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January 2001

AMK 292-3333
PC Extremes has posted their AMK 292-3333 review. This is one of thoses cases with the precut blowholes and fans. So, if you want a case that cools well and you don't think you can cut your own holes well, you might want to give this a look.

Volcano II HSF
Insane Hardware has some scoopage on a new cooler from Thermal Take. Guess what? It's not orb style either. It's called the Volcano II Socket A Cooler. It's looks like any other heat sink you would see out there. It does have a powerful fan that runs at low RPMs.

Linux Expo
The Linux community and its suppliers gather this week to view the latest wares at the LinuxWorldConference and Expo at the Jacob Javits Center overlooking the Hudson River in New York. To find out more, go read up.


Asus CUV4X-C Motherboard
The Asus CUV4X-C Motherboard has been given the once over by The Tech Zone. They tell all, why it's hot and why it's not.

IWill KK266 Review
There is an IWill KK266 Motherboard Review for your reading pleasure at VIA Hardware. He says the layout is very close to that of a ABIT KT7A.

Free Stuff!!
Legion Hardware has some free stuff to give away. You could win an Inno3D GeForce 2 MX, The Claw + a Gravis Xterminator Digital gamepad, or a Gravis Eliminator Pro gamepad"


There are a couple of ABIT KT7A RAID reviews up right now. There is one at Iamnotageek.com and also one at Tweaker's Asylum. Enjoy.

Asus v7700 Ultra
One of the guys at "I Am Not A Geek" has reviewed an Asus v7700 Ultra. These are some nice cards. These cards are good for increasing your FPS lightening your wallet.

Massive Net Redirection
Last weekend Internet traffic meant for websites run by Yahoo and Microsoft were redirected to mydomain.com. The overload crashed mydomain.com's server. They still do not know what caused this... do you? Heh, go read up.


More Site Reviewing
IAmNotAGeek.com has reviewed mofos.org. This is kind of funny because mofos.org has been trashing a lot of sites lately (in good fun) and now they get trashed.

Sony's Cyber-shot
Sony's new camera, the Cyber-shot DSC-P1 , is small, light weight, and for an extra $250 will take pictures underwater! Though, according to CNN.com, the camera didn't preform that great, but you can decide for yourself.

Card Cooler Roundup
Dred News has a has posted a Card Cooler Roundup. The compare three different card coolers for your reading/viewing pleasure. So, if you need some cooling, chech it out.


Alpha PEP66T
Virtual Hideout has a review of the Alpha PEP66T . This is looking to be one bad ass cooler! Socket users, check this one out.

Aqua coolerkit V120 Review
Overclocking.Dk has a review up on the Aqua coolerkit, which is a water cooling kit. Go check it out if you are into that extreme shit. Also if you are in the mood for music go check out Bs2000 they kick some booty, if you like Beastie Boys then you will like them.

Wireless Check-in
Alaska Air Group's two airlines said they're starting to offer wireless check-in capabilities to passengers equipped with devices such as Palm handheld computers and Web-enabled cell phones, initially with a limited rollout at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Cool, if you have one of these neat little devices listed above.. go read up.

Legion Hardware/Games is at it again
Well once again I have a surplus of posts from Legion Hardware. So here we go... To start it off they have a review up on Soldier of Fortune an old game but hey still go see what they have to say about it. They have a review of "the Claw" a new type of keyboard kind of wacky in a wierd way. Last but not least Legion hardware has a review on the Altec Lansing atp5 speakers. I wish I could get a few reviews on speakers. Smile

Microsoft, Java, & Sun
After settling a lawsuit with Sun Microsystems Inc. over alleged misuse of Sun's Java computer language, Microsoft unveiled a plan aimed at getting millions of Java developers to support to its own technology. Neat, eh? Go check it out, it's pretty interesting.


Colin McRae Rally 2.0
Guru 3D has a review of Colin McRae Rally 2.0. I haven't read this one over yet, so you're on your own.

More Hackers
Hackers! Hackers! Everyone beware, yesterday Microsoft was DOS attacked! They did the usual, brought down a few of their major sites. If it interests you to go and read Microsoft's poor little sob story, please do (but don't forget the tissues). Smile

Women and Computers
A study released last Monday revealed that women are not as confident in their computer skills as men are. Though, the women had the same skills, they just felt inadequate. I just thought that that was an interesting article, a good short read if you have the time.


Taisol CGK Cooler
A review of the Taisol CGK Cooler has been slapped up onto The Tech Zone's web site. He wants to make sure you know something, this is cooler is BIG!

Titan2 GeForce2 Ultra
Tweakers Asylum has a review on OCZ's Titan2 GeForce2 Ultra. I haven't looked over the review, but I will when I get back from my daily mind grind.

Linux Development Lab
Linux now has it's very own development lab in Portland, Oregon. It is backed by $24 million dollars in funding from sponsors including Intel, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and NEC.


AMD 760 Chipset
The AMD 760 Chipset has been reviewed at Hardware Central. This is the AMD chipset that supports DDR SDRAM and the 133 (266 DDR) FSB Athlons. Hardware Central put together a damn good review too.

Dually i815 Mobo?
VIA Hardware has the scoop on the first ever Dual CPU i815 motherboard. It's from a company called Acorp. While I've never heard of them, they can't be all that bad because they were the first ones to figure out how to do this with i815.

LWD Hard-Drive Giveaway
LITTLEWHITEDOG.COM has just started a new contest. They are giving away a 30 Gig IBM 75GXP hard drive! The best thing about it is, all you have to do is type in your e-mail address, which you can do once per day. I wouldn't mind getting one of these, always need more Hard-drives.


DDR Chipset
Tweakers' Asylum hs a has a review concerning the VIA Apollo Pro266 DDR Chipset. Good reading material, especially if you're getting ready to move into the DDR market.

Funerals Online
With all of this great new technology coming out, pretty soon you won't have to leave your house for anything... not even a funeral. Yep, via a Brazil based internet site you can now order to view a funeral online. I think this is really sad... but I guess if you're too far away (or to lazy) and you have to see it, go for it. Smile

About every other week when I'm searching for news I find something on HACKERS! Most of the time, I'm like... oh boy AGAIN?! But this story is actually a pretty interesting read if your interested. They hacked three government sites in three different countries all at the same time.

DTT3500 Speakers
Legion Hardware has a review up on the Cambridge DTT3500. They thought they were pretty nice, might have to check it out for my next speakers, but thoose klipsch's are pretty nice.

K7M L2 Cache
Ipkonfig has an article up on when they were playing around with the software that adjusts the L2 Cache on the K7V except they tried it on the K7M, go check it out and see what they have found.

ColdShop Indigo Orb
The cold shop has a review up on Thermal Takes newest offering the P4 Indigo orb. Pretty cool if you want to own a P4 and all.

Overclocking DK Articles
Yes this me being a lazy ass again.... First off Overclocking DK has a review up on the FIC AZ-11E. Then they have a article on OC'ing a T-bird 1.2 to 1.44, pretty cool, man thoose 1.2s are cheap 263 at listed at pricewatch. Smile

A bunch of Reviews from LWD
Hi guys! I have been a lazy ass and haven't posted any news lately so I have about ten reviews to post. I'm going to start off by posting all of Little White Dogs reviews and what not. First off they have a review of the Logitech Optical mouse. Next up they have a AVer USB module, which is a TV tuner for your box. Next LWD has been evil.. with theirEvil Tips and Tricks guide, they talk about pranks you can pull on Win9x boxes. And last but not least they have a review up on MemoWeb 3 Pro it is another app to make your browsing quicker, I think Nicko needs that since his ISP is on the shitty side.


Are you a GEEK?
Are you a geek? Not sure eh? Then go here to take the quiz. Gordy and I took the quiz, and we're just lowly "underaverage" geeks.

IWill DVD266-R
VIA Hardware (the website) has a little preview of the IWill DVD266-R. Pretty soon all the companies will have DDR boards out for full review, so keep your pants on. Smile

TV & DSL Combo Test
A small town in Georgia, Hartwell, is the testing ground for the TV and DSL combo through your phone line. Sounded pretty neat, I think the locals were pretty excited about it too, heh. Smile

MSI K7T Pro 2-A
The MSI K7T Pro 2-A has been reviewed at The Tech Zone. Definitely worth a look for those of you who haven't got into the Socket A market yet.


Virtual Sex Technology
Some things just really blow me away... I always get messages through ICQ from guys and girls asking me if I want to cyber. I never really understood what sort of pleasure could be obtained through text, but now thanks to some scientist in Australia there will be technology to aid you in your cyber ventures. Yes, that's right they will soon have some great virtual sex technology. It includes a life-size sex doll with imitation skin that is controlled by a computer. Personally, I think this is crazy, but I know it will sell to those of you out there that can't get any. I hope that comment didn't offend anyone (and oh well if it did). Smile

Hitman - Codename 47
Hitman - Codename 47 has been review again, this time by Guru 3D. I looked through the review, they gave it fairly high rating, and graphics looked pretty cool as well.

Sell Your Unwated Stuff
House of Help has set up a Classified Ad System. This is good idea and will be a great way for you guys to get rid of stuff you don't want and for other people to pick stuff up for cheap.

HedgeHog Copper HS Review
Socket not cool enough? A heatsink/fan combination doesn't get much better than this monster! This thing, called the Kanie HedgeHog 238M Copper Heatsink, is a real BEAST! Virtual Hideout has the review.


Fireball Plus AS
The Tech Zone has a review of Quantum's Fireball Plus AS QMP30000as 30GB Hard Drive. He doesn't have much to compare it against, but it does waste on the drive he compated it to. I read a review earlier that showed it was below Quantum's previous offering.


Death of Pikachu
Be sure and check out our new article posted today. It's worth it (if you like funny stuff). It's called The Death of Pikachu, enjoy!

Free Duron Deal
Here's a steal of a deal: The OCZ Store is giving away a Duron @ 900 MHz if you buy 2 sticks of RAM and a cooler!! I was really pissed when I had heard this because I had just bought 3 sticks the day before! Check out this steal of a deal.

Worm Hits Linux Servers
An internet worm that uses so called 'Ramen' code has been causing Red Hat Linux based servers users some trouble lately. Don't worry, if you're running a Red Hat server analysts say that they couldn't detect any damage caused by the 'Ramen' code; but if you're still worried go read up.


Condensation Prevention
OC Tools has a guide up on Condensation prevention. Very helpful if you plan on using a peltier and/or water cooling. I will be using similar methods pretty soon here as soon as I get the time to install my MC1001.

Sony Digital Cameras
Hardware Central has a review of Sony MVC-FD95 and the CD1000. The CD1000 is pretty cool because it uses a CD to store images. The Sony MVC-FD95 is really convienent because is uses floppy disks but I don't like the image quality all that much.

The E-Cliner Armchair
Lay-Z-Boy and Microsoft got together and came up with the E-Cliner. This baby is fully loaded, it comes with a Microsoft WebTV receiver, wireless keyboard and two free months of the service, which enables Internet surfing, e-mail and interactive programs on a regular TV. It can also hold your laptop. This is crazy, go check out the rest of the specs.

Video in Mobile Phones
Toshiba announced that they are developing a chip that will allow you to do more than surf the net and make calls from your mobile phone; you will be able to watch videos. Here's a tid bit from the article:
The device, which is expected to be available in mass quantities from the fourth quarter of this year, combines almost everything necessary to receive and decode a digital video stream encoded in the MPEG-4 standard, Toshiba says in a statement.

Pretty nifty, go check it out.


EPOX 8KTA3 Reviews
There are a couple of EPOX 8KTA3 Reviews posted for your reading. First there is one at HardOCP, where Kyle actually gives out his first award! Also, Mr.PC Pro a review up for your reading pleasure. You be sure and check 'em both out!

Happy Birthday!
On behalf of all of the News Pimps here at Xtreme Tek, I would like to wish WebMasterP a Happy Birthday! Smile


[H]ard GeForce2 Chipsets
Kyle has a comparision of the MX, Pro, and Ultra cards from Vision Tek. Pretty good stuff, guess what, they overclock them as well. I bet you didn't think HardOCP would ever do that. Smile

AIX & Linux
IBM released a series of products that are supposidly supposed to make it easier for corporate users to tie AIX and Linux together. Sounds pretty interesting, go read up.


Buches o' SDRAM
Extreme Overclocking has a review on both the 256MB Corsair PC133 and 128MB Mushkin PC150 sticks of SDRAM. He doesn't do any benchmarks, but he does see how high he can crank the bus speed up.

Hitman-Codename 47
Lemme Boy over at the Game Den has a review up on a game I've never heard of (not uncommon). It's called Hitman - Codename 47. I haven't read through the review yet, but if this game sucks, these guys will tell you.

DVD/CD-ROM Tweakage
HardwareOC has a guid on CD/DVD Tweaking posted. Might be worth a look if your stuff is not running up to par or, of course, you just want to make it go faster. Smile


Where's Microsoft Taking IE?
Microsoft is a little confused about what to do with their Internet Explorer browser now that it is free. It's a good read if you're bored, have nothing else to do, or maybe if you're interested. Smile


Mushkin Rev. 3
AcidHardware (not to be mistaken with HeroinHardware) has a review of some High Performance PC-133 128MB SDRAM. Pretty good stuff, interesting to see it get beat by some Apacer RAM in Quake 3.

Online Ads
Macromedia's chief exec, Rob Burgess, will soon announce the creation of the Macromedia Flash Advertising Alliance. There main goal is to boost online ad sales by making banners a little spicier. Good luck to them and you go read up.


KT7A-RAID Reviews
The ABIT KT7A-RAID is here and ready to rock. Of course, there is already some reviewage going on. This board is based on the KT133A Chipset which supports 266 MHz FSB (133 MHz DDR). HardOCP has a review up which I read through and censored for kitty pr0n (it's clean). VIA Hardware also has their review up and it's a good read as well. Though, I think you should read both as they both cover different topics.

Making RedHat Linux Easier
RedHat CTO, Michael Tiemann, is out to make Linux a little easier to use. He wants to make sure the technology doesn't get a head of people's ability to use it. It's a pretty good read, if you're interested in Linux. Smile


CH5-5K12-01 Heatpipes
We you wanting some heatpipe action? Well, Techwatch has a review of the CH5-5K12-01 heatpipes. They aren't really heatpipes in my opinion, but have a similar idea. This unit cools decently and is very quiet.

ABIT SA6R Review
HardwareCentral has a review of ABIT's best PIII (in my opinion) moterboard, SAR6. It's got softmenu and RAID. But then again, what modern ABIT board doesn't have Softmenu?


GeForce2 MX Roundup
Extreme Overclocking gets out the lasso and roundsup a bunch of GeForce 2 MX cards for their GeForce2 MX Roundup. It's great, nutrious and delicious (ok, I'll shut up now).

Gigabyte 7ZXR
Before you came to this page, you were thinking, "Man, I really wish I there was a review on the Gigabyte 7ZXR for me to read." Well my friend, you're in luck. Guru 3D has just that, so go read up about the Gigabyte 7ZXR.

Turkish Children & Internet Cafes
Here is yet another example that everything in the world is bad, lock your children in their rooms and don't ever let them out! Around 130 Turkish Children were arrested at internet cafes. It was said that the cafes were filled with cigarette smoke and the children could view others looking at porn. The officials feared that this could corrupt the children... but hey, what doesn't these days. Smile


fUnc sUrface 1030
Here's another review of the fUnc sUrface 1030. It looks pretty cool, if you haven't bought a gaming mouse pad yet, it's not too late. Smile This one is a good one.

Socket A Chipset Comparison
HardOCP compares the majority of the chipsets available for the Socket A platform. He compares the KT133, KT133A, and ALi MAGiK 1 chipsets. If you don't know the difference, Kyle give a breif description that should clear it all up for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go read HardOCP's KT133 Vs. KT133A Vs Ali DDR article.

Texas Instruments & RealNetworks
Chipmaker Texas Instruments has been feeling the heat from rival Intel, but that's about to change. Here's a tid bit from the article:
Texas Instruments and streaming media company RealNetworks announced Sunday at the Consumer Electronics Show here that RealPlayer software, which consists of RealVideo and RealAudio 8, will be integrated into two of TI's digital signaling processors (DSPs) by the second quarter.

Neat, go read up.


MC1001 Review
OC Tools has a review of the MC1001. This unit is one bad ass mofo. I'll be reviewing one for you guys here in a few weeks or so. In the mean time, you can read OC Tools' MC1001 advantures. They use socket 370. I'll be using socket A for my review.

Seagate & The PS2
Want to know who will be providing the hard drives for all of the Play Station 2's? Seagate Technology has signed a contract to become the primary provider for the PS2. They are supposed to be making two different types of hard drives for the console... go check it out if you want to know more.


LWD Contest
LITTLEWHITEDOG.COM has started a new contest today. They are giving away the In & Out PC Air Circulator (from Vantec) which was reviewed by LWD, back in November. They are also going to throw in 'boxed' copies of 3dMark2000 and Video2000, just to sweeten the deal a bit. You may enter this contest once per day, per e-mail address.

DDR Sneak Peak
Legion Hardware has a sneak peak of Crucial's new DDR-RAM. Might be interesting if you are getting the new AMD boards. Does anyone else think that Legion Hardware copied there name from Legion of Doom. Don't know if anyone else has ever heard of that group but just my two cents.

G450 Review
OverClocking.dk has a review up of the Matrox G450, they speak their mind. Sounds like it isn't targeted for gamers though. But I don't remember matrox as looking out for the gamer.

Top Key Search Terms of 2000
Want to know what and/or was the most searched for term in 2000? Then go check this article out. I guess someone studied the charts from Yahoo, Altavista, and Lycos.

CES Coverage
The Tech Zone has Day 1 Coverage of CES posted up on their site. I actually plan on going to one of these things some day, if they ever have one in Seattle. Smile

Father of Linux
Want to read an interview about the Father of Linux? It was actually pretty interesting and funny too. Smile He talks a little about the Linux 2.4 kernel. Go read up.

Intel D815EEA Mobo
Rizenet has a review of Intel's D815EEA motherboard. This is kind of interesting, in that you can see how an Intel made board stacks up to motherboard manufacturers.


Yahoo's Auctions
Yahoo has decided to start charging a listing fee for their online auctions. They are also banning the sale of Nazi and Ku Klux Klan memorabilia. Both of these policies go into effect on January 10. Personally, I don't think they should have been able to sell that stuff anyway... but at least they're banning it now; as for the fees... no one likes those. Smile

Battle.Net Hackers
If you play on Battle.Net this may interest you. Over the past week, hackers have stolen player accounts on Battle.Net, the free multiplayer service run by Blizzard Entertainment. If you have an account and you haven't played in a while, you may want to go and check it out.

Flash your BIOS! In Windows?
Ever want to flash your BIOS, but too chicken to fuX0r something up? [H]ard|OCP has a press release here on a new tool Abit is going to be releasing called the Abit FlashMenu which will let you flash your BIOS in Windows. Sounds pretty cool, worth a read.

Altec Lansing ADA880 Speakers
Once again Legion Hardware has a review up (do those guys EVER sleep?). This time the review is on the Altec Lansing ADA880 Speakers. If you're in the market for some new speakers, go check it out.


All-in-Wonder Radeon
Hardware Central has a review on ATI's All-in-Wonder Radeon. These puppies are sweet! It has great graphical performance and TV Features, enough said.

Razer Boomslang 2000
Some Razer Boomslang 2000 reviewage anyone? I'm going to get me one of these soon. It's just a matter of money. Smile

AOL VS Pornmail
AOL picked one, of the many, companies that owns and operates porn sites and is suing them for spamming their users. Here's a tid bit from the article:
In addition to naming the two owners of Cyber Entertainment Networks, John Bennett and Joseph Elkind, the lawsuit names eight employees and 29 Webmasters under contract to promote the sites. Lawyers are in the process of serving subpoenas related to the lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Virginia late last month.

Go read up if it interests you.


Whole bunch of stuff
Alright, I'm gonna hit THREE birds with one stone (yes I am that good Smile ). Legion Hardware has a review up on the Taisol CEK733 CPU Cooler, a GeForce 2 Ultra and an Intel Pentium 4 1.5ghz. That should keep you guys busy for a little while.

VIA Driver Database
Cameron over at VIA Hardware has compiled a VIA Driver Database. Which is good for people everywhere who own VIA based products. It should be a one stop driver shop.

Transcend TS-ASL3
I'm sure what you really wanted to read today was a review on the Transcend TS-ASL3 i815 motherboard. Well, The Tech Zone has posted their review, so you're in luck.

Thank FuckedCompany.com
This site FuckedCompany.com who usually kicks .coms in the ass when they're down has set up a memorial fund for the Edgewater Tragedy. If you're wondering what that was, I'll tell you. Last week seven internet workers were shot to death. FuckedCompany.com has raised over $14,000 to help the families of the recent tragedy.

China's Internet Crime
It is now considered a crime in China to use the internet to promote such things as Taiwan's independence, the organization of cults and to spread rumors to manipulate stocks. Neat eh... or maybe not for some of you. Smile


[H]ardest of 2000
Kyle over at [H]ard|OCP wrote up a little article on the [H]ardest of 2000. Which is the best cpu, video card, motherboard, etc... He even has the worst situation of the year, *cough* Intel *cough*.

Xbot Game Testing
Microsoft wants people 13 years and older to test out games for their new system Xbot. They are going to pay these people nothing, go figure. But don't fret, they say that if you are picked you will get to enjoy being one of the first to experience the Xbot. If you're interested, go and sign up.

Physcial PC Security
LWD has a review of the Xyloc Wireless PC Security Device, sounds like a space gadget, well kinda. Don't know why anyone would need that, just some bios tweaks, a lock on the back of the case and you are set. But I guess if you have some pesky siblings, or roomies that you don't want messing with your computer it would be a good thing. Don't know about Network Admins though. Well go read it if you have some people who you don't want on your computer.


Millennium Contest
The Tech Zone is having a Millennium Contest. You can win a nice overclocked system.

Cooling Giveaway
The Hardware Pub is giving away Arctic Silver and a Blue Orb. But, you don't win both. There are two winners and you pick your prize. Check out their contest page for details.

MaxiSound Muse
House of Help has reviewed the MaxiSound Muse. I just posted a link to a review on this card a little while ago. It would probably be best read this one if you read the last one, for comparison purposes. If you didn't read the last one and you're looking for a new sound card to replace your Sound Blaster 16, read this. Smile

Thermaltake Super Orb
The Thermaltake Super Orb has been given the once over by EXHardware. A lot of people love 'em and some people hate 'em, it's your call. But, before you make the call, read the review. This is a Socket A cooler, for your information.


Happy 01/01/01
I'd like to welcome everyone to 01/01/01 and wish you the best in this new year. May all your overclocking go successfully. Smile

Pimpin' Round Cables
Rizenet has a scoop on some cool, professionally made round cables. They babies are very nice. However, the price tag is mighty hefty for an ATA/66/100 cable ($19.99).

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