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Steelpad S&S Gaming Mouse Pad
Page 1 - Professional Gaming Mouse Pad
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: September 20, 2004
Category: Hardware
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Steelpad S&S Gaming Mouse Pad

It has been just over a year since my last mouse pad review. Those of you who were worried can now relax, the time is here. My foray into gaming mouse pads continues with the Steelpad S&S. The first burning question I am sure everyone is asking is, what does S&S stand for? The answer is Steel and SK. SK is the large gaming group that helped Steel develop the pad. I was hoping for silky and smooth but life goes on.

Box Front
Box Front
Box Back
Box Back

With most mousepads I have looked at in the past, the question of what comes with the pad was nonsensical. The box always contained a mouse pad and nothing else. This is not so with the Steelpad S&S. Along with the pad, you get a slightly padded carrying case, five Steel S&S PadsurfersTM (AKA mouse skates to some), and very short instruction sheet for the PadsurfersTM.

Contents (w/o case)
Contents (w/o case)

The PadsurfersTM were very similar in texture and feel to the ones already on my Logitech MX500. I could slide the mouse a little further with the PadsurfersTM on. The resulting feel of the mouse was only slightly altered; I would say it was for the better. The effectiveness of these mouse feet will depend on the current shape and functionality of your mouse.

There is not much to say about the case. I was suprised to even see one in the box. Steel was clever enough to include an additional 6 inch zippered pocket on one side of the case. The extra pocket might prove handy for stuffing a mouse in on the way to a LAN party.

Case Front
Case Front
Case Back
Case Back

The pad itself is very thin, 2mm to be exact. I get envelopes in the mail that are thicker than this pad. While the pad is very low on depth, it's very large in the height and width. It is the largest pad I have tested thus far. The wrist cut-out is very subtle compared to mousepads and the cut is not angled; this might cause some chafing, depending on how the pad is used and where it is placed.

On all but one other mouse pad I have tested rubber feet are used to attempt to hold the pad in place and are generally successful. In practice, the more rubber feet the pad has the better the pad remained in place. However, no matter how many feet are on these pads dust manages to get around them and under them enough that they start to slide a bit and need to be wiped. I am explaining this because the Steelpad S&S completely avoids this problem.

The back of the pad is a mirror-like black finish spackled with a bunch of, what I like to call, sticky black stuff. The sticky substance is what is used to hold the pad in place. This method is by far the most effective method of holding a mouse pad in place that I have come across when using a mouse pad and I have tested a lot of mouse pads. Even after weeks of use, the pad has yet to start sliding on me. While I am not sure how it will fair in the long run, if I had to guess, I would guess it will maintain its hold.

Back of Pad -- Reflective
Back of Pad -- Reflective
Pad Sizes
Pad Sizes

The most important feature of a mouse pad, especially for ball-mice users, is the texture. The texture of the Steelpad S&S is like a fine grit sand paper made entirely of plastic and then rubbed down for smoothness. Compared to a Ratpadz or most of Everglide's pads, it not as deep of a texture. That is to say, the miniature holes are not as deep in the S&S than in other pads. Personally, I think the mouse slides on both textures equally as well, but I prefer the S&S' feel on my wrist, which is important to me because my hands are much bigger than my MX500 and rub on the mouse pads I use.

Logo Closeup
Logo Closeup
Angled Surface Closeup
Angled Surface Closeup

Overall, I feel this is the best pad I have used yet and is a much better offering than the Steelpad 4S I reviewed a year ago. The pad costs $39.95 USD, this is quite expensive, especially when it is compared to competing products like Ratpadz that sell for $11.95 USD. Price plays a large part in my overall score of a product because if an item is excessively expensive then it is not worth the money, especially when one can get a pad very near in quality for almost a quarter of the price. I will say the S&S is the best pad I have used, but it is by far the most expensive -- even with the excessories. This is why I am not giving it a perfect score. I still feel it is deserving of my editor's choice; soley because the Steelpad S&S has displaced my Ratpadz GS as my desktop mouse pad.

Final Score Editor's Choice

4.5 out of 5 Weird Blue Faces

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