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Diablo 2 Guide: Paladin
Page 1 - Use your paladin character to his fullest extent
Author: Justin Podhola (GamePhreak)
Date: August 30, 2000
Category: Guide
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Diablo 2 Guide: Paladin

Diablo II is probably one of the most popular games right now. Now that Blizzard has got their Battle.net servers working decently online playing is in its prime. One of the most important aspects of Diablo 2 is multiplayer. Barbarians and Necromancers seem to be ruling the ladder rankings currently. So, choosing a character other than them can be pretty tricky. In order to use a Paladin most efficiently one must choose the skills he/she learns wisely. There are a number of auras and skills within the Paladins skill tree that are, for the most part, worthless. If you're clueless as to what to do with a Paladin, keep reading, this will do you more good than harm.

Before We Get Going
Well, first you have to know why you want to pick a Paladin, and then you should decide on which aura tree you want to focus on and what certain skills are most important to you. If you decide Offensive, you'll be working on skills like concentration, and thorns. If you decide to go Defensive, you'll be working on auras like Defiance and Redemption. Either way, it's your choice.

Paladins Are Everyone's Friend
One thing you need to understand is that a Paladin is extremely useful in parties due to their auras, which not only help the paladin but spread to everyone in the party. The thing is, if you are going to have a big co-op party, the group will be a lot better off having a paladin around to add to their damage, life, armor, etc. However, if you are the Paladin, you're going to have to protect yourself.

The Offensive Paladin
A very nice combo with the paladin is the Charge/Concentration combo, which can result in 1000 or more damage per hit at higher levels. That can lead to the easy slaughtering of unique monsters. This is due to the way charge knocks back yout target. The knock back will give you more room to charge at him again, meaning you'll get to keep charging until you run out of room. Unique enemies are not very challenging for paladins when battled one on one. The only unique monsters I've heard people have troubles with are the lightning enchanted ones, but those aren't too much of a problem if you use the hit and run method and do it over and over. Charge is probably the Paladin's most important skill and should be taken into serious consideration.

As the Offensive Paladin, you will be dealing with auras Thorns, Concentration, Blessed Aim, Conviction, Holy Fire, Holy Freeze, and Holy Shock. The auras you should focus on are: Thorns, Concentration, Conviction. These auras, if you follow this guide well, will aid you greatly while leveling up and dueling.

Thorns is very good when fighting barbarians and high damage monsters. When you are surrounded by groups of high damaging enemies, thorns is a great aura to have on because when they hit you they'll just be killing themselves in nearly one hit at higher levels, leaving less for you to kill. Concentration can be useful with a group of surrounding enemies in conjunction with zeal, because of the chance of uninterrupted attack. However, it shines when you use it with charge, which I cannot emphasize enough. Conviction will lower the resistances and defense of everyone within the radius specified. Not only will it take away their resistances if you have some kind of elemental attack, but it will also be like having blessed aim on, because it lowers their defense, therefor allowing you to hit them more.

The offensive Paladin style can be dangerous at times because you don't concentrate on hit reduction or life regeneration. You might get smacked around really hard at times. There are a couple solutions to this. Namely to use thorns and quaff a lot of potions or use charge to pick enemies off one by one.

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