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Hard Drive Windowing Guide
Page 2 - Windowing, Testing, and Conclusion
Author: Phil Lam (Phirewerkz)
Editor: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: August 16, 2004
Category: Guide
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For the window of the hard drive, plexi glass was chosen because we had some laying around. Because of its thickness, we could not place the plexi glass between the drive and drive cover; it had to go on top. To make it look nice, we followed the same contour as the cover, but 2 centimetres wider, since we needed an area to hold the drive cover and plexi glass together.

Plexi Glass
Plexi Glass
Cut Plexi-Glass
Cut Plexi-Glass

Likewise, the plexi glass was sanded for a nicer look. To hold the plexi glass to the cover, an adhesive needs to be used. We used epoxy, but other adhesives can be used. After applying epoxy and letting it dry for several hours, the drive cover was cleaned and quickly placed back on top of the open drive in the shoebox. The screws were screwed back in tightly, and everything was ready to go!

Plexi Glass on Drive Cover
Plexi Glass on Drive Cover

The overall appearance of both hard drives is very impressive. The flawless shine on the platters definitely stand out from everything and the plexi glass provides a nice glow when near a cold cathode. Now, for the moment of truth, both hard drives were booted up on their respectable computers. Both hard drives were successfully detected in the BIOS, and when connected as slave, their files were successfully accessible in Windows XP. Scandisk later revealed no damaged sectors, meaning that the mod was highly successful. It is also very cool to watch the arm and head move to read information from the rotating platters.

In conclusion, this is a great mod to do assuming you have access to non-dusty areas, and have previous experience with cutting, since it should be done quickly to prevent dust collection on the open drive. The overall mod took around 3 hours to complete including the testing phase and cost less than $15 CDN.

Finished Product - Fujitsu (Front)
Finished Product - Fujitsu (Front)
Finished Product - Fujitsu (Side)
Finished Product - Fujitsu (Side)
Finished Product - Quantum
Finished Product - Quantum

However, one should take note that these hard drives are no longer shielded from magnetic damage, so it is recommended that it not be near magnetic items. Also, lighting the windowed hard drive will be included in a later article pertaining to hard drive modding. Enjoy!

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