review
Austrailian IT has a complete Pentium 4 system and they are giving it the once over. They have a complete battery of benchmarks they threw at it too! If you've been waiting for the P4 for a while now, you have to check this out.

Tony Hawk 2
The Game Den has a review of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. It takes a lot to please those boys over there and I think they like this one, which says a lot. Especially for a skating game that typically become bland quickly.


Maxtor Silent Store Guide
Adrian's Rojak Pot has a guide up about the good/bad function of Maxtor Silent Store. It give an 8% decrease in hard drive seek times. That might not sound like much but it can be enough to make a 7,200rpm drive as bad as a 5,400rpm one. Check it out here.

No V5-6000, Ever!
There will be no Voodoo5 6000! 3Dfx is not going to release the board into the retail market. Here is a link to 3Dfx's press release.
3dfx InteractiveŽ Inc. (NASDAQ:TDFX) announced today that it has licensed its 4-way Scanline Interleave (SLI™) technology, based on the Voodoo5™ 6000 AGP project, to Quantum3D to be incorporated into their AAlchemy™ family of PC-based systems for visual simulation and training applications. The company also announced that its 4-way SLI technology, which has achieved 43 percent better Quake 3 graphics performance over leading competitive solutions, will be available exclusively from Quantum3D, and will not be available in the retail channel.

Thanks goes out to Glide Underground for the heads up.

USB 2.0 4-Port Hub
I have just posted a press release from Belkin. It is concerning their new USB 2.0 4-Port Hub. What's unique about this is that it's based off of the new 2.0 standard (which is a lot faster) and is backward compatible as well!

nVidia and Sensaura
Chick's Hardware has a little bit of PR stuff for us concerning nVidia and Sensaura. Yep, nVidia is going to take over the world, video and now sound and media too. Well, not exactly, to see what's going on just check out the press release.

Game Commander 2
Cached.net has a review of the Game Commander 2. This is a vocal communication device that enables you to talk to teammates or taunt enemies. The taunting part is prefered 10 to 1.

Budget Overclocking
OCTools has an article up called Adventures In Budget Overclocking. A story of a poor man getting the most bang for his buck. Almost makes you want to cry or something. Smile


Issue 57 of ZZZ online
Like every other week, a new issue of ZZZ Online (57th Issue) has been posted. This one covers cool technology related stuff, as usual. This time they talk about a keyboard made of fabric, a train using magnetic fields to move, launching satellites with laser beam, and an air powered car.

Direct X Run Down
The coldshop has the run down on DirectX 8. They talk about preformance and the like. They also go into what its exact functions are some/most should already know this but hey it is always good for a refresher.

Cyrix 4
VIA Hardware has a nice little insight article concerning the Cyrix 4. Pretty good stuff. Heck, if their new chips sucks, we can continue our bashing of Cyrix chips in our forums.

New kTalk System
I've added the kTalk system to our news page. Now users/readers are able to post their thoughts on news or add pertinent links about the news. This should strenghten the news system for the site, making it a greater resource for the gamers and hardware gurus alike.


Crazy eBay Auctions
Any junk collectors out there? If you are then you should head on over to eBay and check out the "Bush Wins" papers for sale. Quite the interesting buy if you ask me. But hey, hopefully it will be worth a bit of cash some day.


DirectX8 Downloads
DirectX 8 is out and about. Here's where you can download it.

Windows 95/98/ME
Windows 2000

Addtronics 7896a
Gaming In 3D stole my case! Now they're reviewing it! Seriously, they came to my house and stole my Addtronics 7896a Full Tower Server Case! I want it back. [Note: If you believed that, well.. I don't know what to tell you] Ok, that was lame. I think I'm just going to stick with stuff like "Wow!" and "Neat."

More Blorbage
JSI Hardware has a review on the Blue Orb. It's stylish and it cools well! Neat.

CounterStrike 1.0
Gamers.com has the low-down on my favorite Half-Life mod Counter-Strike!!! The first non-beta has been released version 1.0 oh heck yea. I plan on playing it for a few hours today to see what new things they have in store for us. So get out there and kick some ass.

Vantec's In & Out PC Air Circulator
LitteWhiteDog has a review of Vantec In & Out PC Air Circulator. If you are not manly enough to bust out the circular saws and cut some blowholes. This would be a great thing for you. Or if you are building a box for your Mom or Girlfriend. Go check it out.


Pictures of VapoChill Socket A System
OverClocking DK has a review of the VapoChill Socket A system. Looks pretty interesting if you are into that sub-zero type thing. I know I am if my damn power supply was a little bit stronger.

Swiss Army Camcorder
The Sony DCR-TRV820E has been reviewed by Dan's Data. He calls it the Swiss Army Camcorder. Why call it that? Well, it can print and can shoot at night, amoung many other things. You just have to be willing to shell out $1,400!

Tennmax Lasagna II
HardCOREWare has a Preview of the Tennmax Lasagna II BGA Cooler. It's the successor to the original Lasanga cooler, of course. Exact performance can't be measured here because of its beta state, but the results are pretty good.

VMware for Windows NT/2k
LittleWhiteDog has a how-to on VMWare and what it is and how to set it up. Go check it out! It is basically like a computer within a computer which could be useful I guess. Basically if you are to afraid to dual-boot with Linux this is your chance to wuss out, and still have Linux.


Talk About The Election
Just to let you know, I started a new thread in the Xtreme Forums for you peeps to talk about the presidential election. If you have any questions or think you can answer questions, feel free to check it out! If you feel it's necessary you can talk about why one candidate is more qualified than another or why Nader messed everything up.

Water Cooling Kit
The Tech Zone takes a look at a really nice Leufken Technologies Water Cooling Kit. It's a little pricey, but if you want a good kit without the effort, it's probably worth it.

Gladiac Ultra
Guru3D has posted thier take on the Gladiac Ultra. This is one of those rich boy cards (AKA GeForce2 GTS Ultra).

HP Laptops w/ Wireless Networking
Hewlett-Packard is ready for wireless networking in their newest laptop, the OmniBook 500. The catch is, that HP has decided not to put the necessary antenna inside the box with the laptop... imagine that. Smile Sounds pretty neat, but you go and make up your own mind.


[H]ard Integrated Video?
HardOCP has an article comparing VIA and Intel integrated video. Pretty interesting to say the least, might be useful for building your mom and pops a board.

Vapochill Review
NFS Xtreme has a Vapochill Review. All I have to say is that if you're going to buy this, you're not overclocking for value anymore.

Any one tired of hearing about Napster? Well it's too bad if you are because I'm going to tell you about it anyway. By now you've heard that they have 'formed an alliance' with BMG. I guess two of BMG's biggest executives didn't think that was a good idea... cause they're walking out. It's an informative read, go check it out.

VIA Apollo Pro133A
XBit Labs has an article up called "Dual-Processor Configurations On VIA Apollo Pro133A. In The Footsteps Of ABIT BP6." Yeah, I thought that was a long name too. Basically, it talks about this chipset by Via and its support for multiple processors. Read it if you really want more info.

Soltek SL75KV2-X
Jsi Hardware has a review of the SL75KV2-X motherboard from Soltek. It is basically an update to the previous SL75KV. Don't ask me what is up with all their complicated names these days, I liked one's such as KA7 that were easy to remember. Smile


Radeon Reviews
House Of Help reviews the Radeon All-In-Wonder. Probably the coolest video capture card out there. Plays your games great and you can capture video (and more!). Not interested in watching TV on your desktop? If you want the full power of the ATI's Radeon, you'll want something like the ATI Radeon 64MB DDR card which has been reviewed at BootMax.

The Technoyard has a review of the ASUS AGP-V7700 GeForce2 GTS Deluxe. In order to buy this video card, you have to sacrifice your first born. The question is.... is it worth it?


Rock The Vote
There's a new poll up. The question is "Do You Overclock?" Don't know what overclocking is? There is a choice available to you too! The poll is located just below the left menu. Not quite the presidential election, but far more interesting.

People Who Whine
I was surfing around Slashdot when I saw this wonderful tidbit of information concerning anti-scientologists and Microsoft.
"Germany pressured MSFT into removing the defrag tool in Win2k because it was developed by a software company whose CEO is a Scientologist. They were afraid there were security risks from using software from a Scientologist. No joke."
Now, even with all the Microsoft haters around, you have to admit that is pretty stupid! Go Here for the full story.


Voodoo 4 4500
X-bit labs has posted a review of the Voodoo 4 4500. They compared it to the NVIDIA GeForce2 MX. Go check it out.

SB Live! Platinum 5.1
Hardware Avenue has a World Exclusive Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1. These are the new ones that Creative is realising.

64Mb DDR Radeon
An ATI card of the Radeon 64Mb DDR flavor has been reviewed over at Dan's Data. These card can kick some major ass and they have (in my opinion) the best DVD Playback.


Red Alert & 1 GHz
The Game Den has a new contest up. They're calling it a "The Red Alert Gig Contest." They're giving the winner a Duron 600 (OCable to 1 GHz) and nice shiny copy of Red Alert 2.

Guide to Gamin'
Case Junkiez has an article up entitled "Ye Ole' Lannin Guide to Gamin Heaven". The title pretty much says it all, but here's a brief review: It's an article, which is posted on a website. Smile


Do you Xtreme Overclockers want to get a few more MHz out of your video card, but the stock heatsink royally suX0r's? Then get some Blorbage action going on! Virtual Hideout will show you how to here.

Super Orb (Suorb?)
Insane Hardware doesn't just have a review on Thermaltake's Super Orb (so would it be called a Suorb?), but a review with a surprise! What's the surprise you ask? Well you'll have to read it yourself. Smile

Creative GF2 Ultra
In the market for a kick ass video card for that new kick ass gaming rig? Then Xbitlabs has the review for you! They review the Creative 3D Blaster Annihilator 2 Ultra (I think some of these companies need to put the names on diets). Check it out!

Rounding IDE Cables
Is your case cluttered with those freaking 18" IDE cables to connect your hard drive thats less than 6" away? Well, I chose the lazy way and just shoved them into the empty drive bays Smile. Of course, if you want it to look better, you can round them, and CaseETC will show you how!

Epson Stylus 1160
Epson Stylus 1160 Review over at CPU Review. I've got an Epson Printer and I have vrey mixed emotions about it.

Case Mod Article
Glide Underground has an article up on case mods or, more precisely, the experience one of their staff members had while modding his case.


New XTek Stuff
I'm working on a bulletin board system for you guys. If you want a preview you are free to take a look. As a side note, the new design (as shown in my newest review) will be implimented sometime this month. I was going to do it on this sites birthday but upon reading my WebMasterP's Computer Saga article I realized that I'm almost 2 months late on the birthday.

AOPEN ax34Pro II
OC Workbench has review the blackest motherboard of them all (literally). Check out their review of the AOPEN ax34Pro II. It's the coolest thing to show to your friends, I promise.

Thunderbird OC
Guru3D has an article up detailing their experiences in overclocking thier Thunderbird 700 to 900 MHz. That seems to be around the standard with air cooling for T-birds. I have an 800 that runs @ 1 GHz.

[H]ard DDR
Kyle B. of HardOCP has a his own review of the AMD 760 Chipset. AMD sent him some more stuff to break. This time around it makes it through the review though. Smile

AMD press Conference
AMD has sided with NEC? Well, here's some info on that in this new Press Release. It talks mostly about the new AMD760 Chipset conference that will be held in paris.

ATI Radeon Graphics Card
There is a neat review at The-Ctrl-Alt-Del. Takes a closer look at the ATI's Radeon powered graphics card. You can view it here.

TS-ASL3 Mainboard
There is yet another motherboard review over at Active-Hardware. They have a review up on the TS-ASL3 socket 370 mainboard. I don't know what else to say. Smile

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