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A collection of dumbasses for your amusement
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Dumbass #171 - Submitted on 10-31-2006 by seinfeldlife
this girl asked me why her icons looked all stretchced out. I pointed to the word located at the corner of her laptop screen..."widescreen".

- amateurs
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Dumbass #170 - Submitted on 10-25-2006 by jshort
A co-worker asked how she will know when her flash drive is too full. I connected the drive and proceeded to show her how to check the properties. I was explaining to her that the pie chart showed that she had plenty of space left. With a confused looked, she then asked why it said "File System: FAT" if there was plenty of room. Obviously FAT means you are too full.

- Donella
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Dumbass #168 - Submitted on 07-26-2005 by revolut10n
once had a customer that called up as his CD/ROM drive wouldn't work. He told me that he'd put 5 or 6 CD's in there and they wouldn't come out. Of course, I was confused for a minute. After talking to him and asking a few probing questions it turns out that there was a small space in between the actual drive and the case. He was putting the CD's in there and they were falling into the case.. *sigh* some people...

- Anonymous
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Dumbass #167 - Submitted on 05-06-2005 by fuzz_64
Recently all the staff in our College were instructed to leave their computers on overnight. The techs were going to install WinXP SP2 on the computers while all the staff were home.

Early the next morning I got a phone call from a staff member telling me their computer was broken.

Fair enough, maybe SP2 borked it somehow. I asked what the problem was. They said their computer was off.

I was unsure why this was a problem so I asked them to explain to me why this was bad.

Them: "I was told to leave the computer on last night so I figured it should still be on when I got here."

Myself: "Does it give you any error messages or problems when you turn it on?"

Them: "I'm not sure, I haven't tried that yet."

Myself: "Ok, go ahead and power it on and tell me if there's any other problems with it."

Them: "Oh, what do you know! It works just great! There's no problem afterall!"

- Anonymous
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Dumbass #166 - Submitted on 03-11-2005 by ellencherry
I know it's a pointing device, but come on!

In the early 90s, I managed a busy branch of a large copy store chain. We had a very large computer area with about 20 workstations available to customers.

One day I was helping out in that department moving from user to user answering questions and generally helping out. At one of the windows machines sat a middle aged woman who was just staring at the monitor. I asked her if I could help her with anything. She said that she was new to computers and couldn't figure out how to move the 'pointer' on the screen. I showed her the mouse, demonstrating the basic point and click motion. She thanked me and went to work.

I came back by a few minutes later to check on her and - you're not going to believe this - she had the mouse in her hand, up in the air, pointed at the monitor and was furiously clicking! Like it was a remote control.

I had to go to the back room to compose myself before I could get it together enough to explain it to her. It still makes me giggle.

- ellencherry
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Dumbass #165 - Submitted on 02-07-2005 by ahartschen
I work for a computer training company and we had a really inept office manager who should never have been allowed near anything electronic. We were discussing our public schedule one day and she mentioned that the Hotmail class was cancelled. I had already been dealing with months of her stupidity and wasnít in the mood to argue with her at this point. I knew full well that we wouldnít have training on something like Hotmail. I just ignored her comment and walked away. Another employee had over heard our conversation, stopped me and asked if I knew what she was talking about. I of course didnít know where she got hotmail from and wondered what she meant. He told me that she meant H.T.M.L. I went back to the manager and asked if by Hotmail she meant H.T.M.L. She replied, ďYes, H.T.M.L. Thatís the short form for HOTMAIL isnít it? They just removed the vowels.Ē

- Anonymous
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Dumbass #164 - Submitted on 01-15-2005 by Codegen
Well, I recently had my brother's computer for a simple XP install. The case was a CasEdge LX734A, so a pian in the ass basically. When I powered it on, I heard a "clunkity clunkity clunk clunk clunkity clunkity clunk clunk" noise coming from the front. I called him after this and he said it was doing it ever since he bought the system, and it was ok for me to check it out.

So, I attempt to take off the side panel, read up online and find out that front panel has to be removed first, finally get side panel off, look at the fan shroud, and the fan is LOOSE. So, I fix it, plug the computer in, and *click* nothing. So, I'm panicking, of course. I do the disconnect everything dance, still doesn't work. So, I'm panicking even more, then I looked over to the front panel connections and see a nice dangling connector labeled "Power Sw." I plugged it back in and the computer sprang to life.

- See "Posted By..."
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Dumbass #163 - Submitted on 09-14-2004 by stingite
I gave my guild leader in EQ my account information over PM on a PhP board and my account got hacked. What's worse is she never logged in my account and I never needed any help at all.

- Anonymous
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Dumbass #162 - Submitted on 08-23-2004 by nslsmith
Vantec Aeroflow processor fans are fast. they run at 5600 rpm while pushing 35.5 cfm. I actually saw a guy stick his finger into one to see how fast that was. Hhis finger must have hit two blades because there were two slices in it - one removed a layer of skin the other cut deep into the pad - gushing blood a few seconds later.

I'm ****ing never doing that again.

- nslsmith
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Dumbass #161 - Submitted on 07-28-2004 by DuffMan
I was helping my dad diagnose a network problem at work. We took a screen shot to show the error message, then called his employer's tech support. They have a remote-control support program, so I watch as the mouse on the screen starts to move around. The guy looks around, and we direct him to the screenshot. He opens it, and proceeds to look at it. When it was time to close, he went up and clicked on the close button - in the screenshot. Nothing happened (of course). He tried again. Still nothing. Both my dad and I were trying our best not to start laughing as we could picture him flailing with an unresponsive desktop. After a good 30 seconds of confusion, he finally figured out that he was clicking on a picture and moved on.

Add one more reason I hate calling tech support.

- Anonymous
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