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The Beating of a Compaq Presario 2200
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Author: Nicko
Date: May 21, 2001
Category: Information
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The Beating of a Compaq Presario 2200

Towards the end of March, I had yet to start on my video project for my videography class. I was just sitting in my computer room thinking of ideas, a few came up, should I do a guide on overclocking? Or maybe even Counter-Strike? Then I looked in the corner, and what did I see? An old Compaq that hadn't been used for several months, buried in a pile of papers and dust. I then took all of the parts out except for the floppy drive. Soon enough it was Friday afternoon and the gutted Compaq case was sitting on a speed bump, waiting to get run over. Right when everything got set up, I hear this loud diesel engine behind me, turns out it was the 2-ton work truck on campus doing regular maintenance. The teacher and I then ask him if he would like to do the honors of running over a computer case. He agreed and the Compaq got ran over not by one truck, but TWO trucks!

After I put all of the equipment away, I once again got to thinking. I needed more footage, and started brainstorming ideas again. I then remembered that there's an old baseball bat in the room. Now, there are not many things you can do with a bat and a Compaq case besides beating the crap out of it, so that's what I decided Day Two was going to be, The Piñata! I told this to some of my friends and one of them brought in a box of old NIC's for the filling. The next morning during first period we tied up the Compaq and started beating it, and a small crowd formed that came out to see what all of the ruckus was. After it fell to the ground, we all started playing baseball with the NIC's, cleaned up, and over the next few weeks I did a little editing here and there.

Of course I have to give thanks to WebMasterP for making the awesome song and two of the graphics, and Greye Dunning for supplying all of the equipment, and spending hours compressing the video.

Download the movie:

High Quality (Quick Time - .MOV)
Mirror 1 (18.0 MB)
Mirror 2 (18.0 MB)

Low Quality (Windows Media Player - .WMV)
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