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PC AirCon PAC400
Page 1 - Introduction
Author: Phil Lam (Phirewerkz)
Editor: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP
Date: January 31, 2005
Category: Cooling
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PC AirCon PAC400

Heatsinks, heatpipes, and powerful fans have been designed to fit almost every component to satisfy its individual cooling needs. Considering the numerous parts in a computer, why is there not a device that could cool the whole computer rather than the individual parts?

Today I will be reviewing Waffer Technology's PC AirCon PAC400, which hopes to address this issue using their patented TE (Thermoelectric) technology. The PAC400 is essentially a PC Air Conditioner that strives to cool all parts of the computer. Before I delve into further detail, I have listed specifications below for examination purposes.

PC AirCon PAC400
Part No PAC 400
Dimensions 250 (L) x 131 (W) x 129 (Highest) mm
Net Weight 805 g
Color Silver Grey + Dark Black
System Cooling Power (SPC) * 80 Watts
Cooling Structure Thermoelectric chip
Heat sinks
Fans: 4600RPM / 37dBA
System Power Input 12V
System Power Consumption 48 Watts
System Operation Requirements System power supply - 350 Watts preferred

Box Shot #1
Box Shot #1
Box Shot #2
Box Shot #2
The Manual
The Manual

The PC AirCon PAC400 comes in a tightly packed box, with a clear window revealing the product inside. Unfortunately, the actual retail packaging was not available at the time, so I can only base my evaluation on the packaging I received. Included in the package is the PC AirCon PAC 400 Unit, a PAC 400 Bracket, self-tapping screws and an extra fuse. A color-printed manual is also included with specifications and diagrams for easy installation.

The AirCon - Side
The AirCon - Side
The Bracket
The Bracket
Another View
Another View

At first I expected installation to be a hassle, as this large unit is quite heavy and is irregularly shaped. Surprisingly, installation was a breeze. Simply open the case and mount the PAC 400 Bracket into one of the 5.25 drive bays of the PC with the included self-tapping screws. With this bracket installed, one can easily insert and remove the PC AirCon unit with ease. Furthermore, the spring door ensures that no dust will get into the unit, and more importantly, inside the computer when the unit is absent. The bracket also bears the 4-pin Molex Connector for power. As a result, included in the bracket is a socket which connects to the actual PC AirCon unit when installed.

Key Lock
Key Lock
Unit is Installed
Unit is Installed

To install the actual unit, simply insert the flat end of the PC AirCon into the door. A little force needs to be applied to ensure the pins from the unit go into the socket of the bracket. Once that is completed, a simple turn of the key-like lock holds the unit in place to prevent the unit from being removed while operating. Simply turn on the computer, and the unit becomes operable.

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