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ABIT Introduces the TH7-RAID:
The P4 Multimedia Performance Power House

Taipei, Taiwan, Tuesday, March 20, 2001- ABIT is proud to announce the unleashing of the TH7-RAID. Designed to support all Intel P4 CPUs, the TH7-RAID is a powerhouse. ATA/100 and RAID 0/1/0+1 are standard features. Add in support for up to 2GB of the latest memory standard of RAMBUS and you have a top-of-the-line motherboard. The TH7-RAID takes you to the next level of computing.

400MHz Front Side Bus & RAMBUS Memory
The Intel 850 chipset of the TH7-RAID brings with it a 400 MHz Front Side Bus. The benefits of using the highest bandwidth available are immediately apparent. With up to 2GB of RAMBUS memory, the power of the P4 and TH7-RAID combination is evident in the increased speed and multimedia performance.

Multimedia Benefits
The TH7-RAID is a multimedia powerhouse - 3D gaming, digital music and video has never been better. The TH7-RAID has been specifically designed to provide faster video encoding for enhanced multimedia support. The increased processing power of the P4 allows for the fastest in MP3 encoding, ensuring smooth and clear audio playback. If you are interested in audio or video editing, the P4-based TH7-RAID is the only system you should consider. As for the gamer, you have never experienced such an ultra realistic gaming environment. Add in RAID 0 for even higher frame rates, smoother animations and faster game play.

ATA/100 & RAID
The TH7-RAID includes the HPT370 controller, which adds ATA/100 and RAID support. The ATA/100 interface has a 100 MB/sec transfer rate, thereby maximizing disk performance. RAID 0 (striping), RAID 1 (mirroring), and RAID 0+1 (striping + mirroring) are all supported by the TH7-RAID. The RAID 0 array is designed for performance. By using two hard disks, the information can be split evenly between the two, effectively doubling performance. RAID 1 is a mirroring setup that writes the data to both hard disks whenever you save. Once set up, RAID 1 dramatically improves your data integrity. RAID 0+1 gives the user the performance of RAID 0 and the security of RAID 1.

The TH7-RAID is packed with unique features, which allow the TH7-RAID to outclass the competitors. The ABIT on board self-diagnostic test continuously detects the status of the PCís main components and peripherals. Should a problem occur, the onboard diagnostic helps pinpoint the problem. The 3 USB ports allow a place for your current and future USB devices. And with ABITís 3-Phase power, the TH7-RAID is ready to meet all your computing demands.

About ABIT
ABIT Computer Corporation designs, and sells a complete family of award-winning mainboards and video cards that support industry-leading technology and provide leading quality and performance for system integration of computer components supporting a broad range of PC applications, such as for e-commerce, e-business, entertainment and education. Corporate headquarters are located in Taiwan. For more information visit the Company's web site at http://www.abit.com.tw

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