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Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro
Page 2 - More & Conclusion
Author: Slugo
Date: March 05, 2000
Category: Hardware
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All right, you might be thinking can I configure the Hot Keys? Yes. Some you set to certain value, (e.g. a URL, a program, etc.) and there is one you can set to do anything. Here is a list of the ones that can be configured and what they can be configured to do.

Key Function/Configuring
Search Button Can be configured to your favorite search engine
Web/Home Opens your start page, for fast access to porn info
Mail Opens your mail (Duh), you can select which program
My Computer Choose between My Computer or Windows Explorer
Calculator Open Calculator or you can choose any program you want

My favorite button is the media button. It gives you a popup window (shown below) which allows you to select whatever media player you want, like Winamp, Media Player, CD player, etc.

Media Source Screen
Media Source Screen
Both of the Keyboards
Keyboard Options

Another great thing about this keyboard is that Microsoft supplies you with two USB ports on the back side of the keyboard, which is kind of cool. If your digital camera or other device uses a USB you can plug it into your keyboard instead of going into the back of your computer. However, the device is limited 100mA or less (.1 Amp) and you only gain 1 USB port out of it because in order for the two to work you need to plug they keyboard into one of the USB slots.

The problems with this keyboard aren't exactly monumental but are noteworthy. This keyboard takes up both a PS2 port and a USB slot. Also, this bad boy is definetely on the spendy side. Off of Microsoft's site you can pick one up for $74.95 without shipping. While I bought mine at a retail store for $65 after tax, shopping around I found it for 55 bucks at MultiWave.

A little close up action
A Little Close-Up Action
Now I know why Slugo's reviews are all screwy
Check this out!

Overall, I like this keyboard but I find it a little on the pricey side. If the price here is not too expensive, then I'd have to tell you to pick one up. For a person who has never used a natural keyboard (the ones that are split) it might take a little bit to get use to but it is well worth it. This keyboard has a very comfortable feel to it and it keeps me away from that nasty "start » program files » choose program" routine that so many people end up doing. Bottom line, If you got some spare jack and/or your keyboard is thrash and/or you just want a new toy I would suggest picking up one of these bad boys. If you got any probs with my writing or just feel like flaming a person today, drop me a line. Final Score....

Final Score

4 out of 5 Weird Blue Faces

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