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Athlon, Overclockers' Dream or Nightmare?
Page 1 - Information on AMD's new gem.
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: August 26, 1999
Category: Information
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Athlon, Overclockers' Dream or Nightmare?

I'm sure if you're a computer guru you know about the new AMD Athlon and if you're like me you're still waiting to be able to buy a motherboard and a processor. It seems as if it will never ship to distributors.

Well, I've read enough reviews on it to give a short answer to the question on all the hard over clocker's minds. "Can you over clock the Athlon." The simple answer, Yes! On more than one review I've seen people pleading to AMD to remove the "clock lock" and other things. Not content with no for an answer, I kept on my pursuit to keep the Hard OC'ers happy. I searched for guides to over clocking the Athlon everywhere and eventually did find one.

According to the article which I read rather thoroughly you can over clock your Athlon. One catch, you have to rip it (the Athlon) open and perform manual labor on it. Opening it voids the warranty and can end up costing you major dollars if you goof. I recommend not trying it unless you have mass cash to throw around and if you do you should be giving it to me anyhow.

Athlon 600 Golden Fingers -Back side Athlon 600 Golden Fingers -Front Side

There are a couple advantages to this though:
1) You can take a 500MHz Athlon to 750Mhz
2) You need NO, I repeat No, additional cooling to do this.
3) At 750MHz the AMD runs absolutely ROCK Solid, no fib.

If you'd like more information on the over clockability of the Athlon here are some links:

Tom's Hardware Guide
Hard OCP

In conclusion, I can't really say that it is and over clocker's dream or nightmare. You can over clock it, but it is difficult and can be costly. If you do manage to do it, you will be very rewarded with a very stable computer with no additional cooling. So, it's up to you to decide, possible computer death or possible computer bliss!

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