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Dumbass Database
A collection of dumbasses for your amusement
Created By: WebMasterP
Version: 2.8.5

Dumbass Database Version Infomation
Version 1.0
Initial release. No known bugs.

Version 1.1
Added the ability to edit one's own quotes. Performance enhancements were made along with a few small bug fixes. A Public re-release was also sent out.

Version 1.1.1
Added vote forwarding back to the previous URL, rather than the main page of the database.

Version 1.1.2
Added a link to the individual quotes. The link is located on the "Dumbass #ID" section of the post. This allows people to link to their favorite dumbass.

Version 2.0
Added a commenting system and made some minor performance improvements. Changed the dumbass #ID link to a comments link.

Version 2.5
Added categories. Added publicly viewable, cross-browser compatible version information. Original XSL styling left in place in base document.

Version 2.5.5
Added a link to 10 newest posts. Added a random post on the first page. A few minor performance tweaks as well.

Version 2.5.6
Added the "Reply" function to the comments for easy quoting of a previous comment.

Version 2.5.7
Removed double (triple, etc.) quoting from replies. Instead, it just quotes the previous response.

Version 2.6
Added a way for users to recover their usernames and/or reset their passwords with email verification. Also, a few minor performance/coding tweaks were applied.

Version 2.6.1
Modified the way style codes are handled. Also, added bold and italic styles.

Version 2.6.2
Fixed ordering issue with "Latest 10" category. Noted small issue that will require a lot of time to fix.

Version 2.6.5
Fixed date issue that was discovered in last release. Also fixed numerous issues found while fixing the date issue. Another date issue was found dealing with comments section. That problem will be fixed in the next release (2.7).

Version 2.7
Fixed date issue that affected the commenting system. Modified the style of the comments slightly.

Version 2.8
Finished adjustments to move the system over to share the forums user table. This should make the end user much happier. Adjusted the way the index page displays quotes specific quotes.

Version 2.8.1
Fixed error that didn't allow users to post new dumbass entries. Thanks to Red Squirrel for pointing this out.

Version 2.8.2 – 2004-01-17
Security bug fixes. Thanks to Slugo for showing them to me. Quick fixes, but necessary nonetheless (something I should have fixed long ago, but didn't think about). Also, I fixed another small security concern with login that I found.

Version 2.8.5 – 2004-07-14
Fixed login so it works with the new vBulletin password encryption. Added login redirecting; logging in successfully redirects users to the page being viewed when the login link was clicked (provided the user was viewing a page within the Dumbass Database). Fixed a couple very minor security issues. Versioning system displays date if it's available in the XML source.

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