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Diablo 2 Guide: Paladin
Page 2 - Defensive Paladins + More
Author: Justin Podhola (GamePhreak)
Date: August 30, 2000
Category: Guide
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The Defensive Paladin
A notable thing I've spotted about the Paladin is how much more of a challenge it is in nightmare and hell modes because their lack of life. Barbarians get four life per vitality point compared to the Paladin's two per point, so a Paladin's life tends to fly down pretty fast if one does not have a shield or great armor. One counter for this is to make to sure that you split your points into strength and vitality more then your dexterity, because if you train to much dexterity, you're going to end up biting the dust in higher levels.

As far as auras go, you're left with options such as Defiance, Salvation, Redemption, and Meditation in the defensive aura section, for these are very great auras. If you're in a tight situation and you are getting hit real hard too often, stick defiance on to decrease the chances of monsters hitting you, which will lead to a lot less life loss in the heat of battle. With Salvation, you can always stick it on if you are stuck with lots of elemental damage monsters, like the Pesky Oblivion knights in most of Act 4. Redemption in my opinion, especially at very high levels, can be a great tool for several things. Hot keys come in real handy when turning on different aruas for combat use.

1) You just ran out of Town Portals and forgot to buy some more, so back tracking the way you came you might find some guys you might have to fight. If so, you fight them off, keeping yourself alive, then use redemption to fill up your life again.

2) If redemption is level 12+, then you can use it during very heavy attack situations as long as there are dead bodies on the ground, as long as you kill them, your life should stay up considering how much life/mana you gain per body sacrifice (80 life and mana).

3) You are sick of not having any mana potions. No problem, just use all your mana, then fill up again with redemption, you'll never need mana again.

4) You just need some life/mana for fighting a unique and don't want to use up all your town portals after running out of potions. Meditation's potential usefulness is fairly obvious, especially if you're in a party with sorceress or necromancers. They'll appreciate how fast their mana regenerates with this aura.

Strictly Dueling Tips
There is one thing I cannot emphasize enough. Charge! Charge is the utmost most important skill in dueling, because it packs a huge punch and chases people down fast, even though sometimes they'll have time to move out of the way, you can keep chasing them, but always remember to not chase someone for too long for precautionary reasons. There is one key thing to Melee dueling. If you put the thorns on and it is level 10, no Barbarian will even want to touch you because if they attack you they will just end up killing themselves, especially in the situations with whirlwind, where barbarians hit you multiple times with high damage, thorns will return a lot of that and you will both die. The two classes you'll have the most problems with is the Amazon's and the Sorceress'. These two like to stay away from melee combat and tend to teleport, run out of the way of danger and pick you off with strong spells/stunning bow attacks, one way to counter Sorceress' is to use massive resistance equipment and salvation to get your resistance to max. To counter an Amazon's stunning bow attack is to use charge and defiance to reduce the stun time or even possibly, disable the stun attack, and charge at the Amazon with free will, giving her no chance of escape; she'll either have to surrender and die, or run into town like a little pansy.

Aura/Skill Combos
1. Concentration/Charge -Massive damage
2. Meditation/Mana Stealing Items/Charge --You can use charge over and over, no matter how big or small the mob is.
3. Fanaticism (level 5+)/Zeal -This will result in some super duper very very quick swings, even with a two handed sword, and resulting with some extra + damage in the process.
4. Thorns/Redemption (level 10+)/Two Handed Sword Use -This is a great combo, and since you have a Two Handed sword, thorns will work great since you'll get hit more and still be able to keep your life up as long as they're dead bodies.
5. Charge/Zeal/Blessed Aim -Charge into battle and pick one enemy off, then switch to Zeal and Blessed Aim and almost land every strike onto your targets.

A Couple of Tricks N' Stuff
One trick that works well in underground passages, tombs, or indoor places is how easy killing mobs (monsters) 1 on 1 can be as long as you keep them in the doorway so only one can come in at a time, therefore leaving charge able to do what it does best, pick things off fast and painlessly. Even though the monsters in Diablo 2 are controlled by a AI script, there are still ways you can fake them out, using passages or terrain to your advantage. See, if you're in the midst of a wide open area, and dozens of monsters are chasing you, run around rocks and certain trees to split the group in half, then take out conversion, being most effective at level 7 and higher, you can hit the monsters one by one and forge your own army, which will then turn the monsters against themselves, giving you time to heal back up, and charge into battle with your new buddies. While your new army takes the blunt and damage of all the attacks, you can sit there with the concentration/charge combo and wack them all to their miserable deaths.

Always remember that Paladin's need good equipment to function in top shape and using the fastest run/walk boots will help so much. Stick with one aura tree or you'll end up using all your leveling skill points, causing you to have weaknesses, and making too much of a variety, which will cause you certain death. Paladin's can be great, or they can be weak. Make sure you know what you're doing when splitting your points into skills.

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