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NTI Backup Now! 3
Page 3 - Backup Now! 3 Usage Continued
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: August 08, 2004
Category: Software
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While the majority of the user interface is simple and easy to access, I dislike where the buttons that link "options dialog" are located. I feel it is relatively hidden despite its important features (naming the disk, file filtering, etc.). The dialog is located within the file menu (File -> Options -> Backup Options...) and is represented with a button below the instructions and options of Step 3 that says "Options..." next to a text box that says "Verify, Compress, Append." If it is in both places, why do I have an issue with it? The interface is driven by steps; the user feels little need to do anything other than follow through the steps, therefore making the option buried in the File menu obscure. Also, I was not inclined to click the button next to "Verify, Compress, Append" because that is what I wanted it to do. I had no inclination that the button provided other options. I think NTI needs to address the placement of its options, especially because they offer such good ones.

Within the backup options dialog the following options are provided:
  • General (verify data, tone after backup, compression, media name)
  • Media (eject, append/overwrite)
  • Backup Type (complete, differential, incremental)
  • Include & Exclude (e.g. only include files of *.* type)
  • Report (yes/no)
  • Password protect
  • Backup File Size (650MB disk sized can be forced, otherwise it is automatic)
It is a fairly complete set of options; the only thing I thought was missing was more obvious access to the panel.
Backup Now! 3 Restore/Compare Functions
The restore functionality in BN!3 is pretty much what one would expect. Despite what I believe to be a short coming in the way incremental backups are handled during restores, the restore functionality is solid.

The restore section of the program, like the backup section, is represented in steps (1-3, and Start). In the first step the backup file is opened and the desired files to be restored are selected in the same fashion as they were chosen to be backed up.

Step 3
Step 3

Step 2 allows the user to decide where the files are to be restored -- original or alternate locations. This is followed by Step 3, which sets how files are restored. There a three options: "Never replace a file with its backup copy", "Replace a file only if its backup copy has newer file date and time", "Always replace a file with its backup copy". This functionality is mirrored in the Restore Options dialog (a button is provided here as well). Once all the steps have been complete, the user can click start and the files will be restored.

Backup Now! 3 also offers a compare function. All this feature does is compare a back up to existing files either in their original location or in an alternate location. When its done comparing a report displayed with a response about the comparison. I did not find this particularly useful for my purposes, but it might be important in certain niches.

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