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The Death Of Pikachu
Page 1 - Fixing the world, one Pikachu at a time
Author: Dan Podhola (WebMasterP)
Date: January 18, 2001
Category: Information
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The Death Of Pikachu

Society is plagued with many horrible life changing and destructive things. As humans on this planet we're faced with things like homelessness, nuclear missiles, murder, rape, terrorism, and Pokémon. Unlike other web sites, we not only recognize the problems but we try and fix them as well. Today, I'm going to show you how we made the world just a little better.

The Xtreme Tek labs became burdened recently with the hated "Pikachu." The accused was sentenced to death without trial. Why? What else are we going to do with something that's in the same classification as rape, homicide, and terrorism?

The Accused

Tools of Death

We took the victim to what we thought was desolate place and proceeded to prep him for his imminent undoing. However, just as we were done prepping the accused for execution, we were encountered by some possible "interference." We then fled the scene and relocated to a completely secluded area.

Pokémon Food

Yes, The Whole Can Please

During the move to the secluded area, the saturated Pikachu's explosives fell off. So, we tried to replace them but they wouldn't re stick because of the very wet state. So to accommodate for the lost power, I used the entire can of lighter fluid.

Ready To Burn

Well, as you can see Pikachu is ready to meet his maker(s) and make a little trip to Pokémon heaven.

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