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ABIT Introduces the VP6 for Dual PIII CPUs

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Friday, September 22, 2000 - ABIT is proud to announce the launch of the VP6. This dual processor motherboard is a follow-up to the immensely popular BP6. The VP6 is an ATX form-factor mainboard designed for use with all PIII Coppermine FC-PGA 370 Processors. It supports all normal industry standard functions, including Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI), AGP 1X/2X/4X and 100/133MHz SDRAM Memory Bus Settings. The VP6 features four 168-pin DIMM sockets supporting up to 2GB memory.

DUAL Pentium III
The VP6 is a dual processor system. With computing tasks becoming more and more CPU-intensive, a dual CPU system is the answer for running your computer smoothly. Dual processor systems allow for increased performance. In fact, performance can be increased by 25% – 85% when running software designed for dual (SMP-based) CPU systems.

Processor-intensive applications such as burning CDs, playing games, working on spreadsheets, multimedia and the like, leave your system open to lag and errors. The VP6 dual processor system can allow you to easily run several CPU-intensive tasks without such problems. Be it playing SMP-enabled games while burning a CD or working on a project while playing MP3s, a dual processor system such as the VP6 will allow your system to cope successfully where a single processor system could have troubles.

ATA/100 and RAID
The VP6 includes the HPT370 controller which adds ATA/100 and RAID support. The ATA/100 interface has a 100 MB/sec transfer rate, thereby maximizing disk performance. RAID 0 (striping), RAID 1 (mirroring), and RAID 0+1 (striping + mirroring) are all supported by the VP6. The RAID 0 array is designed for performance. By using two hard disks, the information can be split evenly between the two, effectively doubling performance. By setting a RAID 1 array, you are automatically backing up all data. RAID 1 is a mirroring setup that writes the data to both hard disks whenever saving to hard disk. RAID 0+1 gives the user the performance of RAID 0 and the security of RAID 1.

SoftMenuTM III
Only ABIT has SoftMenu™, and on the VP6, you will find ABIT’s unique SoftMenu™ III. The VP6’s SoftMenu™ III has special added features and functions that will allow for maximum performance and enhancement tweaks. The SoftMenu™ III of the VP6 includes a massive range of FSB settings. The base FSB settings are 66, 68, 75, 80, 83, 100, 103. 105, 110, 112, 115, 120, 124, 133, 140, 145 and 150MHz. From these base settings, adjustments of 0-28 MHz can be selected in increments of 1MHz.

Multi I/O Functions
The VP6 includes 4+4 Channels of Bus Master IDE which support Ultra DMA 100/66/33. In addition to the normal serial and parallel ports the VP6 has 2 USB ports, plus an extra header for 2 extra USB channels. A USB cable is also included for use with this header. The System BIOS features and supports Award Plug and Play BIOS and Write-Protect Anti-Virus function by AWARD BIOS.

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