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October 2003

Gateway DV-S20 Pocket Multi-Cam
Design Technica has reviewed the Gateway DV-S20 Pocket Multi-Cam. It is a handy little camara that takes digital stills as well as video, head on over and read all about this nifty little device.

Titan / Data Cooler AMD Cooler Roundup
Coolers, coolers, coolers.. they seem like the coolest thing to review these days. Smile If you're a cooler fanatic then you may want to head on over to 3dxtreme and check out their review of 3 coolers ( Titan TTC-CU9TB/SC, Titan TTC-D9TB/CU35/R1, and Titan DC-462D825Z/CU35) they call it the, Titan / Data Cooler AMD Cooler Roundup. Go check it out.

Happy Halloween! Just had to throw that into today's news postage. Now, sit back, eat some candy (lots of candy) and read some more news!

EZ Watcher 3060 Barebone System
Legit Reviews has reviewed the EZ Watcher 3060 Barebone System. Apparently, it allows you to adjust the CPU frequency without going into the BIOS, but by simply turning a knob. Sounds easy enough.. go check it out and see if it's really all that easy.

Cooler Master Centurion
Wanna check out a sleek new case by Cooler Master? If you said yes, you shoud head on over to the Viper Lair and check out their review of the Cooler Master Centurion. Here's a tid bit from the article:
Cooler Master has taken their first step into the budget case market with a bold step. Their case is sleek and flashy, sure to catch the eye of many people. And for those of you who put your components into this case once, shut it up and leave it alone (except to clean the front filter every few years, this case is a good budget solution to a mid-tower.
Now, if you don't have much in the way of components for your comp just yet, you can always razzle and dazzle with a flashy case. Smile


3 Free Motherboards
No day would be complete without a chance to win some free stuff, would it? Well, it probably would. However, that doesn't mean you can't head on over to SubZeroTech.com and try to win one of the many motherboards they are giving away.

Scanner Shootout
HardwareZoom.com has posted a two product shootout of sorts. The author compares the Canon CanoScan LiDE30 and the Epson Perfection 1260. I own a CanoScan scanner. It is not the same one in this review, but very similar. For what it is worth, I am very happy with it because scans very quickly and the image quality is great.

X-Trac Mouse Pads
OCIA.net has reviewed a couple of mouse pads: the X-Trac Pro and X-Trac Zoom Mouse Pad. We reviewed the X-Trac Hammer a short while ago, check that review out if neither of these reviews float your boat.

GeForce FX Reviews
I have a couple of GeForce FX reviews for you today. First off, Beyond 3D has taken a look at the newer GeForce FX 5700. If that is too new for your liking, you can check out a review of the older XFX GeForceFX 5600 Ultra.

WinAMP Controller
Ever wish you could control WinAMP from across the room? Well, the WinAMP controller that has been reviewed over at ViperLair is not anything new in actuality. In fact, this Packard Bell generic PC remote has been available for some time. However, what ViperLair has reviewed is a bundle with WinAMP software. If you have no idea what I am talking about, just read the review.

Also, Tweaknews.net has reviewed the same product. The only difference is that Tweaknews uses the controller's regular name.

HP Deskjet 9670
A wide paper format inkjet printer, the HP Deskjet 9670, has been reviewed over at DesignTechnica.com. This might be particularly useful for small businesses looking to cut down on costs or for the consumer who just wants more options.


Soltek EQ3702M
Hexus.net has a review of the Soltek EQ3702M. The EQ3702M is a mini-ATX PC. Definitely worth a look if you have been shopping around for one of these, I dare to say, 'trendy' computers.


Crazy Hard Drive Mod
A interesting Hard drive mod has been displayed and explained over at CreativeMods.com. I have seen mods nearing this mod before but never like this. If you have lots of time on your hands and you think your HDD is really worth showing off, you might even try this one. Smile

Athlon FX-51 @ 2.8GHz
Tom's Hardware has a review of an Overclocked Athlon FX-51 (2.2GHz) clocked at 2.8GHz and cooled to -21°C! Thanks to derr12 for pointing this out. You can talk about this in the forums.


MP3 Players!
Everyone loves MP3 players... but you know what we love more than MP3 players, reviewing them... or at least reading about others who have. Smile Future Looks has reviewed the CUBIG CVR-H130 MP3 Player and Digital Voice Recorder for your reading pleasure. Also, today we have another MP3 player review from Designtechnica on the MPIO-DMK. Go check 'em out, it'll be fun and you know it.

Zalman ZM-2HC1 Heatpipe Drive Cooler
Need to know all about heatpipe drive coolers, specifically, the lman ZM-2HC1 Heatpipe Drive Cooler? The OcPrices has the review for you! Here is a tid bit from the review:
Zalman has pushed very hard recently with products and marketing aimed at "low noise" performance, and for the most part they've delivered admirably... Today we are looking at a product designed to silently chill your blistering fast hard drives.
Go check out the review for all of the results.


Saitek Cyborg Evo
A very cool looking joystick, the Saitek Cyborg Evo, has been reviewed over at Guru3D.com. Is it a great looking and functional joystick? You will have to read the review to find out. Also, do not go out and buy one of these thinking it will get you the ladies. The things keeping you from getting the ladies are your 3rd chin and your affinity for drooling on yourself.

eBooks, Just Hype?
Yahoo News has a story about general failure of eBooks to pickup as a mainstream way to read books.
But the bubble has burst and electronic books are still the poor relation to the printed word with consumers preferring to turn the pages themselves when they curl up by the fire with a good book.
Quiet frankly, I'm not surprised. I would not consider reading something in eBook format unless it was incredibly short and then it would have to be really cheap because it was so short. Actually, I lied. The only reason I would not read something in eBook format is because, sadly, I never learned to read.

Zalman ZM-MFC1 Fan Controller
A Zalman ZM-MFC1 Fan Controller has been given a good look-over and review over VoidedWarranty. It is a nice looking unit with stylish blue LEDs. I hear that if you stare at the LEDs long enough and then sit back and look up at the ceiling, you can truly feel like an idiot after realizing you were wasting your time staring at LEDs thinking something other than eye pain and boredom would occur.

Chenbro Xpider Review
HighTekPC.com has posted a review a the Chenbro Xpider Chassis. This fits into the 'pre-moded' market segment and is a pretty sweet looking case. This is especially true if you're using a Tide box as a 'PC Lab' and you think your foot is the world's fastest laptop.


SilenX 400 Watt Ultra Quiet Power Supply
A review of the SilenX 400 Watt Ultra Quiet Power Supply (what a mouthful) has been posted over at TweakNews.net. Can it really be quiet and still perform well? Hell if I know, just read the review.

MSI MegaStick1 MP3/FM Radio/USB Drive
Under the category of tech goodies, PCStats.com has published a review of a MSI MegaStick1 MP3/FM Radio/USB Drive. I think the reviewer neglected to mention the price of the unit (though I could have overlooked it in my search), but it is definitely worth a look.

Plextor PlexWriter Premium-U
Ohls-place.com has posted a review of the Plextor PlexWriter Premium-U. It's an external CD-RW drive housed in a brushed aluminum case. If you're looking for a good comparison, look elsewhere; this review does not have any comparison at all.


Invitation-only Internet
File sharing is a huge issue these days, thanks to our good buddies at the RIAA, and is being compared to Prohibition in the 20's in a recent article on CNN. Apparently a sort of underground society is forming to keep the file sharing alive. It's all pretty crazy if you ask me.. any way head on over to CNN for all of the info.

US should follow EU lead on spam
SPAM! Everyone gets it and everyone hates it! People have been talking about how to deal with it forever, and the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group has a great idea. They feel that the US should follow in Europe's steps to try and eliminate SPAM. I think any step to get rid of SPAM is a good one... but then again my inbox would always be empty... Anyway, go check out the article posted by the Register for more details.

Thermaltake Xaser Silent Purepower™ + PFC 480W PSU
3D Xtreme had the opportunity to review the Thermaltake Xaser Silent Purepower™ + PFC 480W PSU for your viewing pleasure. Here is a bit from the article:
Looking at the results it's clear to see this 480 Watt Power Supply is a definite winner. With enough power to run our overclocked system the Thermaltake Xaser Silent Purepower 480W PSU showed no signs of slowing down even allowing a CPU overclock up to 3.5 Ghz.
They have given this product their editor's choice award, so go check it out.


Inside Elitegroup Computer Systems
Tours of manufacturers of motherboards, videocards, etc. get published on the web every now and then. This time AnandTech has an article about going 'Inside Elitegroup Computer Systems.' It is a very interesting article, to say the least.

Aspire X-Dreamer II
OverclockerCafe has posted a review of a budget ATX case that still has a lot to offer, the Aspire X-Dreamer II. It is definitely worth a look if you're on a budget and still want a decent case.

Senator Seeks Smaller Penalties
Senator Norm Coleman is trying to get copyright infringement penatlies limited in size. This is definitely a welcome step for most of us. The current penalty is outrageous for using a single unauthorized song.


ATI/NVIDIA Financial Report
For those of you interested in the financial side of video card makers, ipKonfig.com has posted an article with the Merrill Lynch reports on ATI & NVIDIA.
The current desktop leader, nVidia™, is described as losing share in that area, beginning next quarter and continuing. While the reports make little or no comment about the underlying technologies or product comparisons, the nVidia™ report sees no prospect for nVidia™ to significantly improve its runner-up positions in the mobile and notebook markets.
There's much more interesting stuff in the article

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