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ABIT Introduces the SH6, the Only Slot 1 i815E

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Monday, October 9, 2000 - The SH6 is ABIT’s newest motherboard based on Intel’s 815E chipset. The SH6 is an ATX form-factor mainboard designed for use with all “Slot 1” processors including PII, PIII and Celeron. It supports all normal industry standard functions, including Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI), AGP 1X/2X/4X and 66/100/133MHz SDRAM Memory Bus Settings. The SH6 features four 168-pin DIMM sockets supporting PC100/PC133 SDRAM modules and Suspend-To-RAM (STR).

The ONLY Slot 1 i815E
The SH6 is the only Slot 1 motherboard for the i815E chipset. For those wanting those added features of the i815 chipset not supported by your current motherboard, the SH6 is for you. The i815E’s features such as AGP4X have become a necessity, and an upgrade to this top-of-the-line chipset has never been easier. Simply take your current slot 1 CPU insert it into the SH6’s Slot 1. Moreover, the SH6 offers you a clear upgrade path. Through the use of ABIT’s SlotKET™III adaptor card, the SH6 is easily compatible with FC-PGA Socket CPUs.

A World of Features
Full Integration has never been better than on the SH6. With a 2X 3D Graphics Accelerator and an AC’97 Audio Codec, the SH6 is ready for use right out of the box. Add to that list, support for AIMM (AGP In-line Memory Module), 6 PCI, 1 CNR, and 1 AGP slot and you have a system that allows for maximum expandability. The SH6 also includes 2 channels of bus master IDE that support ATA100/66/33. Ultra ATA/100, or Ultra DMA/100 is an extension of the current Ultra ATA/33 interface. This new high-speed interface has a 100 Mbytes/sec transfer rate and maximized disk performance under the current PCI local bus environment.

SoftMenuTM III
Only ABIT has Soft Menu™, and on the SH6, you will find ABIT’s unique SoftMenu™ III. The SH6’s SoftMenu™ III has special added features and functions that will allow the maximum performance and enhancement tweaks specifically for Slot 1 based CPUs, such as FSB settings from 50MHz to 250MHz in increments of 1, as well as added CPU core voltage tweaks. The System BIOS features and supports Award Plug and Play BIOS and Write-Protect Anti-Virus function by AWARD BIOS.

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