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AVC Tundra 2 & Avalanche
Page 1 - AVC Heatsinks: Tundra 2 and Avalanche
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: October 13, 2002
Category: Cooling
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AVC Tundra 2 & Avalanche

Unannounced to me, the Taiwanese based company, Asia Vital Components (AVC), has quite an assortment of CPU cooling units available on the market. In this article I will be reviewing the Tundra 2 and Avalanche. Both of the coolers I am taking a look at are complete heatsink and fan units. However, both heatsinks use different strategies for achieving their cooling results.

AVC Avalanche
Construction Aluminum w/ Copper core
Rated for AMD Athlon XP 2200+ up and all Duron
Heatsink Dimensions 77.5 x 60.5 x 57.5 mm
Fan Size 60 x 60 x 15 mm
Fan Speed 4500 RPM
AMD Approved Yes

AVC Tundra 2
Construction Copper
Rated for AMD Athlon XP 2200+ up and all Duron
Heatsink Dimensions 70 x 63.5 x 37 mm
Fan Size 70 x 70 x 15 mm
Fan Speed 3800 RPM
AMD Approved No

Avalanche Package
Avalanche Package
Tundra 2 Box
Tundra 2 Box

The Avalanche box isn't much to look at but the Tundra 2 packaging is quite snazzy. Packing doesn't always say a lot about the product inside but at least it's nice to look at while you're trying to open the package.

Inside the Avalanche box included nothing but the cooler. This is because the Avalanche is affixed with a square TIM (Thermal Interface Material) "sticker", if you will. However, in order to compare all the heatsinks fairly, I scraped off the sticky TIM and used Arctic Silver. In the Tundra 2 box there was the heatsink and a little bag of Dow thermal paste. Normally there is a magnet included with the Tundra 2 but it was omitted from my package (for obvious reasons).

The Heatsink
The Heatsink
In the box...
In the box...

Upon closer inspection, the Avalanche has a shroud-type fixture to assist with fan air focus. Also, the fins are spaced out further than on the Tundra 2 and aluminum unit feels bigger despite the smaller fan.

The TIM pre-removal
The TIM pre-removal
Fin Close-up
Fin Close-up

The Tundra 2 construction is a completely different beast than the Avalanche. The fins are tightly packed and in plentiful quantity. The fan is larger (and cooler looking in my opinion, especially when it's spinning) and, of course, the unit is completely copper except for the fan mounts.

Tight Copper Fins
Tight Copper Fins
Installed and Ready
Installed and Ready

Next up on my agenda is installation. AVC is not going to get any awards from me in this department but they will not be receiving any angry emails either. The clips were adequate but far from marvelous. They didn't break the chip but they were far from a pleasure to apply. This applies to both units and the retention mechanism appeared very similar (and functioned as such). Alright, moving on...

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